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REDEFINING JOB DESCRIPTION MANAGEMENT. © HRTMS Inc. All Rights Reserved 919.351.JOBS Why Managing Job Descriptions Is the Single Most Critical.

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2 © HRTMS Inc. All Rights Reserved JOBS Why Managing Job Descriptions Is the Single Most Critical Issue for Strategic HR A clear understanding of the Job is Required to: Recruit the right people Evaluate employee productivity & performance Protect your company from regulatory sanction Identify and retain top performers Identify and manage bottom performers Benchmark/Evaluate jobs to compensate employees fairly Develop an equitable salary structure Protect your future with effective succession plans Motivate employees with engaging Career Paths Identify Employee Training Gaps

3 © HRTMS Inc. All Rights Reserved JOBS Are Your Job Descriptions Ignored?

4 © HRTMS Inc. All Rights Reserved JOBS Job Data Central to HR/Talent Management A Robust up-to-date job description repository can ensure that all aspects of your HR and talent management activities are reading from the same hymn book. So the top talent you hire, thrive and produce to grow your business while insuring compliance with regulatory bodies. Job Description ATS/Recruiting Process Performance Management System/ Process Career Pathing Succession Training Compliance FLSA, ADA, FDA, Joint Commission Compensation Plans & Salary Structure Corporate Culture Future Plans

5 © HRTMS Inc. All Rights Reserved JOBS Why Job Descriptions Lag Behind People think of them as documents/paper No one person can complete them ◦ HR knows how to write them ◦ Managers/Stakeholders know the details of the job People don’t know where to start ◦ Especially for new Jobs ◦ Lack of content No Structured way to go about it ◦ Different formats/focus Everything else is more important ◦ Recruiting, Performance Reviews, Compensation, Market Pricing Despite the fact that none of these can be done well without an effective Job Description No Urgency (until you need to hire someone)

6 © HRTMS Inc. All Rights Reserved JOBS A New Job Description Perspective Right now your Job Descriptions: ◦ Cater to the lowest common denominator ◦ Consist of blocks of dense, opaque text With an HRTMS Jobs Repository you could: ◦ Leverage conversations with multiple Stakeholders  Collects all the info you need  Controls who can see what ◦ Provide information to those that need it  Folks in other roles, hiring managers, recruiters, Compensation, OD  Other systems: ATS, Performance Management, HRMS ◦ Turn blocks of text into Data Points  That you can search/query/interface with other systems

7 © HRTMS Inc. All Rights Reserved JOBS What Our Clients Are Accomplishing Xerox ◦ Driving Business Need: Construct a global job description repository ◦ Result: Eliminated regional duplication of job descriptions “HRTMS is highly focused on the needs of the customer. Using their professional and technical expertise, they deliver creative, well-designed solutions that meet the current business needs, but also retain flexibility for future requirements. Their solutions even provide job descriptions in different languages at the click of a button.” – Judy Miller Lincoln Financial ◦ Driving Business Need: Inconsistent job descriptions that did not meet the needs of a large, federally contracted organization ◦ Result: Identified and solved weaknesses in their job description management process allowing for accurate, compliant job descriptions “What used to take me 30 minutes, now took me less than 3. This is brilliant." Scott McCloskey SRA ◦ Driving Business Need: To fairly compensate top talent/retain skilled employees ◦ Result: Job descriptions that made new compensation plans possible (clear view of job description, how employees can grow within the organization) “The HRTMS system has been a crucial factor in helping us to develop a sound job structure that aligns with our business. It has increased transparency for our employees and improved compliance with industry requirements.”

8 © HRTMS Inc. All Rights Reserved JOBS Compliance Protect against FLSA wage and hour lawsuit In an article, Beware 'Misclassification Creep' in Employee Exemption, Littler Mendelson shareholder and co-chair of the firm’s wage-and-hour practice group, Lee Schreter states, “It’s easy enough for companies to ask their employees to sign off on their job descriptions during their periodic performance reviews, so there is both mutual understanding and, for the employer, well- documented proof that the employee knows where they stand. That kind of evidence, I believe even the courts will be hard-pressed to dismiss.”Beware 'Misclassification Creep' in Employee Exemption ◦ Compliance - Job Description Acknowledgement  Healthcare (Joint Commission)  All Companies (FLSA)  Bio Tech (CFR Part 11 )

9 © HRTMS Inc. All Rights Reserved JOBS HRTMSJobs- Highlighted Features Simple for Managers and Employees Powerful for HR and Comp Collaboration with Stakeholders Look up Content Job Posting FLSA Determination Inheritance/Reusable Components Job Families/Organizing Job Descriptions Similar JDs/Consolidation Archive/historical versions Multi-Language

10 © HRTMS Inc. All Rights Reserved JOBS Some Of Our Customers

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