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Welcome Kindergarten Class of 2014-2015 Terramar Received an "A" Achievement Profile.

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1 Welcome Kindergarten Class of 2014-2015 Terramar Received an "A" Achievement Profile

2 Meet your highly qualified Kindergarten team! Visit our website for more information!

3 A Curriculum Night ALPHABET

4 A aACADEMY OF THE ARTS ATTENDANCE AND ABSENCES  Specialized Arts curriculum beginning in Kindergarten-  Orff/Schulwerk Music and Movement Education  Exploration of Art Media and Techniques  School begins at 8:15 a.m. Arrive no earlier than 8:00 because there will be no supervision on the playground before that time. Students who eat breakfast at school may arrive at 7:40 a.m.  If your child is sick and cannot attend, please call the attendance line at (623) 445-7690 each day your child is not at school.  If your child is tardy, he or she must stop by the office to check in before coming to the classroom.

5 BbBIRTHDAYS AND BOOK BAGS  We will recognize this special day for each child.  Summer birthdays are celebrated in May.  Please do not send baked goods. New AZ state guidelines do not permit us to serve home baked treats. Pre-packaged snacks sent to school must contain no more than 35% of their calories from fat or sugar. Individual snacks may not exceed 200 calories, with the exception of nuts and seeds. The saturated fat content of a food may not exceed 10%. NO beverages are allowed with the exception of 100% fruit beverages or water. Everything must be pre-packaged, not prepared at home. With the States’ new strict food guidelines, we encourage non-food items for students such as stickers etc. to the classroom for your child’s birthday, instead of sending in a snack for the class.  BOOK BAG – Please read the take-home books with your student. The book bag is a place to store the books and read them EVERY night. They can read them all by themselves.

6 Weekly Book Bags begin in October (or earlier if ready)

7 CcCURRICULUM We will be implementing the CORE standards. Available on ADE website:  National Standards to eliminate discrepancies – 46 states have adopted these standards  Based on exit outcomes for college readiness  Critical thinking/Problem solving skills

8 CcCURRICULUM Engage NY– Math – focus for Core Standards Problem Solving focus Reading – Reading Street Non-fiction Reading focus Writing – Write from the Beginning Science and Social Studies are taught within the thematic units of study. To assess our students throughout the year, we utilize a number of assessments. Some of these are: Dibels DRA Sight Word Assessments DVMA Write From the Beginning

9 Student Readers: September to March

10 Advanced Student Readers: September to March

11 Student writing example from September to February

12 DdDISMISSAL  Dismissal time: 2:50  Bussers and after school Kid’s Club dismiss prior to pick up in academic building.  Please follow established procedures. You can park in the parking lot or stop briefly on the curb to walk up and meet your child. We will dismiss each student as we see you. We are careful of who picks up your child each day, please be patient as this is for your child’s safety.  Dismissal at large gate between the cafeteria and office.  If someone new is picking up your child, we ask that you give us the name in writing so we can be prepared. In addition, only those you designated on your child information sheet will be allowed to pick up your child.

13 EeEARLY DISMISSAL DAYS  These are special days for parent conferences or professional development meetings for the teaching staff.  Kids Club is available on these days.  Early release schedule: 8:15-11:25

14 FfFIRST DAY  What should I expect on the first day?  Walk to playground and check in with teacher.  Be Patient with dismissal!  You MUST fill out a form to let us know your first week’s dismissal plans (available at Meet the Teacher night).  Boo Hoo Breakfast

15 FfFIELD TRIPS  Parents MUST be volunteer trained to chaperone a field trip.  Two planned trips  October – Fine Arts Trip  February – Wildlife Zoo Trip

16 GgGOOD BEHAVIOR  We will Respect the Learning, Safety, Rights, and Feelings of others.  We use the “Responsible Thinking” discipline process, a unique way of helping students become thinkers and problem solvers.  We use the Terramar School Wide plan.  You will receive more information from your child’s classroom teacher regarding specific classroom plans.

17 HhHOMEWORK  Watch for a homework calendar to come home each month. Included on the calendar are activities for you to do with your child to enrich what your child’s learning in school.  Weekly homework will begin after Winter Break.

18 Homework/Practice  Read, read, read, read, read, read  Ask open ended questions about school and expect details!  Writing activities-let students write by sounding out! Correct spelling is not important…yet!  Keep it fun! If it becomes a battle spend 5 minutes at a time a few times per night.



21 Sight Words! Students earn at their own pace.

22 IiINDEPENDENCE  Kindergarten is a year of learning independence!

23 JjJUNGLE GYM  Your child will have the opportunity to play outside on the jungle gym when they arrive at school. We recommend tennis shoes for playing outside.

24 KkKINDERGARTEN  The most important year in your child’s education! It sets the foundation for further learning!  We follow the Core Standards as well as district benchmarks for end of year exit outcomes.  We will be creating goals and closely monitoring your child’s progress towards the end of year goals. This information will be shared with you at conferences. If your child is having difficulties, we will inform you sooner and keep you updated on his/her progress.

25 Clear, focused goal setting

26 Ll LUNCH  Children are supervised getting lunch and eating lunch.  Please clearly label your child’s lunch with their name.  You are welcome to have lunch with your child anytime! Lunch is at 11:00 a.m. Lunch is $2.75 for adults and $2.15 for children.

27 MmMESSY and MEDICINE  Kindergarten can be messy – please dress your child appropriately.  Medicine must be checked in through the nurse.  Do not place medicine in your child’s backpack.

28 NnNEWSLETTERS  Our newsletters will be e-mailed to you once a week on Wednesdays. A hard copy of the letter will come home at the beginning of the year to help establish the routine. All important school information will be sent home in a take home folder. The folder needs to be returned to school everyday.

29 OoOFFICE  Front Office - 623-445-7600  ATTENDANCE HOTLINE (623)445-7690  Fax - (623) 445-7680  Website -  Principal – Michelle Lewis  Health Office – 623-445-7610  If you need to pick up your child early, stop by the office and sign your child out. The office will intercom to send your child to you. They will not be dismissed until you arrive and sign them out.

30 PpPARTIES  We will be celebrating certain events this year. Look for information to participate.  District approved parties:  Fall Party  Winter Celebration  Valentine’s Day 100 th Day of School

31 QqQUESTIONS  CALL US ANYTIME!  You can call and leave a message on our classroom phone with any questions or concerns. We will return your call as soon as possible.  Email – quickest way for a response  Office – 623-445-7600  Attendance line – 623-445-7690

32 RrREPORT CARD AND PARENT CONFERENCES  Report cards will be distributed each quarter.  We will be meeting for parent conferences twice a year.  If you have concerns – PLEASE schedule a time to meet with us; do not wait until parent conferences.

33 SsSNACKS and SUPPLIES  Please pack a healthy snack for your child to enjoy in the afternoon. Please be aware of allergies. Please clearly label.  Terramar provides the minimal school supplies your child will need except a backpack. However, donations are welcomed and appreciated.  We include a “classroom needs” section in our newsletters which will lists any items that we might be in need of; however, if our supplies are sufficient we will let you know.  Beginning of year supply list is located on website.

34 TtTOYS  Toys need to remain at home!  May Box – What is it??

35 Uu  “U” are your child’s first and most important teacher!  The support that you give at home makes all the difference in your child’s success.

36 VvVOLUNTEERS  Helpers are always needed in the classroom! – You must attend volunteer training. The next session is in the Media Center immediately after the Boo Hoo Breakfast on the first day of school. It will last approximately 1 hour and no children are allowed.  If your are unable to work in the classroom – there is work you can do at home. We appreciate your help!!

37 WwWORK  Your child will complete a variety of work in the classroom.  Centers, “hands-on,” kinesthetic, and worksheet activities will be completed everyday.

38 XxXtra  Xtra special is how we want your child to feel everyday they leave school!  To help them feel excited about belonging at Terramar, PTSA will be offering school shirts to wear on Fridays and special occasions.

39 YyYAWNS  Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest every night.  We recommend a bedtime of no later than 8:00 p.m. for Kindergarten.  A good breakfast and lunch every morning will keep your child alert and ready to learn each day.

40 Zz  Your child will learn everything from A to Z this year, be an active participant and help your child grow with us!

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