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Manufacturers Reserve Supply

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1 Manufacturers Reserve Supply
maibec Industries


3 Quality Control From A to Z
Harvest logs Cut & Grade Shingles Resquared & Rebutted Kiln Dry Factory Stain Packaging Distribution ...a consistent product

4 Eastern White Cedar Shingles
Available: Green & KD Natural Factory-stained (KD only) 3 grades : Extra, Clear and 2nd Clear Certified Shingles (manufactured with logs from a well-managed forest)

5 Maibec Brands Premium Shingle Select Shingle Rustic Shingle

6 Also known as Extras or grade ‘A’ - Blue Label
Nantucket Also known as Extras or grade ‘A’ - Blue Label 100 % Heartwood No Defects Also available in Victorian Style (Arrow, Diamond, Round, Square, Fish Scale, Octagon, Half Cove, Hexagon and Diagonal)


8 Also known as Clears or grade ‘B’ - Red Label
Kennebunk Also known as Clears or grade ‘B’ - Red Label Heartwood No Defects on exposed face (bottom 6 inches of shingle)


10 Also known as 2nd Clears or grade ‘C’ - Black Label
Bar Harbor Also known as 2nd Clears or grade ‘C’ - Black Label Sound knots in the bottom 6 inches of shingle Contrasting color tones in grain


12 Victorian Designer Shingles (Nantucket only)
Square Diagonal Arrow Fishscale Hexagon Round Octagon Diamond Half Cove

13 Stock Items Wm. E. Poole Series Nantucket Natural Bleaching Oil
maibec Gray 1 & 2 coat maibec Beige 1 & 2 coat maibec White 1 & 2 coat maibec Montauk Sand 2 coat maibec Beachgrass 2 coat maibec Seacoast Gray 2 coat Cape Cod Gray 2 coat maibec Granite 2 coat maibec Linen 2 coat maibec Beech 2 coat Kennebunk Maibec Gray 1 & 2 coat Maibec Beige 1 & 2 coat Bleaching Oil Wm. E. Poole Series Misty Gray (bleaching oil) Cottage Gray Natchez White

14 Who is William E. Poole?


16 Custom Colors Unlimited choice of colors Stock or Custom colors Stains
Solid and 2 coat semi-transparent ‘spice’ series Innoplex stain used exclusively Match any other colors (solid only)

17 Maibec Warranty Stain (Solid Acrylic Latex) 20 years - 2 coats
20 years – 2 coats ‘spice’ semi transparent, 3 years on stain *cracking, blistering, peeling or chipping Wood 50 years against decay Bleaching Oil and Misty Gray – 50 year warranty only

18 Nails or Staples Installation Requirements 2 fasteners per shingle
¾-inch from edge 1-inch from butt line Must penetrate sheathing a minimum ¾-inch Rust resistant – Ideally stainless steel Blunt-point, ringed shanked nails Length of nails or staples must be between 1-3/4 to 2 inches


20 Answers to F.A.Q. About Shingles
Semi-transparent only available in 2 coat “spice” series Semi-solid finish is not available – solid and “spice” only Bleaching Oil and Misty Gray accelerate aging process – make shingles turn silver gray sooner than normal Bleaching Oil contains small amount of Weathering Gray stain (pigment) but Misty Gray contains 50% Weathering Gray Bleaching Oil and Misty Gray touchup not available from Maibec. Misty Gray - Customer can mix Bleaching Oil #6241 with Weathering Gray Stain #6244 Touchup can also be obtained locally by contacting Cabot distributor approved by maibec

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