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Benefits Orientation For CSEA Employees. Information And Enrollment Miscellaneous Benefits Health Insurance Options Retirement Options Enrollment.

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1 Benefits Orientation For CSEA Employees

2 Information And Enrollment Miscellaneous Benefits Health Insurance Options Retirement Options Enrollment

3 Today’s Guest Speakers Occupational and Environmental Safety Services: Dave Lytle Campus Police: Dave Chernega/ Mike Wells CSEA: Robert Bostwick, board representative

4 Miscellaneous Benefits TUITION ASSISTANCE: Contact Wendy Belz-645- 5000, ext.1273 SUNY CARD North Campus: SUNY Mart South Campus: 101 Harriman Hall MORTON R. LANE CREDIT UNION Porter Quad or Englewood Avenue, 837-2000 DIRECT DEPOSIT PAYROLL: Two week lag pay

5 MISCELLANEOUS BENEFITS Continued EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Confidential Referrals and Consultations DEPENDENT CARE ADVANTAGE ACCOUNT 1- 800-358-7202 PARKING TAGS: 103 Spaulding Quad, NC / Diefendorf Annex, SC TIME AND ATTENDANCE: Biweekly and semiannual time sheets required Meet your contact and learn your accrual rate

6 HEALTH INSURANCE 42 day waiting period from appointment date COBRA Coordination for coverage transfer Late enrollment is 5 biweekly pay period

7 Health Insurance PREMIUMS Premiums are paid through biweekly, pre- tax payroll deductions Your cost:10% of the individual cost 25% of the dependent cost State pays:90% of the individual cost 75% of the dependent cost Your first premiums may be retroactive

8 Health Insurance CARRIER CHOICES There are three HMOs available: Community Blue $10.00 co-pay/$5.00 prescription Univera HealthCare: Facility or Choice Care $10.00 co-pay/$5.00 prescription Independent Health $10.00 co-pay/$5.00 prescription You are required to have a PCP and use the network or facility There are no deductibles and no form

9 Carrier Choices continued THE EMPIRE PLAN Any doctor, Any Hospital No referrals are needed Co-Pay:$5.00 in network/$8.00 prescription Out of network, out of pocket expenses: Deductibles:$161 for the individual $161 for the spouse or partner $161 for all dependents Reimbursement: 80% per schedule of fees

10 The Empire Plan Continued Out of WNY, coordinate your care. Participating doctors listed on the web Stay in touch about your continued care and get precertification for services In the event of an emergency call within 48 hours

11 Health Insurance Continued If you leave there is a 28 day run out There are no pre-existing clauses Domestic Partner Coverage You need to select your carrier and PCP Statement of Dependence requirement Option change time is once a year Mid November to mid December

12 Health Insurance Forms For Empire plan enrollees, the PS404 only For HMO enrollees, the PS404 and the blue and white form Required information for dependents: Social Security Number Primary Care Physician Date of Birth

13 Dental and Vision Coverage Dental and Vision coverage is administered through the Union Benefit Fund There is a 28 day waiting period

14 RETIREMENT BENEFITS The New York State Plan for which you are eligible is: The Employees’ Retirement System, (ERS)

15 Retirement PLAN TYPES ERS is a Defined Benefit Plan The amount of your retirement benefit is calculated with a formula using: Your age at the time of retirement Your years of Service Your final average salary (Highest 36 consecutive months). The Employer contribution is not defined The Employee contribution is 3% pre-tax

16 VESTING Vesting determines if you are eligible for a benefit at retirement The vesting period is the service required to be eligible ERS requires 5 years of service

17 DEATH BENEFIT Death Benefit 1 provides benefit protection that increases in small increments after each year of service The benefit equals one month of salary for each year of service to a maximum of 36 months Death Benefit 1 is not payable after retirement

18 Death Benefit Continued Death Benefit 2 provides protection which increases more quickly After one year of service the benefit equals one times the member’s salary, after two years, two times the salary and after three years, three times the salary. This benefit is subject to some limitations as described on the back of enrollment form

19 Additional Ways to Save You may save up to $8,000 or 20% of your salary, whichever is less, on a tax deferred basis as follows: Deferred Compensation, Sec. 457 of the IRS Code with the Copeland Companies A tax deferred annuity with TIAA-CREF

20 REMINDERS Enrollment is mandatory for FT Employees Enrollment is optional for Temporary, Part Time, Provisional or Hourly employees If your enrollment in ERS is optional, keep in mind that the sooner enroll the sooner you begin to accrue State service credit

21 Reminders Continued If your appointment type changes to Professional, making you eligible for TIAA- CREF, you will have a one time opportunity to change your retirement plan selection For further information please check the Human Resources web site at: We ask that you complete your retirement and health insurance enrollment forms today

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