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Mrs. McGurk’s 6 th Grade Class.  Mrs. McGurk-  4 th year as a 6 th grade teacher  Family: Patrick-husband, Daylynn-daughter (almost 2 years old) 

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Presentation on theme: "Mrs. McGurk’s 6 th Grade Class.  Mrs. McGurk-  4 th year as a 6 th grade teacher  Family: Patrick-husband, Daylynn-daughter (almost 2 years old) "— Presentation transcript:

1 Mrs. McGurk’s 6 th Grade Class

2  Mrs. McGurk-  4 th year as a 6 th grade teacher  Family: Patrick-husband, Daylynn-daughter (almost 2 years old)  LOVE my job!

3  7:50-8:00Attendance/Lunch/BW  8:00-9:10 Reading-McGurk  9:10-9:15Switch Classes  9:15-10:25Reading-Weigel  10:25-10:30Switch Classes  10:30-11:10Music/PE  11:10-11:25Restrooms/AR/SSR  11:25-12:05Recess/Lunch  12:10-12:40Social Studies-Weigel  12:40-12:45Switch Classes  12:45-1:15Social Studies-McGurk  1:15-1:45Writing  1:45-2:20Band/Orchestra  2:25-2:55MTSS/Writing Centers  2:55-3:03Agendas/Pack up  3:03-3:13Read Aloud  Library: Fridays 9:15-9:45  Art: 12:15-12:55  Sept. 8-12 Oct. 20-23 Dec. 8-12 Feb. 2-6March 23-27 May 4-8

4  Our Language Arts time will be divided into four different areas through a Daily 4 rotation:  Guided Reading- This is when students will be in a whole group and have a mini lesson to lead the class.  Vocabulary- At this center students will focus on vocabulary and complete various activities.  Word Study/Phonics- Students work on word structures and spelling throughout the units.  Fluency-This will be self check fluency and partner reading. Students will work on rate of reading, comprehension, and emotion in their reading.  Comprehension- Students will work with me and focus on comprehension strategies to strengthen their skills.

5  Ancient Civilizations  will be taught using a textbook, class discussion, and Discovery Education videos.  We will do several projects throughout the year and hands-on activities. Building castles Research Power points Posters Dioramas

6  6 Writing Traits  Word Choice, Voice, Conventions, Ideas and Content, Organization, Fluency  Create a 3 page paper in one sitting typed  Quick-writes daily  Students will be given prompts daily  4 big Writing assignments (1 per quarter)  Narrative  Argumentative  Informational  Procedural-Giving directions, How-To

7  Miss Weigel teaches  For the 6 th Grade Science Curriculum, we will be doing the FOSS Science Program.  hands on activities and is an inquiry-based approach to engage the students in learning  4 science modules (1 per each 9 weeks). Models and Designs Environments Lever and Pulleys The Water Planet

8  Miss Weigel teaches  Math Facts  Accelerated Math  Daily Groups using the new Common Core standards

9  This will be used for intervention time daily  Some students will go to Mrs. B, Mrs. Murphy, or Mrs. Wittig  Others will stay with me to work on additional areas and writing.

10  This will be every day  You can only be in one or the other class  Information should have been sent home  School instruments are available if needed talk to Mr. Russel (band) or Mr. Enochs (orchestra)  Make sure your child brings their instrument daily  They will not be allowed to call home to get it

11  First 9 weeks we will have the NEOS  2 nd -4 th 9 weeks, we will continue to practice Keyboarding once a week  We have computers twice a week and will use them for several projects and reading and math practice

12  Lunch begins at 11:40  If you would like to join your child for lunch, please let the office know  $3.30  Class resumes at 12:05

13  It is expected that students are present and on time every day. Being absent can affect their learning and we want them to be successful learners.  If your child is going to be absent, please CALL the office and let us know.  We can send homework home with a sibling or neighbor if requested.  1 day for each day they were absent to make up the work.  If you know you will be absent ahead of time, let me know and I will get you assignments ahead of time.  We team with BCC and have Perfect Attendance parties every quarter  If we spell Perfect Attendance by everyone being on time and present we win a party.

14  School ends at 3:13, however, I do not dismiss until students show me they are ready to leave for the day  I walk the class down the hall and dismiss at the office  All students should be picked up by 3:25

15  Homework given:  Daily 20 minutes of reading (sign their calendar)  Spelling practice  If any other homework is brought home, the student was not using their time effectively in class. We both give plenty of time to complete the assignment throughout the day.  When assignments are turned in on time every day, they get to participate in Bingo with a chance to win out of the Prize Box

16  Class Dojo:  Students will individually begin with zero points for the week. Students can both earn positive points for positive behaviors (in dojo already) or possibly lose points for repeating a misbehavior (also in dojo). When losing a point, teacher will make note on their clipboard as well why the student missed a point. The scores will be kept private for teacher view only. At the end of the day, teacher will discuss with the student their points for the day and explain anything in their agendas for the parents to see.  Behaviors will be documented daily in their agendas.  It is important for you parents/guardians to be aware of your childs behavior so parents are required to sign/initial this every day.  This is also a great way for us to communicate about anything

17  Book orders are a wonderful, inexpensive way to build your child’s home library  Scholastic book orders come monthly  Please have money by the 15 th of each month if you’d like to purchase anything  Please make the check payable to Scholastic Book Clubs  You may order online with credit or debit

18  Wetlands-September 3  Health Fair-November  Middle School Visit-April  Cosmosphere-May  We send home permission slips a few weeks in advance. Please keep your eyes out for those

19  I write in agendas daily about child’s day and any comments or concerns I may have  Please feel free to write in there as well  You can email or call me anytime as well with any concerns, questions, or celebrations   785-456-3099  I currently have a website with information regarding my class on the USD 428 webpage  d6184f?cssfile=/teacherpages/Chalkboard/default.css d6184f?cssfile=/teacherpages/Chalkboard/default.css  Additional resources/websites given on the site to help with specific areas

20  We love to celebrate  End of the day  Birthday Invitations must be given to ALL students in the class or you may not pass them out on school property. (School rule)

21  There will be 3 class parties this year  Students will be split up between the 3 as their choice  The students plan the activities and food/drinks  We ask for them to divide it equally if they decide to purchase items but if at all possible they can create their own games or use my materials.

22  I am looking forward to another great year and getting to know our kiddos even more!!

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