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MISS, MIT =send. ADMIT  To send someone in; to allow someone to enter.

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1 MISS, MIT =send

2 ADMIT  To send someone in; to allow someone to enter

3  The attendant would not admit us into the concert without a ticket.  After the movie started, it was difficult to admit more people in the theater.

4 DISMISS  To send someone out; to let someone leave

5  The teacher will dismiss us promptly at 12:00 for lunch.  The nurse will dismiss you after your checkup.

6 EMIT  To send out or give off (such as odor)

7  The car emits odors that are not good for us to inhale.  The cookies emit an aroma that pleases my nose.

8 INTERMISSION  A break between acts of a play or performance during which people are sent out for snacks or stretch breaks

9  During intermission, I bought some popcorn to eat for the rest of the show.  I always use the restroom and get a drink during intermission so I don’t miss any of the performance.

10 MISSILE  A weapon designed to be sent in the direction of a target

11  The football was like a missile flying through the air and headed for my head!  I think countries should stop creating missiles and learn to get along with each other.

12 MISSION  A special duty or function which a person or group is sent out to do

13  Your mission as a fourth graders is to pay attention, be a super star citizen, and learn as much as you can. Do you accept this challenge?  We went on a mission to find the perfect pumpkin for our harvest decorating.

14 OMIT  To leave out; to not send

15  I think you should omit that sentence from your writing as it doesn’t make sense.  We all can work on omitting unkind words from our conversations.

16 REMIT  To send back (usually related to paying bills)

17  I have to remit payment for my car each month to the bank.  Make sure you remit your payment to the phone company on time, or your phone will be disconnected.

18 SUBMIT  To “send” yourself under someone else’s control; to give in to someone else’s power

19  Learning to submit to authority can be difficult, but it is an important life lesson.  We all have to submit to someone: our parents, our bosses, and our government.

20 TRANSMIT  To send something across places; to pass along

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