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Resumes and Cover Letters Presented by Career Services University Inn, Rm. 102 (435) 797-7777 1.

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1 Resumes and Cover Letters Presented by Career Services University Inn, Rm. 102 (435) 797-7777 1

2 The Resume Your resume, including a targeted cover letter, is designed to: get you an interview remind the interviewer of your skills justify the hiring decision to others 2

3 Hiring managers would automatically dismiss a candidate from consideration: Resumes with typos—61% Resumes that copied large amounts of wording from the job posting—41% Resumes with an inappropriate email address— 35% Resumes that don’t include a list of skills—30% CareerBuilder Survey 3 Unbreakable Rules

4 Remember… Resumes get less than a one-minute scan Write a concise, targeted resume Be sure your degree and key skills/experiences are at the beginning of your resume Review/research job descriptions on the company’s website; focus on key words and skills One page (consider two pages only if you are a returning or graduate student) No grammar, spelling, or format errors Include a well-written, targeted cover letter Avoid templates and large blocks of text 4

5 Header Samples BRADY SMITH ____________________________________________________________ 1098 North 200 West, Logan, UT (435) 797-1234 Jennifer Seamons 455 North 1100 East Logan, UT 84321 435.752.1010 5

6 Objective and Headline Samples Apply sales experience and marketing degree as a Sales Representative with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Staff Auditor with the Utah State Auditor’s Office 6 HR SPECIALIST _____________ _ ___________________ Wage & Compensation AA/EEO Performance Evaluations JOHN STAFFORD Seeking Financial Analyst Position

7 Education Sample 7 Masters of Business Administration June 20XX Jon M. Huntsman School of Business GPA 3.8 Utah State University, Logan, UT Research: “Does Everyday Low Price Mean the Lowest? A Comparison of Pricing Strategies,” Dave Hart and Dr. Sue Stevens, May 20XX B.S. Management Information Systems May 20XX Utah State University, Logan, UT Network Administration Emphasis Member, Association for Information Systems (AIS) Maintained a 3.2 GPA while working 20-25 hours per week and serving in campus leadership positions EDUCATION

8 Before You Start, Ask Yourself If yes, consider using a traditional chronological resume If no, consider using a skills resume (functional) “Is my work experience related to the job I'm trying to get?” 8

9 9 Skill SetsScore 1. Work in a team structure4.55 2. Make decisions and solve problems4.50 3. Plan, organize, and prioritize work4.48 4. Verbally communicate with persons inside/outside the organization4.48 5. Obtain and process information4.37 6. Analyze quantitative data4.25 7. Technical knowledge related to job4.01 8. Proficiency with computer software programs3.94 9. Create and/or edit written reports3.62 10. Sell or influence others3.54 SKILLS/QUALITIES EMPLOYERS WANT (BASED ON A 5-POINT SCALE; 5 = EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) Job Outlook, 2014, National Association of Colleges and Employers

10 Success Statements A good success statement used in effective cover letters, resumes, and online applications should: Start with an action VERB and briefly describe a skill, responsibility, task, or result Identify any tools or processes (computer programs, team efforts, equipment) used to accomplish the above Use numbers to show results and scope/scale of your success Be represented as a bullet point (not written as a complete sentence—no personal pronouns or periods) 10

11 Projects Sample Performed financial analysis of Cardinal Health and recommended growth strategy to VP of Finance Worked with 12-member team of students to organize fundraiser to benefit local charity Served as team lead for social media campaign, utilizing primarily Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms 11 FINANCE PROJECTS

12 Work Experience Sample MARKETING WORK EXPERIENCE Retail Associate, The Buckle, Logan, UT, May 20XX to Present Demonstrated effective persuasive skills in exceeding retail sales quotas Provided excellent customer service by phone and in person Resolved customer complaints effectively using problem-solving skills Recognized by supervisors as being efficient and detail-oriented Account Manager Intern, Good Luck Rent-a-Car, Chicago, IL, Summer 20XX Frequently served as store supervisor in manager’s absence Developed 26 new corporate accounts Trained 12 employees in rental procedures and liability issues Developed Access database to track frequency of customer usage Translator, Valley Hispanic Center, Logan, UT, May 20XX to March 20XX Translated documents into English for native Spanish speakers Developed relationships with inter-community agencies Worked with center director to create guide to community services 12

13 Professional/Relevant Skills Sample RELEVANT SKILLS & EXPERIENCE 13 Operations Management Targeted coursework included implementing Lean principles in all business areas, including management, operations, and accounting Marketed for The Shingo Prize, which carries out Lean operations education initiatives and recognizes organizations for operational excellence Learned Lean practices in the Lean Leaders Club through convocations, site visits, and simulations Management & Training Structured a micro-finance program that trains and finances Peruvian entrepreneurs; oversaw the disbursement of over $21,000 in loans Trained six employees on successful prospecting strategies Undertook cycling team training and management responsibilities Volunteered two years of full-time service teaching, participating in humanitarian projects, and delivering language training in Spain Computer Designed an Access database for Bridgerland Literacy to track volunteer hours Used Flash to re-design and maintain webpage for the Koch Scholars Program ( Proficient in: Flash, InDesign, HTML, SPSS, and Microsoft Office

14 Computer/Technical Samples TECHNICAL Computer, lab, language, field Familiar with: Proficient in: COMPUTER SKILLS ezPlugWordPowerPoint FlashExcel Access 14

15 Activities/Leadership/ Service Samples Service Coordinator, AIAA Student Chapter, 20XX to Present Volunteer Math Tutor, STICKS Program, Fall Semester 20XX Spanish-Speaking Volunteer, Baja, Mexico, 20XX-20XX Vice President, Finance Club, USU, 20XX-20XX Tutored 12 elementary-age students in reading for 9 months Helped chapter receive “Superior” national ranking 15 LEADERSHIP/SERVICE

16 References Sample BRADY SMITH __________________________________ 1098 North 200 West, Logan, UT (435) 797-1234 REFERENCES Mr. George HildallMs. Gale Strong Manager of ProductionTraining Director ACME CompanyTri Training 1234 Address Avenue2948 SW Street Los Angeles, CA 93099Seattle, WA 94093 493-384-3382382-555-3859 Previous Supervisor 16

17 Cover Letters 91 percent of executives polled indicated cover letters are valuable when evaluating job candidates. Source: OfficeTeam Survey, 2012 17

18 Tips for Writing Cover Letters Address the cover letter to a specific person; if unknown use a subject line Keep it brief—one page Match your skills to the position Let your enthusiasm show in your writing Show you’ve done some research If requested, discuss salary here—your Career Coach has national salary averages No grammar, spelling, typos, or format errors 18

19 Elements of a Successful Cover Letter Section 1 Identify the position you are applying for and why you are interested in working for the organization If possible, name any referral/contact Create interest by solving a problem or filling a need Link your education and work experience to the position The web developer position posted on Career AGGIE at Utah State University matches my ability to create and implement dynamic web content using a variety of software and design tools. In December 20xx I will complete my BS degree in management information systems with a minor in computer science. 19

20 Elements of a Successful Cover Letter Section 2 Identify your strongest qualifications as they relate to the position Elaborate on applicable work, education, or service accomplishments Include results-oriented success statements—use data or numbers Can be paragraph or bullet point format My course work and related experience has refined my skills in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, ezPlug, and HTML. My experience as a departmental computer consultant gave me exposure to both PC and Macintosh OSX platforms, while troubleshooting repairs on over 40 work stations. Additionally, my summer internship in computing operations for a major city newspaper enhanced my knowledge of enterprise systems, content management, and e-commerce operations. 20

21 Elements of a Successful Cover Letter Section 3 Thank the employer Request an interview Discuss how and when you will follow-up I will contact you next week to schedule an interview to discuss my qualifications as they relate to this position. Should you need to reach me before then, please feel free to contact me at the phone number or email listed above. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to talking with you. 21

22 Your Online Presence 92% of employers plan to use social recruiting in their hiring practices and 43% say they hired better quality candidates as a result. Source: Jobvite 2012 Social Recruiting Survey of 1000 Leading Employers 22

23 Drop-In Resume Edits 23 10-Minute Drop-ins Have your resume/cover letter edited and ask any employment or grad school questions Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 1:30 to 3:30 Wednesday & Friday 11:30-1:30 Other times available by appointment

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