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Class norms, routines and procedures. What will this class value? Respect for self and others Respect for the classroom Respect for class time Respect.

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1 Class norms, routines and procedures

2 What will this class value? Respect for self and others Respect for the classroom Respect for class time Respect for taking risks Respect for differentiated curriculum and instruction Respect for collaboration Respect for the teacher- student relationship Respect for hard work over luck and talent Respect for personal interests

3 Respect for Everyone Regardless of… Primary language spoken Country of origin Race, culture and ethnicity Sex and gender Sexual orientation Looks Size Ability Disability Political and religious affiliation and beliefs

4 What should I do as I enter class? Walk calmly Say Bonjour to your teacher and classmates Take your cahier d’echauffement from the shelf Sit down immediately Get your homework out and place in the upper left corner of your desk Get to work on your daily echauffement silently

5 What do I do at the beginning of class? Before the tardy starts to ring… You should be in your seat working on your echauffement silently Your teacher will come around to check your homework

6 What is “tardy” and what should I do when I am? In this class, you are tardy when you are not fully in your seat with your necessary materials on your desk when the bell BEGINS to ring. Do not try to negotiate what “Tardy” looks like When you are tardy, write down the date, your name and the time you arrived in the “Journal du retard.” If you forget, I will not remember to turn your “Absent” into a “Tardy”

7 What do I do when I return from an absence? Check the website while you are away and do what you can to keep up with the course work. Check the absentee folder at the entrance of the classroom. Check with classmates and if you still need help, check with me. When your partner is absent, remember to take extra hand outs for him/her, to write their name on it, and to put them in the absentee folder

8 How will homework be checked? Each day, while you are working on your echauffement, your teacher will walk around and check everybody’s homework for completion and quality. Quality means that you did exactly what was required. You will receive a homework grade for each unit that will be part of your work habit grade (10% of your total grade)

9 What if I need to use the restroom? Do your best to do so before or after class However, if you MUST go: Sign out in the “Journal des toilettes” indicating the time located at the back of the room near the door Go only to the restroom and back. Sign back in when you return indicating the time Misuse of the restroom privilege will result in verbal warning, and ultimately in a phone call to parents

10 What can I eat and drink in this classroom? You may drink clear water Unless you were given a special permission, you may not drink or eat anything (except water) If you are found eating, you will need to dispose of your food in the garbage can. This policy may sound unfair to you BUT think about those who are hungry around you and do not have food, or the custodian (and your teacher) who must clean after you. If you have special circumstances and must eat, I already know or you need to let me know.

11 What happens at the end of class? Your teacher will often review what you have learned an connect it to what you will learn soon. Students DO NOT pack up their belongings until after the teacher tells them to do so. Students do not even flinched when the bell rings. Instead, they wait for the teacher to dismiss them. Students make sure they understand their homework assignment.

12 How will I be graded? The grading categories are the following: Reading 20% Writing 25% Listening 20% Speaking 25% Work habits (homework, class work) 10%

13 How will I be graded? For each category, you will complete about 5 assessments per semester. For each assignment, you will receive a comment (Advanced, Proficient, Basic, Below basic, Far below basic) that represents a percentage as well as a letter grade on your report. At the end of semester, you will receive an overall grade for each category that will represent your skill level at the end of the semester. It will NOT be an average of all your assessment scores but rather a representation of you are able to do most of the time and more importantly at the end of the semester.

14 How will I be graded? In this class, we will use an even distribution of grades: A (Advanced): 80-100% B (Proficient): 60-79.99% C (Basic): 40-59.99% D (Below basic): 20-39.99% F (Far below basic): 0-19.99%

15 Late work and redos You may turn in late work within 7 class days of the due date for full credit but it will affect your work habit grade You may redo an assignment after you have demonstrated that you have practiced for it and within 7 class days of your teacher returning it to you.

16 I read and understood Mme Thuillier’s class norms, routines and procedures, and agree to comply. I understand that if I do not comply, Mme Thuillier will: 1. Give me a verbal warning (1 st time) 2. Keep me after class for a one-on-one talk (2 nd time) 3. Call my parents (3 rd time) Student signature: ________ Parent signature:____________ Date:_____________________

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