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Republicans or Democrats Parties Views on Issues in the 2-Party System.

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1 Republicans or Democrats Parties Views on Issues in the 2-Party System

2 Abortion Democrats are Pro-Choice Republicans are Pro-Life Other Issues Debated When does life begin? When is it acceptable to terminate the pregnancy? –First trimester, Second trimester, partial birth abortions

3 Civil Rights Republicans are slow to grant rights to minority groups that are not provided for by the Constitution. Democrats believe that minorities should be given slight advantages to allow them some semblance of equality. Other Issues Debated Affirmative action? Gay marriage / Civil unions? Women’s rights?

4 Corporations and Big Business Republicans believe that giving tax breaks and less rules to businesses increases economic growth. Democrats believe that businesses should be subjected to government regulation. Other Issues Debated Lending practices? Are businesses obligated to hire more employees? Even if the government gives businesses tax breaks, what guarantees that they will hire employees? Outsourcing and foreign competition? Healthcare practices?

5 Crime Democrats believe that criminals should be protected with every right that the Constitution offers them even if it allows criminals to get away with a crime. Republicans believe that justice trumps individual Constitutional rights and that jail terms should be much stricter. Other Issues Debated Is the death penalty Constitutional? What is a “humane” death?

6 Drugs The Democratic party believes that marijuana usage for medicinal purposes is legitimate. Republicans are anti-drug. Other Issues Debated Legalization of marijuana for any reason? Government controlled marijuana distribution?

7 Economy Democrats believe in raising taxes so that the government has some say where monies are redistributed to help the American people. Republicans believe in less taxes so that the people can decide for themselves where they want to spend their money and cutting excess monies to government programs. Other Issues Debated Deficit spending. Balanced budget.

8 Energy and Oil Democrats feel that we should be researching for alternative fuels and giving tax credits to companies that research for alternative energies. Republicans feel that alternative fuels will cost other types of resources that we have not yet accounted for and that we should continue to use fossil fuels for now. Other Issues Debated Opening Alaskan wilderness for new oil reserves? Using offshore drilling for new oil reserves?

9 Environment Republicans feel that the environmental issues should be looked at, but companies should only be marginally regulated. Democrats feel that the environment must be addressed immediately due to environmental concerns. Other Issues Debated The legitimacy of global warming? How to address the environment?

10 Family and Children Democrats support family situations no matter what the make-up of the family and are pro-active in sex education and contraception distribution. Republicans encourages marriage by adults, traditional family values and abstinence for children. Other Issues Debated Gay parent adoptions? Is pornography free speech or inappropriate behavior? Can Boy Scouts refuse homosexual members?

11 Foreign Policy Republicans feel that the US has the obligation and right take a stand against any oppressive gov’ts Democrats believe that diplomacy with foreign countries is a much better alternative. Other Issues Debated When should the U.S. sit down with foreign gov’ts and negotiate with them? The defense of Israel?

12 Gay Marriage Which party promotes that marriage is between one man and one woman? Republicans The Republican party have debated whether or not to create an amendment to ban gay marriage. Many Democrats, but not all, feel that Civil Unions are a valid form of marriage.

13 Government Reform Republicans believe that less is better. Democrats believe that more government can help more people. Other Issues Debated Government programs? Growth of bureaucracy?

14 Gun Control Democrats believe that guns must be kept under better control. Republicans believe that any gun that can be made, should be made. Gun control is protected under the 2 nd Amendment. Other Issues Debated Legalization of assault rifles? Legalization of armor piercing bullets? Literature about the use of making weapons? Literature about the use of weapons?

15 Healthcare Democrats believe that every American is entitled to some form of healthcare. Republicans feel that Americans will pay to high of a cost for universal healthcare. Other Issues Debated Is it the gov’ts responsibility to provide healthcare? Who is covered? Will this greatly affect the medical industry?

16 Homeland Security Republicans feel that protecting U.S. soil is a top priority for the gov’t no matter the cost. Democrats agree in protecting the U.S., but that individuals rights must come first. Other Issues Debated Torturing suspects? Keeping suspected terrorists in prison without being charged? Patriot Act?

17 Immigration Republicans feel that immigrants should not have any legal rights until they become citizens and heightened border security. Democrats but feel that illegal immigrants should be given some citizen privileges, less deportation, and medical benefits. Other Issues Debated Sanctuary cities? Arizona immigration laws? Supporting languages other than English?

18 Foreign Wars Republicans feel that the army should not pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan until the situation is concluded. Democrats believe that the war is unwinnable and that the sooner we pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, the sooner that the whole thing will be over. Other Issues Debated Should the U.S. be world peace keepers? Should the U.S. be involved in the Middle East? Should the U.S. take a harsher stance against foreign dictators?

19 Jobs Democrats believe that it is the gov’ts job to help provide jobs when they are not available and that unions keep businesses in line. Republicans feel that jobs are provided by successful businesses, that minimum wage should not be raised, and the free market will take care of itself. Other Issues Debated Insuring companies will hire new employees? Length of unemployment benefits? Outsourcing jobs to other countries?

20 Social Security Democrats believe that social security works. Republicans believe that social security should be taken over by a private business and run more efficiently. Other Issues Debated Get rid of social security? Retirement age?

21 Welfare Democrats feel that one of the main purposes of gov’t is to take care of people in need. Republicans feel that the government was not created to take care of everyone. Other Issues Debated Government provided job training? Taking care of the homeless? Refinancing for people facing home foreclosure?

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