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Why do it? What is it ? Why the bad press? SMOKING AND TEENAGERS.

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1 Why do it? What is it ? Why the bad press? SMOKING AND TEENAGERS

2 How do we start smoking? Nobody would ever start smoking if they didn’t see other people doing it. We’re not born with the desire to smoke. Smoking comes after years of observing the others. We grew up in societies where smoking was considered normal, so children believed it was natural for an adult to have a white smoking paper cylinder in their mouths. We knew that it wasn’t something for the children, so we couldn’t wait to grow up to do it. In the meantime, we kept observing:

3 Watching others do it: MOVIE stars We learned that smoking is cool, right?

4 Watching others do it: ROCK stars

5 We learned that smoking is hot, right? Watching others do it: MOVIE stars

6 Watching others do it: fashion icons Our minds started unconsciouslly connecting the dots: if supermodels did it, and they looked amazing, that means that if I do it, I will look amazing!

7 Everybody does it! Plus, everybody did it! From kings and presidents, even to...

8 Our very own…PARENTS. Even our very own … Statistics show that children whose parents were smokers are 4 times more likely to start smoking themselves, than children whose parents didn’t smoke. Parents are role models for their children and children will copy their behavior, without even blinking, not knowing whether that’s something positive or negative.

9 At the age of great rebellion, what is forbidden is attractive. For you teens, smoke is a proof of your independence, a proof that you do what you want to and that you are not afraid to violate any prohibition. Entourage has an overwhelming influence on you. If you are not a smoker in a smoking circle of friends, chances that sooner or later you try you too to smoke are very high. Many of you smoke their first cigarette out of curiosity, because you want to see what sensations it offers. Although you don’t like the taste, you think cigarette can be your ticket to socialize, to reach out to the coolest groups.

10 You feel that smoking will make you look rebellious, tough, and this desire to be noticed it’s more important than health. Unfortunately, you don’t know or you don’t care that sooner or later you will surely get more or less seriously ill. In the second half of life, you may suffer from severe respiratory or cardiovascular illnesses or risk developing lungs, larynx, urinary bladder or pancreatic cancer. These diseases will be installed gradually after several years of smoking and most often, in this situation, quitting smoking becomes impossible only by your will.

11 What are we told? Scrambled information: Smoking killsBut it’s just a cigarette… Smoking causes diseases Smoking costs a fortune! So does pollution and bad food. Why bother? I can afford it We receive mixed messages. We learn all the bad things associated to smoking, we understand that it brings diseases and kills people, but we also find comfort in what other people say. The non-scientists. The people near by. Our friends. Facebook statuses. Therefore, information gets scrambeled in our heads and we are lead to believe that either we live a perfect, poison free life (not likely, nowadays), either there’s no point in removing only ONE poison, so we should remain the same.

12 What are we really facing? Massive brainwashing (via movies, music, literature, magazines, television etc.) All this information gets “downloaded” into our subconscious. Smoking is cool; Smoking makes you look older; Smoking helps you deal with stress; Smoking relaxes you; Smoking helps you stay thin; Smoking helps you concentrate; Smoking kills boredom, Etc.

13 So what happens when we do smoke our first cigarette?


15 That’s right. Absolutely NOTHING at the moment!!!!

16 The Promised “NIRVANA”: Bitter tasteHorrible smell Foul, smoky experience ZERO EFFECT! Nausea Dizziness We expect to feel “something” when we smoke that first cigarette. After all, isn’t that why smokers smoke? But we don’t feel anything. And that’s why we instantly believe “it’s no big deal”. Unfortunately, one puff is enough to plant a very serious addiction.

17 Nicotine Addiction Seeing how we don’t feel anything when we take that first puff and that we’re tempted to stop it immediately, we then receive THE most idiotic advice ever: You have to insist in order to, eventually, enjoy smoking.

18 The ADDICTION process FACTS on Nicotine: - Natural insecticide, created by the tobacco plant; - If the nicotine quantity in ONE cigarette were injected directly into the blood stream, it would kill us instantly; - Number one ingredient in bug sprays and rat poisons - It takes ONE PUFF to become addicted; - Is found in ALL tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, snuff, snuss, chewable tobacco, hookah) + NRT (chewing gum, patches, e-cigarettes)

19 Nicotine + >4000 chemicals Tobacco companies refer to cigarettes as “Nicotine Delivery Systems”, which means that there are other chemicals involved in the process, that enhance the power of nicotine and make sure that the addiction process goes on smoothly, unnoticeable and is permanent.

20 How does it work? All addictions function the same, based on one very subtle withdrawal mechanism. Nicotine gets out of the body, so the brain needs to replace it. However, unlike other drugs, nicotine withdrawal is very subtle -No physical symptoms -No pains or pangs -Nobody wakes up during the night to have a smoke -So slight, barely felt People don’t even know they’re addicted

21 I’m not really addicted, I can stop anytime I want. I’m just fooling around! I’ll stop before it gets problematic. I can control it. I just do it for fun! I’m just a casual smoker. This is what people think, without even knowing that they’re addicted: REALLY ?????

22 The brainwashing continues to work Plus, our brains constantly create mental associations: - Coffee + cigarettes; - Alcohol + cigarettes; - Stressful situations + cigarettes; - Relaxing moments + cigarettes; - Certain people + cigarettes ; - Certain places + cigarettes; EVERY SINGLE THING IN YOUR LIFE + CIGARETTES. We get to the point where we no longer know how to do anything without a smoke on the side. We can’t even imagine a cup of coffee without a cigarette.

23 What can be done? Don’t be fooled by an industry which spends billions of dollars per year on advertising, considering the fact that they’re forbidden advertising in many countries. We are being bombarded by subtle marketing messages and, at the end of the day, why would anyone want to be a slave to something that does nothing for your state of mind, for your health, for your looks? On the contrary! Stay free. It’s the best way to live.



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