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Twenty Questions Subject: Acts 2 Twenty Questions 12345 678910 1112131415 1617181920.

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2 Twenty Questions Subject: Acts 2

3 Twenty Questions

4 1. What day had arrived? (Acts 2:1) The Day of Pentecost

5 2. What filled the whole house where they sat? (Acts 2:2) A sound from heaven

6 3. What did those filled with the Spirit begin to do? (Acts 2:4) To speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

7 4. Who was present in Jerusalem at that time? (Acts 2:5) Devout Jews from every nation.

8 5. After the sound, why was the multitude confused? (Acts 2:6) Everyone heard them speak in his own language.

9 6. What was the reaction of those who heard them speak? (Acts 2:7) They were all amazed and marveled.

10 7. How did Peter and the eleven dismiss the claim that they were drunk? (Acts 2:14-15) It was only the third hour of the day.

11 8. What did God say will happen in the last days? (Acts 2:17) That He would pour out His Spirit on all flesh.

12 9. What will happen when God pours out His Spirit on His menservants and maidservants? (Acts 2:18) They will prophesy.

13 10. Who foretold the events of that day? (Acts 2:16) The prophet, Joel.

14 11. What appeared to them and sat upon each of them? (Acts 2:3) Divided tongues, as of fire.

15 12. What did those that mocked the apostles say about them? (Acts 2:13) These men are full of new wine.

16 13. Where will God’s wonders and signs would be shown? (Acts 2:19) In heaven above and in the earth below.

17 14. What will happen to the sun and moon before the Lord’s coming? (Acts 2:20) Sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood.

18 15. What will happen to whoever calls on the name of the Lord? (Acts 2:21) They shall be saved.

19 16. How was Jesus attested to by God? (Acts 2:22) By miracles, wonders and signs which He did through Him.

20 17. Him, being delivered by determined purpose and foreknowledge of God have taken by lawless hands, have _____, and put to ______. (Acts 2: 23) Crucified, death.

21 18. When Jesus was raised up what was loosed? (Acts 2:24) The pains of death.

22 19. Why is David not shaken? (Acts 2:25) David foresaw the Lord always before his face and at his right hand.

23 20. Therefore my heart ____, and my tongue was _____; (Acts 2:26) Rejoiced, glad.

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