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2 Guidelines 1. Be Respectful 2. Be Responsible 3. Be Organized 4. Be Prepared 5. Follow Procedures

3 Be Responsible  Teachers  Faculty  Classmates  Other Students  Property  SUBSTITUTES!!!!!!  Library/Computer  PC Lab  Actions  Integrity  Yourself  Books/Supplies Be Respectful

4 Be Prepared  Assignments  Books  Supplies  Being able to know where everything is  3 pencils sharpened BEFORE class starts  In seat and working on Openers  Study! Be Organized

5 Procedures

6 Noise Level  5 – EMERGENCY!!!  4 – Playground  3 – Conversation  2 – Library  1 – No Talking

7 Pencil Cups  Always have 3 sharpened pencils  If one breaks  “Injured Reserve”  Replace with sharpened one  “Free Agent”  You must put one in the “Injured Reserve” cup to get one from the “Free Agent” cup

8 Bathroom Pass  Only one girl and one boy is allowed in the bathroom at a time.  Do not go when I am instructing.  Simply put the “girls” or “boy” clothespin on your number when you leave, and put it back on top when you return.

9 Comment Box  Comment box in the back is for anything that you need or want to tell me  I will be the only one that reads the comments  Can be anonymous, but does not have to be  This is a chance to get anything “off your chest”  If I feel it needs to be addressed, it will be addressed. Your name will remain anonymous, even if you put your name on the index card

10 Classroom Helpers  Helper  Hand out papers  Errands  Line Leader  Door Holders (2)  Line up behind Helper and hold any doors for class  Pencil Sharpener  Sharpen pencils at the beginning of the day before announcements or after school  Lunch and Calendar  Make sure everyone has made a lunch choice  Report to Mr. Wingenbach  Change calendar if it’s the end of the month!

11 Beginning of the Day 1. Hand in any papers 2. Lunch choice 3. Have 3 sharpened pencils 4. Daily Math 5. Question of the Day

12 Exiting the Classroom  Single file  Quietly find your seats  Noise Level – 1 or 2  Helper and 2 door holders in the front  Single file in order of the “Days of the Week” groups  Noise Level – 1  Touch the horseshoe for good luck! Entering the Classroom

13 Done Early. Now What?  Check your answers. I don’t give grades for time, just work. 1. Finish other work 2. Book in the classroom library 3. Puzzle 1. Maximum of 2 at a time 2. Ask for permission to do the puzzle, otherwise read

14 Dismissal  I will dismiss you, not the bell.  End of the day  Make sure you have assignments written down in your planner  Grab all of the books you need  Grab papers in the hanging file

15 Absent  Ask a neighbor what you missed.  All papers throughout the week will be placed in “Homework Trays” in the back of the room.

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