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Welcome to Sculpture Instructor: Jimmie Tucek “Mz. Jimmie”

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1 Welcome to Sculpture Instructor: Jimmie Tucek “Mz. Jimmie”

2 High Expectations  I have high expectations for my students. This is not a “gimme” class. The State of Texas requires only one year of Fine Arts to graduate. Hopefully you are here because you want to be. This class includes both written assignments and creative project work.  You are required to participate in the annual spring art show as part of your grade for the spring semester. You will not pass for one or more six weeks-or the year, (depending on your average) if you choose not to participate. This could conceivably lead to loss of course credit.

3 Six Week Grading Policy  Tests and Projects 40% Approximately 4 tests each six weeks At least one project each six weeks- based both on the “finished product,” and the effort expended by the student. I will not penalize well executed but unsuccessful efforts, but neither will I encourage minimum efforts.

4  Class Work60% Parts of projects will account for daily grades (planning diagrams, prep work, etc). “Studio Experiences” grade-Some weeks you may receive an aggregate grade, up to a possible 100 points. Classes are short. You are expected to work the whole class each day on the assigned work-there is no “down time” in art class. To maintain your grade, you must have a project to grade. Failure to start and finish projects will affect both the project grade and your daily grades.

5 Class Supplies  Your choice of notebook style (holding writing paper) and to keep handouts available.  Optional Flash drive for digital portfolio  Any specialized art “stuff” for your personal project(s).

6 Class Procedures  Class Policy: Cell phones should be turned off. Ask for permission to use one as a camera or reference. If I notice one out without permission, I will turn it in.  Place all “personal” items (book bags, notebooks, purses, etc.) under your work station (including all electronics).  Find your seat and assignment. Assignments will be posted on the board each day.

7  Begin assignment. You will have a bell activity due by the tardy bell on most days. After completing this, please prepare your work area for the day’s regular assignment.  Safety First: Please do not use equipment without instructor permission and instruction. Remain in your assigned seat, except when retrieving supplies/equipment. Please enjoy class, but be respectful of everyone else’s rights, including mine. Do not “touch” other people’s artwork. No Horseplay. Exercise care moving around the room while your classmates are using equipment and tools. Please do not run inside the classroom for any reason.

8  Ask for any supplies from cabinets or drawers. Project supplies and tools will be placed out for class use or distributed by the instructor.  There is a “supply” limit per day. Plan wisely. I will not allow you to “restart” a project more than once on the first day of the project. I will also discourage any “restarting” of a project after the second day due to time constraints, unless the sculpture “fails.”

9  All work will be “original.” No “copy” art. Students will be expected to compose and take their own photo references (with your own or the teacher’s camera) or work from real-life observation. If you have a digital camera, please make a habit of bringing it to class with you.

10 End of Class Procedures  Individual and group clean-up: I will announce clean-up approximately ten minutes before the class ends.  When cleanup is complete, (and all tools are accounted for) class will be allowed to pick up personal items.

11  Do not use the “Clay Sink” for anything other than clay cleanup and retrieval.  Make sure the sink you use is operational.  Please keep the room orderly and neat-each class deserves this consideration. Please do not deface school property.

12  Place your work in the sculpture cabinet or you may “hang” it on the lines over the north side counter. Do not leave your work anywhere else. You are responsible for your own work. It is not the job of anyone else to keep up with your work.  Return to station and wait quietly.  The bell is my reminder to dismiss you-please remain at your station until I dismiss the class. I will dismiss class when the room is clean and orderly.

13 Classroom Rules  Follow directions  Safety First  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself  Be on time, so that I do not have to mark you “Tardy.” Check in (before the bell) for a pass if you have other business.  If you are tardy: Please show respect by entering the room quietly and beginning work. See me at the end of class about your tardy.  Please NO perfumes, or any other scented products in class.  Please show respect: To me and your classmates.  No hats, hoods, or electronic music devices.

14 Rules (cont.)  No teasing, name calling, swearing, or yelling  No “severe” behavior  fighting  Talking back  Destruction of property  General disturbances or disruptions

15 About Mz. Jimmie  I am a professional Artist and Teacher.  Technically, I am an “Alabaster Master.” In addition to a college degree, I apprenticed two years to a stone sculptor from Czechoslovakia to become a stone master. I also work in fired clay and cold cast stone in addition to other studio media.  My husband’s name is Gary.  My contact information in on the school website.

16 Texas Alabaster by Jimmie Tucek

17 Region 8 High School Student Sculpture

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