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Legal Issues New Law Protects Nurses Who ‘Blow the Whistle’ B9802069 莊羽豊.

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1 Legal Issues New Law Protects Nurses Who ‘Blow the Whistle’ B9802069 莊羽豊

2 Key words  sack (v.) to dismiss somebody from a job  get the sack  victimize (v.) to make somebody suffer unfairly  staff (n.) all the workers employed in an organization  lobby (v.) to try to influence the government and persuade them to support or oppose a change in the law

3 Key words  avenue (n.) a way of making progress  tribunal (n.) A court of justice  suspension (n.) the act of officially removing somebody from their job, usually as a punishment  parliament (n.) The highest legislature

4 Idioms and phrases  Blow the whistle -- to report legal or regulatory wrongdoing of a company  shoot the messenger --to blame or punish the person who tells you about something bad that has happened instead of the person who is responsible for it  Step out of line -- to misbehave

5 Abstract:Paragraph 1~3  There was a new law (1999.7) that protected whistle- blowers. Experts believed nurses treated unfairly can take advantages from it. And if the employers ignored the new rule, they would get heavy penalties.

6 Let’s discuss!  What kind of occupations also have many cases of malpractices?  In a hospital, what kind of ill-usage a nurse may face?

7 Abstract:Paragraph 4~6  Nurses had more chances to fight the working environment, because nurses’ points of view would influence the legislation.  Some ways for nurses to improve the poor staff level:  Deal with the matter internally  Connect to Media  Be in good faith  Have good evidence of the problems

8 Let’s discuss!  Why nurses had more opportunities to be stood by? Do they have any connection with powerful people?  Do you know other ways to help staffs out from the poor working level?

9 Abstract:Paragraph 7~8  An RCN assistant said if court in favor of nurses, it would judge a equitable compensation including injury to feelings.  Although the law could protect nurses who blow the whistle, it’s hard to change the culture of nursing—mind their own knitting and be diffident on everything.

10 Let’s discuss!  Do you think £100,000 is suitable? And why?£  Reflect on Taiwan, how can we do to improve the labors’ and staffs’ life qualities?

11 Complaints: Listening, Acting, Improving

12 keywords  leaflet (n.) a printed sheet of paper for distribution, usually free and containing ads.  sort out (v.) to find a solution to a problem.  charter (n.) a special privilege or exemption  waive (v.) to give up a claim or a right.

13  pharmacist (n.) a person qualified to prepare and dispense drugs  optician (n.) a person qualified to examine the eyes, prescribe and supply spectacles.  opt- 光學的  dentist (n.) a person qualified to practise dentistry  dent-- teeth

14 Thaks for your attention!

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