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Integrated Course of College English The Third Two Periods Unit One Book Three Designed by SHAO Hong-wan.

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1 Integrated Course of College English The Third Two Periods Unit One Book Three Designed by SHAO Hong-wan

2 Writing and Exercises Review--- Vocabulary Translate the phrases Writing Skill---Logical Order of Writing Enriching Your Word Power Do Exercises.

3 Spot Dictation In the year 1548 a boy was born in a little town in Italy. When he was thirteen years old he began to go to school at a famous monastery. Within a few years Bruno had become a. It was not long before the monks of the monastery began to learn something about the extraordinary of their young colleague. He was frank, and lacking in reticence. It was not long before he got himself into. It was evident that this boy could not be made to fit into the life there. One of the first things that a student had to learn is to give the teacher the answers that the teacher wanted. The teacher was the preserver of the ancient land marks. The students were his audience. They could applaud but they must not. They must _________ priest enthusiasm outspoken trouble average innovate reserved ■幻灯片 4

4 learn to labor and to wait. It was not Bruno’s but his opinions that got him into trouble. Finally, he ran away from school, from his home town, from his own country and tried to find among strangers and foreigners a congenial atmosphere for his integrity that he could not find at home. It is difficult not to get sentimental about Bruno. He was a man without a country and, finally, without a church. _________ behavior intellectual 志趣相投 学问诚实正直

5 Direction: Complete the following sentences with the words or phrases given below. Change the forms if necessary. Please note: each word or phrase can be used only once and some may not be used. temporary arbitrarysubsequentconductcasual confirm take one’s timeawardwitnessdismiss employmentcall ona couple of end up save up 1.She tried to sound _____, but her excitement was obvious. 2.I had planned to stay at this __________ for only two days, but now I’m going to continue. 3.The _________ recalled the robbery so vaguely that his statement was of little value to police. 4.Management is weak, morale low and punishment _______. casual employment witness arbitrary

6 5. Their success ______ my belief that everything is possible if you really put in effort. 6. Experts say it’s important to create an atmosphere in which wild ideas are honored rather than ___________. 7. Every time they go dancing, they _______ in a bad mood. 8. In the first semester, I _____________ and found my own pace of study 9. I am ____________ enough tokens for a free set of wine glasses. 10. She sees bad events in a good light; to her, they are _____________ challenges to be overcome. confirms dismissed end up took my time saving up temporary

7 Direction: Complete the following sentences with the appropriate given in brackets. Change the forms if necessary. 1.A _______ recording is a recording made by converting sound and images into numbers. (digit) 2.What Darwin wrote on ___________ produced a tremendous impact on the development of biology. (evolve) 3.On-line classes and curses are very convenient because there are no space and time ____________ (limit). 4.No, it’s not music. It’s weird. It’s _________ terrible stuff. (definite) 5. Sorry the place is so _______. I haven’t had time to clear up. ( mess). digital evolution limitations definitely messy unnatura l strange

8 6. Research on heart-attack ___________, conducted by cardiologist Meyers Friedman’s group is encouraging. (preventive). 7. The unemployment figures need to be ___________ to allow for people on training programs. (adjust) 8. In this way, __________ to advertising creates within us a self-interest and a restless striving to become more comfortable. (expose) prevention readjusted exposure

9 Ex. 3 Vocabulary Activates Direction: Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the words or phrases given below. Change the forms if necessary. Please note: each word or phrase can be used only once and some may not be used. accesscontractdatadefinitelydespite downloadevolutionfruitfulintendlimitation messymildnotablenowhereonline questsuperuncoverversionview webbring upin shorttake outthink up

10 1. We’ve just had a very ___________ meeting with the management and we’re now much more hopeful about the pay rise. 2. The book I’m reading explains the __________ of plant and animal life on earth. 3. Living in a flat is all right, but it has its __________ --- for example, you don’t have your own garden. 4. The two witnesses gave contradictory ________ of what had happened that night. 5. ________ the fact that there was almost no hope of finding the missing boy, the search party still went on looking. fruitful evolution limitations versions Despite

11 6. Alice __________ to go back to work after she has her baby. 7. The report is a bit lengthy; _________, it says that more money should be spent on education. 8. Without an official pass, the guides will deny you ________ to the courthouse. 9. Amy was trying to persuade her father to let her drive but she was getting _________. 10. Simon has done a ______ job and deserves to be promoted. 11. Mr. White found to his dismay that his son had been spending far too much time chatting with his key pals__________. intends in short access super nowhere online

12 Direction: Use the verb in brackets to form an appropriate phrasal verb and complete the sentence with it. 1. I really don’t want to go tonight and I’m trying to _______ an excuse. (think) 2. Is there anything else you want to__________ before we end the meeting? (bring) 3. I was having problems with my wisdom teeth so the dentist _____________ them ___________ (take) 4. The civil war broke out, ___________ the modernization of the country by 10 years. think up bring up would takeout setting back

13 5. Natural gas ___________ less carbon dioxide than coal (give). 6. When we returned from a trip abroad, we found weeds ______________ everywhere in our backyard. (spring) 7. All I could remember when I _________ was my mother’s anxious face. (come) 8. His face ________ with pleasure as his date sailed into the room. (light) 9. When the interval came every one _________ the bar. (make) 10. We left in a hurry and I must have ________ my keys _____________. (leave) gives off springing up came to lit up made for left behind

14 Enrich our word Power hand________ furniture blood_________ eyes a weather ________face heart _________ thanks a ________ -covered mountain a ________ -run factory a _________ swept hillside ___________________ occupied areas noun + ed form of a verb: made shot beaten felt snow state wind snow/enemies

15 the + adjective the youngest in his family the cheapest here the smallest the most dangerous the deaf and the blind all the sick and the wounded the employed and unemployed happy people the young Intelligent people

16 Translation It is important to have easy and quick access to information, but it is even more important to learn to look at information in new ways. A major medical breakthrough may illustrate the point. Scientists had intended to find a cure for smallpox, but they got nowhere. Edward Jenner, a British physician, abandoned the quest for a cure and conquered the disease by finding a way to prevent it. Obviously, it was creative thinking that led to his fruitful work. In short, it definitely pays to keep this in mind: there is more than one way to look at /view volumes of data you download.

17 Writing Practice 1. Rearrange Sentences in Logical Order 2. How to Write a Letter

18 1. A brief introduction Rearrange Sentences in Logical Order In English writing, it is very important to make all the ideas and sentences fit together around its central idea, and to make the writing flow smoothly from one sentence to another in logical order. This is what we call coherence, a quality indispensable for effective writing. If an essay is coherent, each part will grow naturally and logically from those parts that come before it, and the reader is carried along easily from the start to the end. The main devices used in writing a coherent piece include transitional words or phrases like however, but, therefore, thus, first(ly), second(ly), what’s more, as to and in terms of, repetition of key words and phrases and the parallel structure.

19 Rearrange the following sentences so that they form a coherent paragraph in logical order: 1. One day he saw a picture on his screen, so he rushed out to get someone he could “televise”. 2. The boy, terrified, had put his head down. 3. However, no image of the boy appeared on his screen. 4. He worked at it for a long time, but he was not successful. 5. That’s how television had been discovered. 6. He found an office boy and took him back to his room. 7. Television was invented by John Logie Baird. 8. When he put it up again his picture appeared on the screen. ( )

20 1. 与法律发生冲突 2. 一次不愉快的经历 3. 相当扰人的 4. 之后的命运 5. 临时工作 6. 存钱 7. 不紧不慢 8. 带着明显的意图 be in trouble with the law an unpleasant experience rather disturbing subsequent fate a temporary job save up money in no hurry / take one’s time with the obvious intention Directions: Put the following phrases into English

21 11. 板着脸 12. 对 …… 熟悉 13. 坚定了某人的信念 14. 被官方起诉 15. 自我辩护 with a perfectly straight face be familiar with confirm sb. in one’s belief be officially charged conduct my own defence 9. 警察 10. 犯够得上逮捕的轻罪 a police officer commit an arrestable offence 16. 不受理案子 dismiss the case

22 17. 有机会 18. 犯罪记录 19. 免于起诉 21. 很有可能 22. 围绕 23. 优秀的学业记录 stand a chance criminal record release from the charge there is every chance revolve round a brilliant academic record 24. 放了我 20. 可靠的证人 let me on my way a reliable witness

23 Translation Turn the following sentences into English, using as many of the words and phrases you have learned from the text as possible: 1. 发言人明确表示总统在任何情况下都不会取消这次旅行。 2 。杰克对书架上那些书一本也不了解,所以他的选择是很随意的。 3 。随后发生的那些事再次证明我的猜疑是对的。 The spokesman made it clear that the President would not cancel the trip under any circumstances. Jack didn’t know anything about any of the books on the bookshelf, so his choice was quite arbitrary. The subsequent events confirmed my suspicious once again.

24 4. 我认为我们应该鼓励中学生在暑假找临时工作。 5. 令我们吃惊的是这位常被赞为十分正直的州长竟然是个贪官。 6. 少数工人得到提升,与此同时却有数百名工人被解雇。 7. 如果有机会,约翰也许已成为一位杰出的画家了。 8. 数小时后,有人看见那个男孩在林子里瞎转。 I think we should encourage high school students to find temporary jobs during their summer holidays. To our surprise, the governor who had often been praised for his honesty turned out to be a corrupt official. A few workers were promoted, but meanwhile hundreds of workers were dismissed. Given the chance, John might have become an outstanding painter. Several hours later, the boy was found wandering around in the woods.

25 Writing Skill---- Logical Order of Writing Arrange the following sentences in logical order so that they form a coherent piece. 1. One night he went out for a walk alone. 2. The man was nearly out of sight when the Frenchman found that his watch was gone. 3. A Frenchman had arrived at a small Italian town and was staying with his wife at the best hotel there. 4. He thought it was the Italian who had taken his watch. 5. The Frenchman threatened the Italian with his first and pointed to his watch-pocket. 6. When he returned to the hotel the Frenchman told his wife what had happened.

26 7. Suddenly he saw a young Italian hurrying past him. 8. He decided to follow him. 9. In the end the puzzled Italian was forced to give up his watch to the Frenchman. 10. Now he realized that by mistake he had robbed the Italian of his watch. 11. Soon the Frenchman caught up with the Italian. 12. He was greatly surprised when his wife pointed to the watch on the table. 13. Neither of them understood the other’s language. 3, 1, 7, 2, 4, 8, 11, 13, 5, 9, 6, 12, 10The right order is :

27 Writing Practice Write a short passage according to the text in 150 words. The passage should cover the following points: Directions: 1) his arbitrary arrest (the reasons why he was arrested) 2) what his family did for the trial 3) his arbitrary release (the reasons why he was released) 4) your comments on this incident

28 Enriching Your Word Power Analyze the formation of the following words in each group. Give further examples of words with the same prefix. 1.unpleasant, untidy: un+ adj. adj. unhappy, untrue, unable, unafraid, unacceptable, unfamiliar, unequal 2. unemployed, unconcerned: un + p.p. adj. Unanswered, unattached, unexpected, unknown, undecided 3. unsuccessfully, unfortunately: un +adv. adv. unhappily, unskillfully, unconsciously, unnecessarily, uncomfortably 4. undo, unpack: un + v. V. unsay, undress, untie, unlock, unload

29 Explain how the following words are formed. enjoyable changeable permissible reliable exhaustible Many adjective s ending in –able or –ible are derived from corresponding verbs, e.g. enjoy change permit rely exhaust regrettable imaginable breakable applicable workable regret imagine break apply work

30 Now complete the following sentences with the adjectives listed above. 1) reliable2) changeable 3) enjoyable 4) exhaustible 5) permissible 6) regrettable 7) breakable 8) imaginable 9) workable 10) applicable

31 Now fill in the blanks with the following words: 1. Miss London brought a _____________ against the man who accused her of theft. 2. As soon as our troops made a ___________, the enemy began to retreat. 3. The Chinese premier is the ___________ of the British prime minister. They are both heads of their governments. 4. The government’s efforts to ___________ inflation proved to be futile. 5. It was reported that new ________________ against terrorists had been developed. 6. _______________ are those young people who oppose the standards and values of established society. countercharge counterattack counterpart counteract countermeasures Counterculturists

32 Vocabulary Activities 1. accent 2. turn against 3. a couple of 4. takes his time 5. fate 6. confirmed 7. witness 8. subsequent 9. stands a chance. 10. trial 1. belief 2. brilliant 3. employment 4. has saved up 5 stood a chance 6. were awarded 7. Presumably 8. conducted 9. casual 10. around.

33 Birth: Mar. 21-Apr. 20 Key Words independence, pioneering, acting, leading Personality Aries is the first sign of the twelve zodiacs. It represents the beginning of all things and usually displays a strong desire to lead. Arians are adventurous, energetic, pioneering, and courageous. Arians always want to be on top. Extra Reading Directions: Do you want to know something about Horoscope English Aries

34 They tend to be frank and open but also self-centered and willful. Arians love adventure and almost have no fear. All is done with great enthusiasm which affects the people around them. Arians are loyal to family and friends. Aries is ruled by the forceful Mars. Arians are good athletes, doctors, explorers, soldiers, and leaders. Sometimes they like physical, emotional and mental extremes but Arians should be careful not to go too far with their extremism. Birthstone diamond, ruby, emerald, amethyst Attracting Signs Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio

35 Assignments Read the new words and next time we’ll have a dictation. Finish the writing on your exercises books. Read passage on Page 19-20. Put the following sentences into Chinese. Preview Unit 2.

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