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2 Honours Degree, Psychology, Trinity College Dublin Behavioural Psychologist/Senior Child Care Worker Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, CIPD Human Resources positions (Ireland and International), Ericsson, Glaxo Wellcome, Marconi, Nabi Biopharmaceuticals, Norwich Union International etc. HR Consultant 2006 – present Currently Partner in Voltedge Human Resource Consulting Honorary Secretary, CIPD Ireland Joyce Rigby-Jones BA. Mod, FCIPD Rigby- Jones BA Mod, FCIPD

3 Voltedge HR Consulting Voltedge - created by two highly regarded HR Professionals, over 35 years experience in the People Management in Ireland and internationally. Voltedge - all sectors, customised services, SME and larger organisations Voltedge a comprehensive consulting service full outsourced HR services, strategy and management development, private and public sector HR support, performance management and best practice advice. Leadership advice and development Voltedge Start-up suite of services (incubation centres eg: Nova UCD)

4 Housekeeping Working lunch at 12 noon Mobiles/pagers off/on silent Break at 1.30PM for 10 minutes Interaction/participation Your attention and input

5 Our focus today:  Current HR issues for HSE West  Practices and Trends, employment legislation update  Leadership trends  Summary and actions

6 Successes ! Absenteeism project Letterkenny Hospital – crisis management excellence Pro-active, not reactive – pilots for reform within HSE Driving performance management culture (PMDS) Engaged and empowered Constantly changing ….. ……





11 Irish Times, 23 rd January 2014: The HSE has established a new assurance group aimed at assisting managers in the health services Maximise savings under the provisions of the Haddington Road agreement ‘Significant enablers and provisions’ to extract savings and reduce the overall cost base ‘Review current service delivery model to ensure that managers are making the best use of provisions’ Details include work practice changes, systematic reviews of rosters, skill mix and staffing, additional working hours, increased use of redeployment

12 Current Issues CRC legacy Haddington Road Implementation Increase services, decrease spending... Savita Halappanavar legacy

13 Practices and Trends – news from the Courts Return to High Court Injunctions - Kelly vs Minister for Agriculture Bullying and Harassment- still alive and well – Browne v Minister for Justice Returning to work after maternity – offer of similar employment Fixed term contracts in the Public Sector – Arts Council v Harte, HSE v Sallam

14 Capability and Sickness Absence HSE West excellent work on absenteeism Fair termination where there is no suitable alternative employment on return to work (Reardon v St. Vincent’s Hospital) Showing a ‘need’ to dismiss - McGrane v the Mater Private Nursing Home Annual leave entitlement when on long-term illness

15 Reform in Workplace Relations Vision: To deliver a world-class workplace relations service that serves the needs of employers and employees and provides maximum value for money Early Resolution Service (ERS)/Mediation Eliminate multiple cases ‘forum shopping’ Mediation –being embraced by public and private sector

16 European Issues Work-related Emails: German Labour Ministry ban on managers phoning or emailing employees out of office hours except in emergencies

17 Social Media Pre-employment background checks Use of Facebook, LinkedIn Blokker case 2012 Bullying and harassment on-line Twitter BYOD (bring your own device) Employee Handbook Policies

18 Whistleblowing Protected Disclosures Bill, 2013 Fallout from PAC?

19 Consider Business and healthy employees Implementation of redundancy and sick pay programmes Engaging with employees – management training Performance management – consolidating to lower levels


21 “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it”. – Dwight Eisenhower

22 Trends Coaching – key leadership development tool (both internal and external coaches Public/Private) – choice Bullying- not the usual profile anymore Diversity- female representation at senior level (IOD report) Develop our people and maximise their capabilities HR is core to the transformation process Information/Communication/Consultation/Transparency



25 How Leaders Drive Workforce Performance Right Management (international organisation) Survey on Engagement of >28,000 employees Across 15 countries globally including public sector Results: Significant correlation between leadership and employee engagement However …. Less than half of nearly 30,000 employees rated their immediate managers and senior leaders as effective

26 Leadership Development Trends (Private Sector ) Corporate Governance 360 degree feedback Personal/Professional development Dynamic business strategy/financial acumen

27 Top 10 Engagement Drivers : »Work processes Learning and development opportunities Culture Senior leaders Communication Structure, roles and capability Recognition and reward Customer focus Strategy Immediate Managers

28 Engagement Drivers for Senior Leadership Value Employees Lead by Example Have the capability to make my organisation successful Are visible to employees Encourage feedback across the organisation Ensure that projects are completed Behave consistently with organisation values Communicate effectively about change in organisation Implement change effectively in organisation Respond appropriately to changing external conditions Make decisions consistent with organisation’s strategy

29 Best Practice Recommendations Senior Leaders –Show that you value employees –Have a strategy reflecting core values employees can identify with –Implement the organisation’s strategy effectively –Communicate strategy to employees clearly –Implement organisational change effectively

30 Best Practice Recommendations Immediate Managers:  Facilitate discussions with employees about their career  Help employees understand the link between the work they do and the strategy  Provide employees with the support they need to do their jobs well  Manage work processes effectively  Focus on developing people

31 Future developments…………. Think big, Act ‘small’ Women progressing at senior levels ‘Fitness for growth’ – how do we know what to do when the economy and purses start easing? (Booz 2013 Fitness for Growth Report)

32 ‘Fit for Growth’? Clear correlation between the Fit for Growth Index and market performance ( Booze report 2013) High-performing organisations tightly link their growth and cost agendas Few companies are ready to grow Companies fall into set of 5 archetypes with common characteristics

33 Strategy & Way to Grow Strategic Clarity and Coherence Resource AlignmentSupportive Organisation Clearly articulated and coherent strategy Sustainable capabilities for growth Presence in critical product, market and customer segments Lean cost structure in low-criticality areas Proactive and tailored cost reduction actions Systematic investments in differentiating capabilities Organisational structure that is tied to the basic characteristics of the business Coherent and supportive incentives, smart decisions, skill sets, culture

34 Most Important Drivers of Performance Strong Impact ItemsStarting Questions for Managers Strategic Clarity: Coherent Strategy Is the strategy reflected in a clearly stated list of organisation-wide strategic priorities? Is the strategy well-documented? Resource Alignment: Systematic Investments in differentiating capabilities Is there an objective and disciplined resource allocation process that focuses on strengthening differentiating capabilities? Supportive Organisation: Speed and Decisiveness in response to market or internal challenges Does the organisational structure enable nimble governance? Are mechanisms in place to enable cross- business unit collaboration? Is the organisation efficient, flexible and lean?

35 5 Different Styles – Which fits us? ‘Strategically adrift’ ‘Distracted’ ‘Capability Constrained’ ‘In the Game’ ‘Ready for Growth’

36 Actions from this meeting Haddington Road continued implementation HR initiatives Leadership progress Piloting future projects ……

37 Thank you for your time and input to this session


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