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Registration 2015-2016. Kennedy School Counselors Ms. Judy McIntosh A-C Ms. Rachel CollinsD-Ha Mrs. Elizabeth Wessels He-Ma Mrs. Lori Clore Mc-Sa Mr.

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1 Registration 2015-2016

2 Kennedy School Counselors Ms. Judy McIntosh A-C Ms. Rachel CollinsD-Ha Mrs. Elizabeth Wessels He-Ma Mrs. Lori Clore Mc-Sa Mr. Andy JacobsenSc-Z

3 Graduation Requirements – Transition to Semesters Freshman YearSophomore YearJunior YearSenior YearTotal Credits Class of 2016 (Current Juniors) 75 minimum credits earned Language Arts Mathematics Science Physical Education Electives 75 minimum credits earned Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies (World) Physical Education Electives 75 minimum credits earned Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies (US) Physical Education Electives 10 minimum credits earned Language Arts Social Studies Physical Education Electives * Must enroll in 5 classes to maintain FT status 225 (9-11th) 10 (12 th ) *235 min. credits for graduation

4 Aim for the College Contract Do you meet the Regents’ requirements? 4 Years of Language Arts 4 Years of Mathematics 3-4 Years of Social Studies 4 Years of Science 2-4 Years of World Language (depending on the University and your intended major)

5 What’s New for 2015-16 Student Involvement Opportunities – Student Government & Literary Magazine (1/2 credit per semester) – Credit does not apply toward graduation Physical Education – All students will enroll in 1 class per year – No waivers will be available Government/Economics – Personal Law no longer fulfills any Government requirement Course Offerings – Computer Essentials, Computer Coding, Forensic Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Anatomy & Physiology – Some course titles have changed – check the Program of Studies for a complete list of available courses and their descriptions.

6 Registration Form Teachers initial recommendation in designated column Students mark with an X their preferred course PE – choose one – if preference of term, please make note Start Time Preference – should be completed by ALL students

7 Go Big with IOWA BIG Creative thinking Develop talents, explore interests and EARN CREDIT Co-design projects to match your interests & passions Engage in the community to work on issues & problems you care about ½ Day Program (3 class periods AM/PM) Check out the website:

8 Building Trades No previous construction experience necessary Year-long course Requires two hour block of time in the AM or PM Available to juniors and seniors Check out the website:

9 Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Are you thinking about a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) career Do you like to think outside the box? Are you imaginative? Do you like to solve problems in unconventional ways? Do you like to apply what you learn to real world problems? Benefits of PLTW: Weighted grade – yes, just like AP, you can reap the benefits of a weighted grade. College credit – PLTW offers dual credit: college credit and high school credit simultaneously. Further, if specific grades and test scores are earned in the coursework, credit can be transferrable to colleges and engineering programs throughout the country, including ISU and U of I. Skills learned and developed in PLTW are transferrable to any discipline and/or career. Curriculum will demand students to develop a different skill set than what is traditionally required in most educational settings. Kennedy offers two courses: 1) Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) 2) Principles of Engineering (POE). (IED is a prerequisite to POE.) A student could opt to take both courses simultaneously if desired. Both courses are year-long.

10 Advanced Placement (AP) Classes Benefits Prepares for college level work Sharpen critical thinking skills Potential college credit May provide scholarship opportunities & recognition AP Potential Students that took the PSAT have access to their AP Potential through My College Quick Start Talk to your teachers – do you have what it takes to do AP?

11 Linn County Regional Center Career Academies

12 Academy Offerings 2015-2016 Arts & Sciences: Liberal Arts focus Advanced Manufacturing / Engineering Technology Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE) Business Exploration Criminal Justice Dental Education Emergency Medical Services (EMT) Graphics, Media, Communications and Design Hotel Management Human Services (Pre-Social Work) Industrial Maintenance / Renewable Energy / Automation Information Technology Patient Care Pharmacy Tech Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Pre-Professional PLTW – Civil Engineering & Architecture PLTW – Biotechnology PLTW – Digital Electronics Transportation – Auto Technology or Collision focus


14 Advantages of an Academy Program Jump-start a career pathway track. The sooner you start the sooner you can finish. Completing coursework sooner can allow you to double major and still finish in a reasonable amount of time. Earned credits offer transferability into four-year programs. Offers work-based learning. You can acquire job skills/training that could lead to good paying, part-time employment (or entry-level job) while you continue your college education or as you transition from one opportunity to the next. College-level courses that can offer advanced placement in related college programs. Save time and money with your education and provides great preparation for college level work. Help with the career decision-making process. Explore a particular career area. Meet with people in the field, which could lead to recommendation letters, references or maybe even a job. Available for dual credit. Dual credit means that any credit earned can be applied toward high school graduation and a college program. It’s like getting paid to go to school as there is NO COST to the student and the student earns college credit. Students in many of Kirkwood’s Academy Programs earn certifications. For example, Patient Care Academy students are eligible to take the Nurse Aid Certification Exam to become a CNA. Students can receive a weighted grade (5.0) for successfully completing many of the academy courses. The CRCSD will identify the courses to receive the weighted grade.

15 Next Steps to Enroll in an Academy Get a copy of the Academy Program of Study and view individual plans of study here: Select “Career Academy Placeholder” in Power School. On your registration form, write-in the name of the Academy Program you intend to enroll on your registration form. Attend an Academy Meeting at Kennedy in late February/early March. Students will complete the Kirkwood application and pre-registration form during this meeting. These items need to be completed by March 20, 2015. Take the COMPASS or ACT exam by April 30, 2015 Complete an orientation experience that is specific to the student’s Academy program held in April. The “admission” process is not considered complete until the steps listed above are finished. In instances where students may be waitlisted due to high registration numbers, those students who will be seniors and completed the required steps will receive first priority. If this doesn’t resolve a potential waitlist, time stamps of when the registration steps were completed will be used. (In the past, all students who registered for their first choice academy, were enrolled by the first day of classes.) * NOTE – Students are notified by Kirkwood of their enrollment status by the end of May.

16 Registration Central AP Information General Information – Program of Study, PowerSchool Instructions for Registration Information by class – guide, forms, timeline, graduation requirements, etc. Parent Information Exploratory Opportunities – BIG, Building Trades, PLTW, etc. Regents Admission Index (RAI) Linn Regional Center Academy Info

17 January 27-30 (THIS WEEK) – Recommendation Week – Students will gather core course recommendations from current teachers. January 27-30 (THIS WEEK) – PowerSchool window open to complete online registration. Registrations in PowerSchool must reflect recommendations and selections on Registration forms. February 2-9 (NEXT WEEK) – Class of 2016 will review online registrations in computer labs during SMART Lunch. Your assigned review session is listed on your Registration Form (they are assigned by homerooms). BRING REGISTRATION FORMS WITH YOU TO THIS SESSION. February 26 & 27 – Make-up Registration Review sessions – if you missed your assigned time, you will need to attend.

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