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Meiosis & Some Mitosis. Review: What do we know about Mitosis?

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1 Meiosis & Some Mitosis

2 Review: What do we know about Mitosis?

3 Mitosis: 1. Makes more cells! 2. Begin with one cell, end with two!

4 Mitosis:  Essential for growth and repair of plant, animal and human tissue. Mitosis will help me grow!

5 Mitosis will heal my wounds. The sooner mitosis happens… the sooner I can get this thing off my head.

6 Mitosis 1. Interphase 2. Prophase 3. Metaphase 4. Anaphase 5. Telophase 6. Cytokinesis

7 Enough about mitosis… what’s meiosis?

8 What is Meiosis?  Makes more sex (reproductive) cells Sperm (in men) Eggs (in women)

9 Who cares?  No meiosis, no fertilization.  No fertilization, no offspring.  No offspring, no future.

10 Meiosis in males:  Produces sperm cells in the testes  This process is called spermatogenesis Sperm cells carry genes that code for the father’s traits.

11 Meiosis in females:  Produces egg cells in the ovaries  This is called oogenesis Egg cells carry genes that code for the mother’s traits.

12 Sperm and egg cells are:  Haploid (1n)  Reproductive Cells (x y)  Also called Gametes

13 Gametes?  Human Gametes are sperm and egg cells.

14 Refresher: What does haploid mean? half  Daughter Cells have half the number of chromosomes than the parents (1n)

15 Result of Meiosis: 4 Haploid Daughter Cells! 1234

16 + = Sperm CellEgg CellZygote What’s a zygote?

17 Fertilization:  Gametes combine to form a zygote.  We were all once a zygote!  The zygote will then divide through mitosis and grow into a living being.

18 + = 23 chromosomes (1n) 23 chromosomes (1n) 46 chromosomes (2n) Fertilization: Human

19 + = 28 chromosomes (1n) 28 chromosomes (1n) 54 chromosomes (2n) Other examples:

20 + = 30 chromosomes (1n) 30 chromosomes (1n) 60 chromosomes (2n) Other examples:

21 + = 52 chromosomes (1n) 52 chromosomes (1n) 104 chromosomes (2n) Other examples:

22 Recap: How is Meiosis different than Mitosis?

23 Mitosis  Makes more cells.  Divide Once = 2 Diploid Cells (2n)  Four Phases: Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase  Makes more sex cells. (Sperm & Egg)  Divide Twice= 4 Haploid Cells (1n)  Two Major Phases: Meiosis I Meiosis II Meiosis

24 Critical Thinking: Please answer in complete sentences on a blank piece of paper.

25 Answer the following questions: 1. Explain a time when you have never felt so much pain. How did mitosis help you get through it? 2. Why do you think meiosis is important to production agriculture & animal science?

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