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Introduction to Pharmacy Course Teacher: Asim Kumar Bepari.

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1 Introduction to Pharmacy Course Teacher: Asim Kumar Bepari

2 PHARMACY “The Right Choice for a Promising Future” Th i s p r e s e n t a t i o n w i l l p r o b a b l y i n v o l v e a u d i e n c e d i s c u s s i o n, w h i c h w i l l c r e a t e a c t i o n i t e m s. U s e P o w e r P o i n t t o k e e p t r a c k o f t h e s e a c t i o n i t e m s d u r i n g y o u r p r e s e n t a t i o n I n S l i d e S h o w, c l i c k o n t h e r i g h t m o u s e b u t t o n S e l e c t “ M e e t i n g M i n d e r ” S e l e c t t h e “ A c t i o n I t e m s ” t a b T y p e i n a c t i o n i t e m s a s t h e y c o m e u p C l i c k O K t o d i s m i s s t h i s b o x Th i s w i l l a u t o m a t i c a l l y c r e a t e a n A c t i o n I t e m s l i d e a t t h e e n d o f y o u r p r e s e n t a t i o n w i t h y o u r p o i n t s e n t e r e d.

3 The word ‘Pharmacy’ is derived from the Greek work ‘Pharmakon’, meaning drug. The word ‘Pharmacy’ has two meanings : General sense – it is a place or shop where drugs or medicines are sold. Professional sense – it is the profession, the members of which deal with drugs. Pharmacy

4 Pharmacy Pharmacy # Pharmacy is the art and science of preparing and dispensing medications and the provision of drug and related information to the public. Or # Pharmacy is the study of the science of drugs- Where they come from? How they act on the body? How to turn drugs into medicines?

5 Pharmacist  A pharmacist is one who is educated and licensed to prepare and dispense drugs and to provide drug and related information to the public-An expert on drugs. “I am a Pharmacist I am a specialist in medications I am a custodian of medical information I am a companion of the physician I am a counselor to the patient I am a guardian of public health This is my calling This is my pride.”

6 Drug & Medicine A drug is any substance that acts on the living body to alter the physiological process and are used for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. A medicine is any drug which has a definite form & dose and are therapeutically used for the treatment of diseases of living subjects.

7 Why choose Pharmacy? I want a dynamic, people-oriented career in health care. I want diverse employment opportunities. I want a flexible work environment. I want a comfortable income. I want to be part of a respected profession.

8 WELCOME TO PHARMACY PROFESSION Pharmacy is not only an occupation; it is now a well recognized profession in most of the countries.

9 Occupation and Profession : Occupation : the job by which somebody earns a living. Profession : an occupation characterized by – –Extensive study –Specialized training –Specialized knowledge –Professional organizations –Ethical code & Professional behavior –Process of certification or licensing.

10 Some examples of professions are –Medicine –Nursing –Accounting –Law –Military –Engineering –PHARMACY etc.

11 Pharmacists are members of pharmacy profession dealing with all aspects of drugs. Pharmacists are experts of drugs. PreparationCombination IdentificationAnalysis SelectionStandardization ActionUse PreservationCounseling SalesInformation

12 - CAREER OPPORTUNITIES - Pharmaceutical industry  Production  Quality control (QC)  Quality assurance (QA)  Research & development (R&D)  Store  Marketing ( local, global )  Product management  Regulatory affairs  Pharmaceutical sales representative ( PSR )

13 Hospitals and clinics  Hospital pharmacists  Clinical pharmacists Community pharmacy ( retail pharmacy ) Wholesale pharmacy Government services  Regulatory affairs  Drug testing laboratories  Drug purchasing & distribution  Military services

14 Pharmacy education ( teaching & research ) Other areas  Backward linkage industries  API industries  Pharmaceutical business (indenting, marketing, export-import )  Pharmaceutical consultancy  Pharmaceutical IT  Pharmaceutical journalism

15 Production



18 QC and QA

19 QA and QC

20 Thank You

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