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Advanced Data Communications (Network Security) TaeKyoung Kwon 880-9105.

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1 Advanced Data Communications (Network Security) TaeKyoung Kwon 880-9105

2 Overview objectives –Students learn basics of cryptography and network security technologies –Students understand network vulnerabilities and countermeasures –Students get familiar with state-of-the-art of network security Course materials –textbooks “Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World,” Kaufman, Perlman, and Spenciner “Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory,” Trappe and Washington –Slides –references

3 outline network security overview symmetric key cryptography public key cryptography PKI, Kerberos OpenID, OAuth Firewalls, intrusion detection web security DDoS DNS/BGP security anonymity, Tor

4 Term project one or two guys will be one team each student presents a paper –IEEE S&P, ACM CCS, USENIX Security, ISOC NDSS –ACSAC, ACNS, ESORICS, CSF, RAID, PETS each team should propose an idea better than the one(s) in the paper(s) –pros and cons

5 administrivia Classroom: 301-203 Time: Mon. and Wed., 5pm – 6:15am –May be merged on Wed. TA: Donghyun Son –Tel: 876-7170 – Slides and announcements –Check -> courses -> graduate –Id: –Passwd:

6 evaluation 25%: mid-term exam (probably 10/15) 25%: final exam 30%: term project 20%: attendance –Two latenesses will be counted as one absence –I will try my best to start every class 5pm, sharp

7 No cheating Zero Tolerance Cheating Policy Cheating in this class is defined as knowingly or unknowingly participating in the submission of unoriginal work for any test. –Answer to roll-call on behalf of another guy is also cheating If I find out that a student has cheated –Assign a fail grade to the student –Dismiss the student for the remainder of the class

8 Manners in the class Eating/drinking is OK –as long as noise is tolerable –As long as not smelly Going to restroom is OK Turn off your phones, music devices,… Using laptops, tablet PCs is OK –Only for class –mute mode

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