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Office of Research Development JCK 489 245-2314

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1 Office of Research Development JCK 489 245-2314

2 Finding funding is like… …finding a needle in dozens of haystacks.

3 Goals of today’s workshop To discuss Major Sources of Funding To show you how funding opportunities are disseminated To provide suggestions for developing search parameters. To introduce and demo Texas State’s new funding database—PIVOT.

4 Sources of Funding State Government Federal Government Local Government Professional Orgs Private Foundations Corporations Corporate Foundations Local Businesses Associations (American Cancer Society…)

5 Federal funding opportunities For all grant opportunities (current & historical) For contracting opportunities (current RFPs) A-Z Index of U.S Government Depts. & Agencies. ex.shtml For a list of federal programs

6 State funding For select grant opportunities (not mandatory) h.htm For contracting opportunities (current RFPs) A-Z Index of State Agencies & Depts. Texas Engineering Experiment Station

7 Other funding opportunities Foundation Finder Online (Subscription via Library) Other places to find funding: Local government websites Local businesses (HEB, Target, Banks) Peers and other programs with similar focus.

8 PIVOT The most comprehensive funding resource available, including grants, fellowships, prizes and other types of funding More than 26,000 records representing nearly 400,000 funding opportunities totaling more than $33 billion 80 of the top 100 research institutions in the US subscribe PIVOT

9 PIVOT To access: Tutorial links: vot.html vot.html

10 Developing search parameters Develop an array of relevant search terms; Familiarize with your most likely sources and search often; But don’t dismiss the un-likely sources (think outside the box)

11 Refining search techniques Remain open-minded as you search Consider collaborating with a more experienced colleague or on a team project. Consider framing your research project in a new way. Do not force your topic to fit a program where it does not belong. Filter through a funding alert before moving forward and talk to the program officer for clarity.

12 Questions Contact: Evy Gonzales Associate Director of Federal Relations 245-2918 Susan Fenton Department of Health Information Management 245-3092

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