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Create and Innovate! How To Champion Creativity and Innovation in Your Organization Kelly Pepo.

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2 Create and Innovate! How To Champion Creativity and Innovation in Your Organization Kelly Pepo

3 “To have a great idea, have a lot of them.” –Thomas Edison “Instead of thinking outside of the box, get rid of the box.” –Deepak Chopra “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” –Albert Einstein

4 How it all began…


6 The takeaway: Every organization should have a person, group, or committee in place to actively monitor trends.

7 “A manifestation of something that has unlocked or newly serviced an existing consumer need, desire, want or value.” So what is a trend?

8 It’s not…

9 Food Trucks

10 Where we started est. 2005

11 The mission of the Trendwatchers Committee is to disseminate information about global trends and translate ideas into viable projects and services. Looking back

12 In 2005… Cell phone technology Social networking Gaming

13 Nail Polish


15 Where does it fit in the organization? Should it be part of the strategic plan? Who should be part of trendwatching? Questions to ask

16 The Evolution of Our Innovation Champions In 2009, OCLS had 3 groups in place to monitor and support trends and idea development. In 2010, with a clean slate, the Innovation Champions were born. Administration and management identified staff who have demonstrated interest in innovation.

17 Continue monitoring trends Support staff with ideas seeking direction Contribute ideas Partner with staff to execute ideas Recognize staff with implemented ideas The shift

18 Wiki… Blog… Dedicated webpage Google Wave What did we use?


20 What are the details of your idea? What part of our strategic plan does this idea support and how? What are the costs versus benefits of your idea? What role will you play in the implementation?



23 Spreading the word Monthly posting on The Orange Peel…


25 Papers, websites, magazines, blogs, news, etc. Alerts TV, movies, radio Customers, coworkers, friends, family Competitors Shops, museums, hotels, airports Eavesdropping, chat rooms, conversations Where is the inspiration?

26 Some “official” trend sites

27 Kickstarter

28 Local Harvests


30 Partnerships with nearby vendors and businesses. Neat tips for preventing hand swipes on the white board – HAIRSPRAY! Who knew?

31 Gilt Google Offers Living Social Half Off Depot Groupon Daily Deals

32 Orange Blossoms


34 Welcome…

35 The Intervention The inspiration…

36 The outcome…

37 The results so far

38 QR Codes + eBooks =

39 More QR Codes

40 Google Wallet Paypal


42 =

43 Anyone can be a trendwatcher or innovator. Ideas don’t have to be BIG. It doesn’t mean that you have to be the first to have the idea. You don’t have to have an exact idea. Share, share, SHARE ! What’s the secret?

44 Create a space to track trends/ideas Try stuff out Be open-minded Monitor trends regularly Look cross-industry Do’s

45 Apply all trends to all people Be overwhelmed-celebrate! Be shortsighted Be afraid to explore an idea Dismiss fads Don’ts

46 Administrative buy-in Administrative support Staff buy-in Ambassadors Freedom of ideas Freedom to fail What do you need?

47 Maker Space


49 Time, time, time Consistency Follow through Active buy in $$$ The Challenges

50 What else? Instagram Gamification Freemium Microbrews


52 Kelly Pepo 407.835.7306 Thank you!


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