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Vital Sync™ Virtual Patient Monitoring Platform

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1 Vital Sync™ Virtual Patient Monitoring Platform
Know sooner… Act now.

2 Integrated Patient Intelligence
Make Clinical Data More: AVAILABLE Decouple caregiver from bedside Accessible from a variety of systems & platforms Integration with EMRs / HISs INTUITIVE Visual elements over numbers Emphasize critical information Simplify / Standardize user experience MEANINGFUL Indices & data relationships Intelligent alarming & annunciation Protocol sharing, tracking, assessment PREDICTIVE Pattern detection & early indication Quantitative assessment & comparative analysis Assessment & guidance

3 Vital Sync™ – Current Functionality

4 Vital Sync - Patient Tile View

5 Vital Sync - Ventilator View

6 Vital Sync - Oximeter View

7 Outside the Box, Think! Today Tomorrow
Analytics external to data generation device Streamlined user interface(s) Access / Reference to scenario analysis & best practices Multiple devices, multiple displays Extraneous data intermingled with decision critical information Automated analytical capability bounded by information ‘in the box’ Tomorrow Today

8 Semper Vigilans – Ever Vigilant
Vital Sync App Advanced surveillance, more than just an extension of the bedside monitors Intelligence surveillance systems track/index transient events Intelligent alarm system combine, notify, escalate, track

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