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Kentucky Health Insurance Premium Payment Program

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1 Kentucky Health Insurance Premium Payment Program
You may be eligible for a program called KHIPP.  KHIPP will pay premiums for your health insurance if you have access to insurance through your employer or COBRA. Someone in your household will have to be eligible for Medicaid, if so, you should contact the following people. KHIPP is a state funded program that reimburses Medicaid members the cost incurred to enroll in their employer’s healthcare plan Once a Medicaid recipient is enrolled in the KHIPP program, they will begin to receive regular reimbursements for the amount that is taken out of their paycheck to cover the premiums for commercial health coverage offered through their employer, and still maintain their usual Medicaid benefits.

2 Types of Insurance Covered
Employer-Sponsored Insurance (ESI)- insurance offered by your employer. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)-insurance you can apply for and receive for 18 months after termination. To qualify a person in the household must: Be Medicaid eligible Have access to ESI or COBRA Constitute as cost-effective *Medicaid eligible does not have to be policyholder. A person applying for KHIPP benefits must have access to employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) or COBRA. ESI is health insurance provided by an employer through an employee benefits package. COBRA is a temporary extension of ESI for a past employee that has been terminated from their job. Coverage could last for up to 18 months. Both coverage types are eligible for KHIPP reimbursement. Once on the KHIPP program, a member will continue to pay their health insurance premiums while the KHIPP program reimburses them on a regular basis.

3 KHIPP Application Process
The application process is Simple Fill out the application online, over the phone, or use the brochure provided and fax it. Potential candidates need . . . Medicaid eligibility (someone in household-spouse, child, children or both) Access to ESI or COBRA Be Cost-effective

4 KHIPP Resources What will I need to apply?
Educational resources available to applicants: Online application available on website Brochure/application is attached What will I need to apply? Health insurance card – copy back and front Employer rate Sheet Summary of Benefits Recent Pay Stub To expedite the application process, the KHIPP program needs basic information from the commercial insurance card (if patient is currently enrolled in other insurance), and health insurance rates (provided by employer or from the company benefits website), along with a summary of benefits, and paystub. Applications are provided on the inside flap of the KHIPP brochure. In addition, patients can fill out and submit an application online at

5 KHIPP members receive Reimbursements for cost of ESI or COBRA Medicaid benefits continue/may cover non- Medicaid family members Re-evaluation at open enrollment each year Freedom to see non-Medicaid providers KHIPP members must submit paystubs for reimbursement. The sooner you submit the sooner you will receive your reimbursement. As soon as KHIPP receives your pay stub it is processed in the next check run. Wrap around coverage means coverage of a benefit not covered by an individual's group health insurance plan. Once on the KHIPP program, members will receive monthly reimbursements by check or direct deposit, direct deposit being the most convenient for both parties (timely arrival of reimbursements, no need to stand in line at bank to cash check, less check handling for KHIPP program, helps save state money.) KHIPP members will still have access to all Medicaid benefits provided to them prior to their KHIPP enrollment. The KHIPP program will re-evaluate a member’s eligibility during their open enrollment period, typically on an annual basis. In addition, members must submit a paystub regularly for the continuation of their KHIPP eligibility. They can send all paystubs to our physical address or by fax.

6 KHIPP Member Resources
Apply online at Return Brochure Application to: Fax: Address: 838 East High Street # Lexington, KY 40502 Contact KHIPP Eligibility Advisors at: Toll Free Phone: 1-855-MyKHIPP ( )

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