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Mrs. Sams Kindergarten Safari 2014-2015. Great Knox Kindergarten Team.

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1 Mrs. Sams Kindergarten Safari 2014-2015

2 Great Knox Kindergarten Team

3 Welcome to Curriculum Night!

4 Mission Statement K nowledge E xcellence S uccess Mission The mission of Joseph Knox Elementary School is to provide a safe, secure, and positive environment for all students to succeed. We will challenge each individual student to excel to their fullest potential in all areas. Also, we will instill character in our students and foster a love of learning. Beliefs We, at Joseph Knox Elementary School, believe…  All students can learn.  All students are unique individuals who learn best through a caring, safe, and supportive environment.  Education is a shared responsibility between students, parents, faculty/staff, and community.  It is essential for the faculty/staff to collaborate as a team in order to have a positive and effective environment.  Teachers should strive to implement various teaching methods in order for students to be challenged.  Students are our greatest resource and the key to a bright future.

5 ABC’s of Kindergarten-A Attendance: You will see the most growth during this school year. We will learn so much every day. Please make sure your child comes to school everyday. If your child is absent please send in a note to let me know why they were out the next day or a doctors note if you have it. Art: Your child will go to Art once a week for 40 minutes. The art teacher is Ms. Whyte.

6 ABC’s of Kindergarten-B Backpacks: Please make sure your child brings their book bags back and forth to school each day. Please make sure you check the book bag for the communication folder. There should also be an extra set of clothes in your child's book bag in case of an accident. Behavior: We have a color system to let you know how your child is behaving each day. Good behavior is green. Bad behavior is yellow and very bad is red. If your child is on yellow or red I will send home a note letting you know what actions or bad choices your child has made to land them on that color. If your child has done something great then your child will go home on blue. This is a special occasion and in my mind should be rewarded. Birthdays: Birthdays are a special time. If your child has a birthday during the school year and you want to send in a special treat or surprise, please let me know. Book Orders: Later in year I will send home Scholastic book orders. These are great ways to build your child’s personal library and the more books you buy the more credits I have to buy books for the classroom.

7 ABC’s of kindergarten-C Common Core Standards: CCGPS: Common Core Georgia Performance Standards- State led effort to make sure all students are prepared for college and can compete globally in the job market. Communication: Extremely important- We should be on the same page. If you ever have a question please ask. I want you to fully understand what I am doing. Best ways to reach me; email, notes and phone(770- 345-4307) Computers: We are very fortunate to have a laptop lab. We will use technology daily. There are several educational programs that your children will use on the computers. I encourage you to let your children use computers at home. Conferences: Conferences: I will have 2 conferences this year. Fall/Spring If you need one at any other time please let me know.

8 ABC’s of Kindergarten-D Discipline- Our classroom is a small community where teamwork and good relationships are expected. We spend time learning procedures and practicing them. I have high expectations for all my learners. Every student knows what is expected. Whenever a new center or activity is introduced the skill and behavior will be practiced again.

9 ABC’s of Kindergarten –E, F Email: Please email me with any questions you have. Can not check until the end of the day. Emergency Weather: I need to know how your child should leave if school were to dismiss early. If you have not returned the form please do so. Field Trips- We will go on 2 Field Trips this year-Fall/Spring Fire Drills- Once a month to practice in case of a real fire. Folders: Communication folder-(Blue) This will come home daily. It will have flyers from the school, graded papers on Friday, and behavior chart. Homework Folder-(Green) This will come home on Mondays. There is usually a contract that is due on Friday. You can work on this at your own rate. Challenge Homework-Let me know if you are interested.

10 ABC’s of Kindergarten-G Gym-The students will have PE, 3 days a week. Please make sure they wear tennis shoes on these days. Monday Tuesday Wednesday

11 ABC’s of kindergarten –H Hands on Learning: I think the best way to help child learn is to make learning meaningful. In order for children at this age to learn someone must have hands- on activities. There are times when seatwork is required but for the most part, our classroom will be an active learning environment. Health: Please let me know if there are any special circumstances that affect the way in which your child learns. These could include a medications, allergies, death in family, etc. We sometimes cook or do food activities. I will let everyone know ahead of time incase there are any allergies. Help at Home: Your child will need to know: *Full name*telephone number *Letters*numbers to 20 *Shapes*Basic Colors In addition to your child’s homework you will also need to start work on: *address*tying shoes *birthday*simple math concepts(+,-, $) *Dolch Site Word List* read to your child

12 ABC’s of kindergarten-IJK Illness: If your child is sick-Leave them home. Attendance does matter so if they can make it, send them to school. Join: Please join our PTA! They do wonderful things for this school and our students. Get involved! Keys: The Dolch Site Word list will come home on a key ring. Each list will be on a different color. Once your child has mastered (can read) the 1 st list a new color will be added. Knox Elementary: Please look at our website from time to time. Good information!

13 ABC’s of Kindergarten-L Library: We go to the Media Center on a 3 week rotation. Your child will be allowed to check out 1 book. Please make sure and read the book with your child. Children are encouraged to keep the library books in their book bags so they do not get lost. Literacy Centers: During Literacy centers children practice reading and writing skills while the teacher works with individual children or small reading groups. The center activities are designed to strengthen letter/sound knowledge. Listening skills, oral language expression, rhyme, letter formation, and cooperation. Lunch: We go to lunch 10:41-11:11. The café is going green and I will email you the menus. They are located on the Knox Home Page. If you would like to join your child for lunch you are welcome to but no food from outside.(Fast-food places) Please let me know so I can add you to our lunch totals.

14 ABC’s of kindergarten-M Math: The kindergarten math curriculum will provide your child math experiences that help develop number sense and positive attitude toward math. We will employ hands-on problem solving approach. Music: The students will go to Music on Mondays. Ms. McKean will teach basic musical sense and many wonderful songs.

15 ABC’s of Kindergarten-N Newsletters: Each week I will email a newsletter on Mondays. It will give you a brief description of the academic plan for the week, as well as, important dates and announcements. Nurse: We do have a nurse at school from 8:00-2:00. She is only allowed to administer medicine if you have provided some for her to give. Mainly she provides first aid and will determine if the child is sick enough to go home.

16 ABC’s of kindergarten-O  Office:  Make sure you check in at the office and get a badge for safety reasons. 770-345- 4307

17 ABC’s of kindergarten-P’s Parent Involvement: Your support in school activities and during the school day sends the message that you value school. I am always happy to have your help in the classroom. I will also let you know when there are other special activities that you can participate in. Thanksgiving performance Field Trips Parties and Celebrations: There are two main parties: Christmas and the End of the Year Luau. All parents will be invited to these events. Other celebrations throughout the year, you might be contacted by the room-parents to help with these certain events. I will try and get everyone in as often as you would like Playground: We do go outside for recess everyday for 30 minutes. 2 days a week we go to the blacktop and 3 days a week we go to the playground.

18 ABC’s of Kindergarten-QR Report Cards: In kindergarten, you will receive a standards based report card. You will see if your child has mastered, demonstrated, needs improvements, of the skills being taught. * Restrooms: I do take scheduled restroom breaks throughout the day and there should be no reason for your child to have an accident. However, we are getting used to a new place and please have a change of clothes in the book bag just in case. Remind them about appropriate restroom behavior and language at school. Room Parents: Melissa LeCour has graciously volunteered to be our room parents. You will hear from her through out the year.

19 ABC’s of kindergarten-S Science: The focus of the kindergarten science curriculum is developing on the awareness of the world in which they live. We will look at: Plants and animals, 5 senses, Day and Night Sky, Living vs. Nonliving things, Gravity and Motion Social Studies: The kindergarten Social Studies curriculum will focus on students and how the relate to their families, the classroom, the school, and the community. We will look at: People in our Neighborhood, Where We are in the World, Celebrating our Differences, Being a Good American, You’re a Grand old Flag and Other US Symbols. Snack: Your child will have a snack every afternoon. PLEASE send in a healthy snack with your child each day.

20 ABC’s of Kindergarten-T Tardy: The bell rings in the morning at 7:45 so please do not be Late! Tie: Start teaching your child how to tie their shoes. I will tie them until Christmas. Then I will not. Toys: Please do not let your child bring toys to school. BE AWARE!

21 ABC’s of kindergarten -UVW Visitors: Please make sure all guest check in with the office. If you are coming to eat lunch with your child try and let me know the day before. Website : Website : My website will have all kinds of information for you. Please save it under your favorites and check it out once a week! Writing: Your child will learn to write and spell phonemically. Please do not stress yourself or them about the spelling. It will come. If your child has a good phonemic base they will be wonderful readers and spellers. The handwriting and coloring also will develop as your child matures.

22 ABC’s of kindergarten-XYZ EXtra Special : It takes a special kind of person to do my job and I think your children are wonderful. Younger siblings: It is in your child and my classes best interest that the younger siblings be left at home when you volunteer. This not only allows your full attention to be focused on the class but some special time for you and your kindergartener. Thank you for your understanding. ZZZZZ’s: Please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and goes to bed on a regular schedule. Setting and keeping a bedtime is a wonderful gift you can give your child. It will help them be alert and ready to learn each day. :

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