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The typical day in the life of our school Tasneem De Jongh Grade:11A 1.

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1 The typical day in the life of our school Tasneem De Jongh Grade:11A 1

2 INTRODUCTION  Mount View High where the fundamental goal of our school is to help students learn and thrive to the best of their abilities. We the learners of Mount View “strive for success” as our logo articulates. Our school is situated in a gang related area yet that doesn’t prevents us from making our education our first priority. A typical day indeed but yet exceptionally productive, learners storming into school, ticking registers as admin proceeds while making preparation for the rest of the day as the first bell rings. Eight hardworking exhausting periods follows with recess in between third & fourth period and sixth & seventh period Changing of periods 2

3 LENGTHS AND STRUCTURE OF THE SCHOOL LENGTHS AND STRUCTURE Monday, Tuesday and Thursday WednesdayFriday 8-periods per day 5-perionds per day 45 minutes per period 35-minutes per period 45 minutes per period 45 minutes break/ lunch time School ends or dismiss at 3pm School ends or dismiss at 2:30/ 2:00 pm school ends or dismiss every Friday at 12:30am 3

4 HOW PUPILS GET TO SCHOOL  90% of pupils gets to school by foot, 5% travels by car and 5% travels by bus/ taxi.  90%- walks to because they lives close to it or because they cannot afford transport  5%- people that lives distance away from the school and has no choice but to travel 4

5 SUBJECT STUDIES Senior phase(gr8)G.E.T phase(gr9)F.E.T phase(gr10, 11, 12) English Home Language Afrikaans additional Language Afrikaans Additional Language Mathematics Maths/ maths Lit Economics Management science Economics/ business Technology Life Science / Accounting Arts & Culture Computer application technology / Geography Natural Science Life Orientation History Geography 5

6 UNIFORM Mount View high school uniform is basically  Girls (summer wear)- skirt/ dress, shirt, tie, school shoes, socks/pantyhose  Girls (Winter wear)- mount View tracksuit, a shirt and a tie. No funny colours that does not belong to the school.  Boys (summer wear)-mount View grey pants (shorts), socks,a shirt and a tie  Boys (winter wear)-school jersey/cardigan,trousers, a shirt, school shoes and a tie Girls winter and summer wear uniforms Boys school winter and summer wear 6

7 ASSEMBLY  Every Monday we basically get assemblies. The reason of a / the assembly is to welcome we as learners back to school,but as well as giving us various information or remind us about things we forget or do not obey e.g. We should be on time at school, shouldn’t write on the walls, be in every class during periods and also show to respect the teacher and concentrate on our work.  Besides a Monday. They as well give assemblies on special occasions e.g. valentines day, youth day and etc. The school hall were assemblies are held 7

8 LUNCH TIMES Monday,Tuesday, Thursday WednesdayFriday First interval -10h20 Second interval-12h30Second interval-12h15 Learner at the tuck-shop during break time 8 Learners having lunch in the feeding scheme

9 CLUBS  Mount View High doesn’t actually contain any clubs but it consists of a choir. Our choir are a group of girls and boys that sings the national anthem and various songs that inspires the learners of the school  Our clubs consists mostly of Soccer, Rugby and Netball.  Cricket is also part of the club, but no on a big scale because of funding.  Our biggest sport for the year is Athletics, where we compete against other schools in Cape Town.  Creative Arts like Music and Dance. 9

10 HOME WORK  Everyday we receive homework by various teachers based on the subject they teach. The whole idea of doing homework is to enlarge the mind and to practise the things we study most with. The more you practise the better you become.  We as learners usually get a lot of homework when it comes to maths,life Science and English  We usually sit with our homework for an hour or two depends if its a lot or a little e.g. if its a lot I would sit from 4:00-6:00 with my books, and if its less I would sit from 5:00-6:00 with my books 10

11 HOME TIME  When school is over children's brains are filled with knowledge of the day they have been through 11

12 WHAT MAKES OUR SCHOOL UNIQUE AND INTERESTING THAN OTHERS?  What makes our school unique and interesting are basically the learners and teachers. Every single person on the school has different potential and talent. Another thing that makes our school unique are the opportunities that are available and the impressive results that the learners achieved  Our Moto: “STRIVE TO SUCCESS” 12

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