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Teach Them to Fly Training the New Consultant by Sherri Gibson.

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1 Teach Them to Fly Training the New Consultant by Sherri Gibson

2 Early Bird Gets the Worm Start Immediately Set Up Website Begin launch party preparation

3 Website is E-scent-ial Consultant Website Setup Guide ( 1 st Step to Training Begin Navigating the Site Before Kit arrives take Orders/Sign Up Recruits & Learn…

4 Jump Start the Launch Party Immediately begin preparations Schedule Date Guest List Planning (Create List of 100) Download Consultant Labels Launch Party Launch Party Preparation Worksheet (Business Builders)

5 Read it in your Workstation!!! Prepare for Launch Party –Learn about Scentsy

6 Two birds with One Stone Launch Party -Training Sponsor attend launch party Use your stock Complete On-line Orders while there Can do before kit arrives (early success) Use Party for Recruiting

7 Launch Party Success Build your inventory (use basket parties, home parties, recruiting) Recoup investment Get them hooked

8 Nothing Succeeds Like Success Early Success Rewards Shooting Stars – 1st 15 days FROM SIGN-UP Scentsational Start Award -1st 70 days

9 *10 Warmers for $200 for selling $500 in your 1 st 15 days. * Don’t wait for your kit to come… 7 days after you sign up. * Use warmers for business building (basket parties, home parties, recruiting etc.) Start Talking Scentsy NOW!!! Encourage & Emphasize

10 First 70 days $1,250PRSV or three active consultants = $50 Credit $2,500PRSV or $1,250PRSV & 3 recruits = $125 Credit $5,00 PRSV or $2,500 PRSV & 6 recruits = $200 Credit

11 Knowledge is Empowering Helpful Hints to Know Scent & Warmer of the Month (Orders-Subscriptions) Wish List ( Mix & Match Recipe ( Top Sellers, p. 16 Frequently Asked Questions ( Communicate with Scentsy ( Wax Type & Content (

12 Teach the Website Use the Company Web Resources How to Enter Party Order Training Center Practice Orders 3 Types of Orders –Party Order ( –Business Supplies (Your workstation-Orders) –Scentsy Success (

13 Time is all around you Market Scentsy wherever you are! Don’t Be Shy Leave samples, cards or brochures wherever you go My Favorites- bank deposit drops, wait-staff, paying bills 10 ways use your business cards 42 ways to find customers 65 places leave catalogs Show recruits during meetings (IHOP) Brand yourself

14 Excitement is Contagious HAVE FUN Be Positive Publicize their Successes Reward their achievements

15 Scentsy-Your Way Be Creative Fit Your Style Have Fun

16 Flap Your Wings You Can’t Fly Until You Try Don’t worry about falling (everyone does)

17 Phone A Friend Call Dorothy Use the Website

18 Always Be Training Training, Like Learning, Never Ends Lead by Example

19 For all the things I forgot Business Builders-Appendix A

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