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+ Final Dress to Opening Night Wainstein, Chapter 21.

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1 + Final Dress to Opening Night Wainstein, Chapter 21

2 + Opening night or first preview? It will vary from venue to venue…but, following dress rehearsals, the doors are open and audiences are invited in

3 + Final Dress The last run of the show before it is viewed by an audience All technical and design elements are in place Remind actors before final dress that there will be no stops Then, once the rehearsal begins, do not stop for any reason, unless there is a human life at stake Your role as the director is to relax, breathe and take final notes Final notes should be brief, but, they can be very impactful

4 + Preparing Actors for the audience Inexperienced actors can be thrown by an audience response. Remind your company that performance in an interaction between performer and actor

5 + Hold for laughter and applause

6 + Invite a small audience

7 + Final dress is a working rehearsal Last chance for cast, crew and designers Final production meetings are held afterward, usually in the auditorium or backstage The director needs to focus on what she can fix and accept what she cannot Trust your collaborators to take care of their responsibilities

8 + Setting the show After the final dress rehearsal, the show is “set” Nothing can change without both the permission of the director and a rehearsal with the stage manager and actors involved The production stage manager takes over the responsibilities of the show, ensuring the director’s staging and vision In some educational venues, the director may continue to “tweak” the performance throughout the run, but the actors should not Staging doesn’t change, but moments can be intensified

9 + Previews Regular part of process for Broadway and regional professional theatres Tickets are sold, but the show is still evolving Changes are rehearsed during the day and inserted into performances when ready…this requires the company to remember old and new staging Rehearsals continue throughout the day GOAL, as always, is to create the best show possible

10 + Opening Night

11 + Before the show A final meeting with the company is always helpful (sometimes this is the final speech after the final dress) Share, reinforce any important notes Your main goal is to instill confidence and express appreciation for hard work Check in with designers, stage managers, crews as possible

12 + Susan Stroman says thanks

13 + During the show Watch the show Try to enjoy it Take notes if you want Observe the audience and gauge their reactions If you discover something useful, share

14 + After the show Some directors give notes

15 + Trust your instincts If you provide feedback, keep it brief, easy and supportive After opening night, there is a “high” backstage, try not to squelch the celebratory nature of the moment


17 + How to deal with reviews If you read reviews, read them all, there is much to be learned from a bad review If you don’t agree, don’t be too quick to dismiss Criticism can be useful if you know how to use it

18 + How to deal with a bad review with the actors Speak to them Address their conerns Reassure them Don’t let the review affect their work Seek out both those with positive and negative notices If reviews affect the production, address these “changes” quickly…maintain the show you directed

19 + After Opening Night Document the production Production photos Programs, posters, etc. If licensing permits, you might videotape Save reviews

20 + FINAL THOUGHTS To learn how to direct, you need to direct Don’t reject opportunities, work in all venues Seek out opportunities Don’t limit yourself, if you cannot find an opportunity, make one for yourself Build your portfolio, one show at a time Have a great career

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