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Total English Unit 1 Challenges. Unit 1 p.4 3 –Travel Culture shock Uncharted territory –Money Gamble Spending spree –Work Career path Be made redundant.

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1 Total English Unit 1 Challenges

2 Unit 1 p.4 3 –Travel Culture shock Uncharted territory –Money Gamble Spending spree –Work Career path Be made redundant –People Half-sistersoulmate4 Overpriced - Put a higher price then something is worth. Wander - you walk or stroll somewhere without destination Acquintance - Initiative -

3 Unit 1 p.5 verkefni 2 1.C 2.F 3.G 4.E 5.A 6.H 7.D 8.B

4 Unit 1 p.6 2a 1.Musical talent. 2.It’s the sheer delight of mastering a form of expression. 3.When you know another language that’s similar to the one you want to learn it’s easier… 4.Family members all talked to him in different languages.. 5.They worry they mix the languages together.. 6.He appeared on a TV show and the Russians and the US counsulate thought he was a spy…

5 Unit 1 p.7-8 4 1.h 2.c 3.j 4.f 5.i 6.g 7.b 8.d 9.a 10.e 9 1.B 2.A

6 Unit 1 p.8 11 a 1.In 2.For 3.From 4.In 5.With 6.From 7.To 8.About 9.About 10.From 11 b 1.c 2.f 3.i 4.h 5.e 6.a 7.d 8.b 9.j 10.g

7 Unit 1 p 9 1 1.clue 2.head 3.sure 4.of 5.hand 6.know 7.heart 8.out 9.nothing 10.idea 11.certain 12.positive

8 Unit 1 p 10 4 1.B 2.B 3.A 4.A 5.B 6.A 7.C 8.C

9 Unit 1 p.11 8 1.seems as thought to have asserted assumed claimed 6.are believed to have 7.was reported believed

10 Unit 1 p 12 5 (a) b 1.potential with 3.pursued 4.facing 5.believe in 6.persevered 7.heading 8.keep pushing

11 Unit 1 p 14 9 a 1.Jake, this is my friend Amy, who I’ve known for absolutely ages. 2.I asked what had happened, but nobody could tell me. 3.I chose this school because I heard it was the best. 4.He should have finished by the time we get back. 5.Before I came to the US, I had never been abroad. 6.I’m so exhausted. I’ve been working really hard. 7.By the time she retires, she has worked there for more than fifty years. 8.I’ll phone you as soon as we arrive.

12 Unit 1 p 15 1 c Degree, size, quality –sub- –super- –arch- –under- –over- –semi- Numbers –multi- –single- Opposite/negative –un- –mis- –ir-

13 Unit 1 p 15 2 1.misunderstood 2.unaware 3.Semi-retired 4.outnumbered 5.overweight 6.underestimated


15 Unit 2 p 19 9.crime rate 10.unemployment 11.congestion 12.pollution 13.tension 14.areas 15.cultural 16.nightlife 2 1.cost living 2.cosmopolitan 3.infrastructure 4.mild 5.freedom 7.standard of living 8.monuments

16 Unit 2 p 21 4 A 1.I’m thinking about taking a break. 2.If you can’t afford to eat in ex... 3.I can’t imagine living there. 4.We look forward seeing you. 5.You can avoid offending people... 6.I don’t mind queuing... 7.I don’t fancy living there. 8.She doesn’t want to miss out on...? 9.I can’t stand traveling on the... 10.If you object paying... 11.I advise you to go.. 12.I encourage... 13.I urge you to see... 14.I recommend going... 15.She persuaded us to...

17 Unit 2 p 21 7 1.value 2.all 3.found 4.were 5.sure 6.out 7.wary

18 Unit 2 p 22 10 1.mind 2.possibly 3.think 4.was 5.wondering 6.possible 7.were 8.wouldn’t

19 Unit 2 p 22 11 1.mismunandi svör...

20 Unit 2 p 23 5 1.I’d sooner 2.Not like 3.It’s best 4.Easier 5.Extremely 6.A mile 7.As much as we use … 8.I’d better off playing

21 Unit 2 p 24 8 1.g 2.d 3.a 4.c 5.f 6.b 7.e

22 Unit 2 p 25 12Following... There will also be a dinner in the evening and we would be grateful if you could attend... Could you please confirm your attendance. Can you please bring copies of the requested contract. Don’t hesitate to get... any queries. Regards, invitation to attend..., conserning the plan.. I will be very happy to attend. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend the dinner... because of previous arrangement

23 Unit 2 p 29 2 text 1 a)turned up b)commune c)get by d)passing trend / catch on text 2 a)filled in forms b)renovating c)held us up d)carried out text 3 a)got through it ok b)came across c)? d)took to it text 4 a)get away b)held c)came up with d)keep up with


25 Unit 3 p 32 1 2.spending hear buy 5.applying 6.paying make wear 10.taking 2 better off... 2....nowhere near as... 3.I would sooner... 4....not... 5.? 6....the more polluted... 7.Poland isn’t... 8.bigger city... 9....far the most... 10.?

26 Unit 3 p 35 5 1.picked 2.called 3.published 4.admitted 5.were joking 6.worked 7.announced 8.had 9.developed 10.invented

27 Unit 3 p 36 8 1.fight, extreme actions, cope with 2.arrested, packed, bought 3.thought to be, putting 4.started, formal discussions, resolve, caused 5.asserts, stop 9 1.pretending 2.prominent 3.isolated 4.fictitious 5.vital 6.liberated 7.exceed 8.ancient 9.destroy 10.tragic 11.hoax 12.fooled

28 Unit 3 p 37 2a 1.h 2.d 3.a 4.c 5.g 6.f 7.e 8.b b 1.e 2.a 3.h 4.f 5.d 6.b 7.c 8.g

29 Unit 3 p 38 6 a)6 b)4/1 c)2 d)3 e)1 f)5

30 Unit 3 p 39 9 1.single-minded – þrjósk 2.self-sufficient – sjálfri sér næg 3.thick-skinned – með þykkan skráp 4.kind-hearted – góðhjartaður 5.stand-offish – Ekki mannblendnir? – metnaðargjarn 7.level-headed – með báða fætur á jörðinni / 8.absent-minded - sveimhuga

31 Unit 3 p 41 6 1.telling 2.Working 3.Having 4.Made 5.Telling 6.being 7.watching

32 Unit 3 p 42 8 1.surreal 2.farce 3.cartoons humour 5.puns 6.irony 7.exaggeration 8.satire

33 Unit 3 p 43 2 1.follow in his footsteps 2.dead end 3.was taking off 4.reached a crossroads 5.warm personalities 6.stormy relationship 7.frosty reception 8.feeling under the weather 9.struggle 10.called the shots the firing line 12.have my sights on

34 Unit 3 p 42 3 1.under … weather 2.dead end 3.stormy relationship the 5.take off … firing 7.set on … footsteps

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