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Welcome to Ms. Smith’s Class Room 210 Integrated Math 2 Integrated Math 3 Pre-Calculus.

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1 Welcome to Ms. Smith’s Class Room 210 Integrated Math 2 Integrated Math 3 Pre-Calculus

2 Who is Ms. Smith? 史瑞秋史瑞秋

3 Who are you?

4 Expectation #1 Adhere to all classroom procedures at all times

5 Expectation #2 RESPECT and care for yourself, others, and property (especially computers and desks) Refrain from profanity, tagging, and other destructive behavior.

6 Expectation #3 Listen and follow directions the first time they are given. Be ON TASK.

7 Expectation #4 Be PREPARED: Bring all required materials to class AND take them with you when you leave.

8 Expectation #5 Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the Smidt Tech student handbook.

9 Following the expectations will result in: A stress-free learning environment A pleasant and orderly classroom atmosphere Verbal acknowledgement Class rewards More choices

10 Not following the expectations will result in: Verbal Warning (name on the board) Detention after class/school (teacher determines day/time) Relocation Phone call home Referral to Office

11 What will we be doing this year? Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them Reason abstractly and quantitatively Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others Model with mathematics Use appropriate tools strategically Attend to precision Look for and make use of structure Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning

12 What does that mean? We will be investigating concepts in math and applying them to our lives and to our future success after high school. Wouldn’t you rather have the choice to attend college than just be unprepared for college?

13 Do you want to end up like her?

14 How will I be graded? Diagnostic – Shows what students already know. (This is informational for the teacher and does not count toward grades.) Formative – Shows how students are progressing toward mastering a standard. Summative – Shows the level to which students can demonstrate their skills and knowledge. This summation would be the students’ “final” grade.

15 How will I be graded? Here is the grading scale for Smidt Tech: A – Advanced – 3.40 to 4.00 (85-100%) B – Proficient – 2.70 to 3.39 (70-84%) C – Basic – 2.00 to 2.69 (55-69%) NP – Below/far below basic – 1. 99 and below (below 54%)

16 ENTERING THE CLASS PROCEDURES 1.Line Up Quietly (2 straight lines) 2.Greet the teacher at the door. 3.Enter the classroom quietly. 4.Sharpen your pencil, if needed. 5.Carefully get your computer (if not in direct instruction station) and go to your seat. 6.Report any issues with your computer before you use it. 7.Take out all materials that you need and stow your backpack under your desk. 8.If in direct, complete the DO NOW assignment. 9.If in Independent or Collaborative: Open the digital agenda and start the assigned task.

17 ROTATION PROCEDURES 1.Rotate Clockwise to the same number seat (unless otherwise specified by the teacher) 2.Make sure you have rotated before the music stops. For period 3 only: 3. If you were using a computer and no longer need it, please return it carefully to the correct cart. 4. If you now need a computer, go get the computer assigned to you and go to your seat.

18 END OF CLASS PROCEDURES 1.Make sure the tasks on the digital agenda are completed. 2.Put the computers back very carefully in the assigned space in the cart. 3.Sit in your assigned seat quietly until dismissed by the teacher. The bell does not dismiss you.

19 Edmodo Class Code Period 1: nxaf5w Period 2:hc6xpz Period 3:kji9v8 Period 5/6: dt5nc5

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