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What’s New, Improved or Just Maybe Different! Presented by: Lisa Huppertz, CM/ECF Coordinator.

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1 What’s New, Improved or Just Maybe Different! Presented by: Lisa Huppertz, CM/ECF Coordinator

2 Sealed & Restricted Functionality Internet Credit Card Payments ACH Payments via Internet Reports – Cases Reports Query – Name Query Query – Document Views

3 But Don’t be frightened! CM/ECF 4.1 E-FILER

4 We Are Here To Help You Cruise Right Through The Changes! E-FILER 4.1 HelpDesk


6  New password security requirements ◦ Minimum of 8 characters ◦ Mix of Upper & lower case alpha characters ◦ At least one digit or special character ◦ Will get this message until password is updated ◦ Users can cancel this message and proceed

7 All passwords will be rejected at first 4.1 login, even if they meet the new requirements. Each password must be encrypted with the new stronger encryption logarithm. If users change to stronger passwords before 4.1 implementation that password can still be re-used -- Just re-enter the same data. Account will be locked out for 5 minutes after 5 invalid login attempts. Lockout times will be increased for each 5 subsequent attempts.


9  Attorneys for plaintiff will no longer have to add themselves when opening an adversary with a complaint.

10  Plaintiff’s attorney will not be able to add attorney for defendant.

11  Option for Notices of Removal ◦ If Attorney selects Complaint “N”,  New “Counsel for” field appears to select plaintiff or defendant representation. ◦ If defendant’s attorney is filing, then plaintiff’s and defendant’s screen will both show Attorney button.


13  Proof of Claim screen will match the B10 claim form revised April 2010

14  Only three amounts collected.  No edit checks between these fields.

15  Existing Claims will be converted  “Unknown” and “Unsecured” will appear if those records already exist




19  Can docket on behalf of attorney  NEF and docket text will only show name of attorney  Will not receive email on their own  Email must be designated by attorney record under “Secondary email address”  Given same permissions as their attorney  Can be assigned to more than one attorney  Attorney can have more than one filing agent

20  Attorney name will always appear on docket reports for filing agent. Attorney (Cecelia Eastman)

21  When Filing Agents are agents for two or more attorneys, they must select filer on this first screen. The agent will then be allowed to change users as needed without having to logout.

22  Filing agent's name will appear on: Systems Transaction Report  Systems Transaction Log has new options to select activity by filing agents.




26  Court should designate events to override option not to receive bankruptcy case NEFs  Possible examples of override events include: ◦ Order on Motion to Approve Compromise under ◦ Rule 9019 ◦ Motion to Dismiss Case ◦ Address Change ◦ Motion to Convert ◦ Appeals ◦ SSN Updates


28  Certificate of Notice from BNC will now include all parties notified by NEFs as well as form recipients

29  Email information will be appended at the end of the certificate from BNC.  The BNC will soon be offering the option to make the Certificate of Notice be the 1 st Page instead of the last page of the document served.


31  4.1 installation loads all US county codes into CM/ECF.  All counties for resident’s state will appear for selection.  OUTSIDE U.S. is required when country is not USA

32  OUTSIDE HOME STATE code will NOT appear in the list of codes.  You must select the county of current residence associated with the mailing address on the Voluntary Petition. The court is working on how the Judge/Trustee Assignment will be determined and will keep you posted.


34  What can be restricted in CM/ECF? ◦ Case ◦ Docket entry ◦ Document ◦ Attachment to PDF ◦ Previously filed document

35  New Cases can be “Sealed” ◦ At the time of filing ◦ After filing upon entry of an order ◦ (Sealed Case functionality MAY be enabled after Court review of processes)  Sealed information will not be on reports  Forms will not be produced for sealed cases and sealed entries  Notices of Electronic Filing will have generic text on restricted events and documents.


37  No More Separate Pop-up Windows!  New Fee Payment Selection Screen

38  New court option to allow attorneys to pay directly from their checking accounts through ACH  Court must notify to initiate this feature

39 When paying online, two options will be presented Second option is Credit Card. The first option is Direct Debit. Notice the account & routing numbers.



42  External users now are limited to a date range of 31 days  All users can filter report by attorney name or Bar ID  Internal and External users can now sort by chapter  New pro se option  “Enter” Key functions as “Submit” in Reports, Query, and Utilities


44  Search by one character (A) Example: Sammy A ◦ After CM/ECF displays this dialog box ◦ Search will return only records with last name of “A” (not Anderson, Adkins….) ◦ Otherwise at least 2 characters are required.

45  Query by Name looks different!  PACER charges based on the number of lines. 54 lines equal one page.

46  New query option “View Document”

47  Immediate access to document  Document number required  PACER customers ◦ Can skip generating docket report ◦ Charged normal fees per page


49  You Can Always Get Help From: ◦ The CM/ECF Help Desk  803.253.3624    “What’s New” web alerts  Special Training Sessions at the Court (dates/times to be determined)  Coming soon to the Court’s web page: A special “CM/ECF 4.x Training, Update, Tips & Tricks” page. Stay Tuned!


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