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Senior Meeting Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2014 My nephew, Bubby! I have to be here again????

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2 Senior Meeting Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2014 My nephew, Bubby! I have to be here again????

3 I AM - Lyric Video/David Crowder

4 Today’s Meeting Goals 1.) Dismiss by 8:45 am 2.) The Pink Form 3) Go over how to get a Letter of Recommendation if you need one 4.) Common Application – Overview and tips! 5.) Final Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

5 Ready?

6 Great! (Yes, I know…it is early.) Dig deep!

7 The Pink Forms The Pink Form!

8 Pink Forms = Tell me to send things to colleges for you. Remember: One form per school Even for Common App Schools?? Yes! You must turn in Pink Form for each of your Common App Schools

9 How do you know when I have completed a Request? You get an confirmation from me. Then…you check with the school to make sure they received the documents.

10 Letters of Recommendation Will I need them? It depends on which schools you apply to. Some will need just 1. Some will need none. Some might need 2. It depends on which schools you apply to.

11 If I need a letter, what do I do? 1) Think of a teacher who knows you well, who you have gotten good feedback from, who could write in support of you. 2) Ask that teacher in person. 3) Thank them if they say yes. 4) Get them the required paperwork

12 Letter of Rec. Request Form BLUE ONE!

13 Letter of Recommendation Request Form… You must fill out the front of this form. Read it carefully as you fill it out!


15 Where to get your Unofficial Transcript? Stop by my office and I have that for you. Where to get your Resume? You will have to make one if you haven’t already. (PS: There will be a Resume Help Session soon!) Stay tuned to your !

16 If you are using the Common App, you must let your teacher know this. Write it on the Blue Form AND tell them. They will get an from the Common App and submit their letter online, but you must give them a heads up!

17 If you are not using the Common App, but need a letter… Teachers turn in Paper copies if their letters to me. I keep these in your file in my office. When you need a letter sent, you put this on your Pink Request Form. I send their letter for you along with your transcript.


19 What is the Common App? -The Mother Ship -Tentacles (otherwise known as Supplements) -Teacher Recommendations Needed or Optional…how to ask if a teacher will submit his/her letter online? -Counselor Letter or School Report…do you know to fill that out automatically if you get an from the Common App? No! Need Pink Form!!

20 FAQ’s O ACT Scores…how to send? Get on your ACT Account and you have option to “Send Scores”. O When will this be over??!!?? O I want to go back to Kindergarten!!!! O Can my letter of recommendation from Mrs. Greife be used for more than one application? Yes! O Can it be used for Scholarships? Yes! Teachers write letters so they can be used for both admissions and scholarships!

21 More FAQ’s O If I need a letter from you (a counselor), how do I get that? You need to talk to me…I have 2 forms you need to get filled out and I need your resume. But yes, I will write letters for any senior who needs one. O If time…do you all have other questions?

22 The End! Princess Bride Poster Image courtesy of Pinterest.

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