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Procrastination Curing yourself of the "yeah, buts.."

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2 Procrastination Curing yourself of the "yeah, buts.."

3 Workshop Goals Learning to say “NO!” Biological “prime time” The “yeah, buts…” Remedies

4 Learn to say “NO!” Believe that you and your priorities are important!

5 Biological Prime Time When are or can you be most productive during the day?

6 Yeah, buts…can cause: wasted time. missed opportunities. poor performance. Increased stress.

7 Procrastination List 3 of your best reasons for not doing the right thing. Share these with someone near you. Your Procrastination Rating

8 Procrastination: Its Roots Crooked thinking: –perfectionism –feelings of inadequacy –fear of discomfort Behavioral patterns: –good and bad habits become “ingrained” reinforced over time with enough repetition.

9 Procrastination: Its Remedies: Self-talk: –make 2 columns of responses Column I: (excuses) Column II: (realistic thoughts challenging each excuse –self-motivating statements: the sooner I get this done, the sooner I can…

10 Remedies cont. Don’t catastrophe: –don’t think about failing –don’t “should on yourself” –don’t “self- deprecate”…it leads to lack of action and defeat. Develop clear, achievable goals –take small bites out of a big project

11 Remedies cont. Set things in proper perspective and prioritize. Get organized! –H–Have things ready that you will need. Confront yourself with the challenge Remind yourself of the commitment and timeline: –n–notes, post-ems –G–GET IN YOUR OWN FACE!!!

12 Plan to reward yourself!!! –Treat yourself when it’s done –Have a friend/partner treat you…that’s even better! See all the opportunities you have for: DOING IT ON TIME!!!

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