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The easiest way to succeed!!!.  Enter the room quietly.  Proceed directly to your desk.  Start your bell work.  Check the board for the day’s vocabulary,

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Presentation on theme: "The easiest way to succeed!!!.  Enter the room quietly.  Proceed directly to your desk.  Start your bell work.  Check the board for the day’s vocabulary,"— Presentation transcript:

1 The easiest way to succeed!!!

2  Enter the room quietly.  Proceed directly to your desk.  Start your bell work.  Check the board for the day’s vocabulary, objective, and assignment.

3  Bell work is to be done daily upon entering the classroom and saved to a bell work file in your H: drive. (I will teach you how.)  Bell work will be reviewed on Friday and will count toward weekly participation points.  Bell work may involve reviewing the previous day’s learning or may simply be me asking for your thoughts.

4  You have the opportunity to earn 25 participation points per week.  Points are earned by: 1. Classroom behavior. 2. Assignment completion. 3. Classroom interaction during discussion topics. 4. Following procedures.

5  You are responsible for keeping your work area clean.  Papers are to be picked up and textbooks put away BEFORE you will be dismissed from class.  The floor around your work area is part of your work area.

6  The bell does not dismiss the class. I DO.  Class will be dismissed when all work areas are clean.  You are to remain in your seat until dismissed unless told otherwise.  Class will NOT be dismissed until everyone is in compliance with the rules.  You will put your chair back under the desk when you leave.

7  Students will raise their hand or come quietly to my desk to request the use of the restroom.  Only one student will be allowed to the restroom at a time.  Any use of the restroom pass to access the vending machines will result in the loss of pass privileges. I do not allow food in my class room.  Excessive time away from class when using the restroom pass can result in loss of points, loss of privileges, or disciplinary action.

8  Food and drink are NOT allowed in the classroom.  Water may be brought in as long as the container is sealable, but is to be kept on the floor and off the desk top to avoid accidental damage to the computers.

9  Cell phones are NOT allowed out in class. (See your student manual for consequences of violating this procedure.)  Ipods/mp3s/Nintendos are not allowed unless specifically authorized by me. The use of them is a privilege that can be taken away.  When the use of electronic devices is allowed, students will be aware of the procedure I use to get the attention of the class.

10  Students will access the internet ONLY when instructed. Unauthorized access will result in loss of points, privileges, and possible disciplinary actions.  When accessing the internet students will NOT attempt to go to unauthorized websites.  Students will NOT attempt to change the configuration of any of the schools computers.  Students will not lock the computers to prevent usage by others.  Students will sign off everyday when class is over.

11  When you need to get my attention, you will quietly raise your hand indicating: 1. One finger…You wish to speak. 2. Two fingers…You wish to leave your seat. 3. Three fingers…You would like my help. 4. If I am helping someone else, you will remain quiet and wait for me to acknowledge you.

12  If I need to get the classroom’s attention, I will stand up with my hand open (five fingers showing.)  This means: 1. All eyes on me. 2. Quiet. 3. Be still. 4. Hands free (stop what you are doing.) 5. Listen.  If you have been given permission to use head phones all ear buds/head phones are to be out of your ears!

13  I prefer you address me as Mr. Finley.  I will answer to Finley, Boss, or Teacher.  I WILL NOT answer to:  Dude  Homie  Hey you  Bro….you get the idea…

14  You will be given rubrics for most assignments or projects. I will do my best to make sure you understand what is expected of you. If you do not understand…ASK! The only dumb question is the one you do not ask. Once an assignment is given and the rubric discussed, it is your responsibility to complete the assignment.  Participation points can make a grade letter difference in overall performance. Participate, TRY your best, and be on your best behavior and this class will be easy.

15  If we hear the fire alarm all students are to immediately stop what they are doing. We will quietly get up from our seats and line up at the door. We will then proceed up the hallway through the cafeteria and out to the parking lot of the Academy. WE STAY TOGETHER AS A GROUP!!!  If we hear a “lockdown” announcement, the classroom door will be locked. All students will bring their cell phones to my desk, then proceed to the back of the room and sit on the floor. The lights to the room will be shut off and silence will be maintained until the ALL CLEAR announcement has been given. This is for your protection!!!

16  You are expected to be at your seat and working by the time the tardy bell rings.  If you arrive to class after the second bell and do not have a tardy slip from the office you will be sent to ALC for that class period.  You will be responsible for making up the work missed as a result of the tardy.

17  I can almost guarantee your success in this class if you can do the following:  RESPECT…others.  RESPECT….your teachers.  RESPECT …school property.  RESPECT …yourself and your ability to succeed!!!

18  I am from a generation where manners were taught and emphasized. I expect the same from you.  Be polite.  Be courteous.  Be a young gentleman/lady.  Be a good citizen.

19  I have a zero tolerance policy on cursing/swearing. The school environment is no place for negativity.  If you curse/swear in class you will be sent to ALC and a behavior policy violation will be filed with the office. Continued violations can and will result in further disciplinary action and possible removal from class.

20  Just like the cursing/swearing policy, I have a zero tolerance policy on bullying.  School is a place where everyone should be able to go and feel safe and accepted! I will make sure of that in my classroom. You are safe!  I consider name calling bullying and will deal with it as such.

21  Graduated from the University of Wyoming, major in finance, minor in accounting.  High School All-American football player.  Division 2 college basketball player.  Father of 3, two girls one boy(stepson) 22, 21, 11.  Listens to rock and roll.  I cry at happy and sad movies.  Loves to fish.  Bank manager for 25 years.  Honored to be your teacher!

22  Hats are NOT permitted to be worn in the classroom. There is an American flag in the room and I respect our flag.  Sunglasses are not to be worn in the classroom. If you have a Dr’s orders or prescription it needs to be presented to me.

23  Passes to the nurse will issued at my discretion.  Any abuse of a nurse’s pass will result in suspension of the privilege.

24  Excused absences will be administered per the student hand book.(pgs. 27-30)  Make up policy will be as stated in the handbook.  Unexcused absences will forfeit the right to turn in any assignment due on the date the unexcused absence and not participation credit will be given for the day.

25 Now that formalities are out of the way, let me say WELCOME to my classroom!!! I am very excited to have each and every one of you in my class. I am honored to have the opportunity to be your teacher. We will be learning A LOT this year…not only about subject matter, but I hope I can impart to you some “life skills” that you can take with you. I have a wealth of experience in many different areas that I believe can benefit you today and in the future. I am a firm believer that life is meant to be FUN. We will be having FUN throughout the year as we tackle our new knowledge….LET’S ROCK!!!!

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