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DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 20121 Dorota Kondrat Warsaw Summer School 2012 HOW TO TEACH Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking & Pronunciation.

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1 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 20121 Dorota Kondrat Warsaw Summer School 2012 HOW TO TEACH Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking & Pronunciation

2 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 20122 INTRODUCTION Tell your neighbour about yourself: 1. Where and who do you teach? 2. What do you like about teaching? 3. What’s your favourite word in English? 4. What would you change in your work? 5. A funny story from your class.

3 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 20123 MINGLING Think of some guilty pleasures you have. Walk around and share. How many people who have at least 2 similar things as you have you met?

4 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 20124 MOTIVATION What motivates us to learn External vs intrinsic motivation Emotions in learning Overstimulation vs boredom

5 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 20125 CREATIVE TEACHER attracts and keeps attention makes wise choices can find the way out in trouble engages student can improvise is open and understanding has fun and feels the ‘flow’ develops all the time doesn’t get bored

6 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 20126 THINK OF VARIETY Learning styles Multiple intelligences Capacity Needs Interests Age

7 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 20127 HOW TO TEACH Be open to unexpected Respect individuality Promote interdisciplinary learning (CLIL) Do projects to raise interest Put emphasis on experience learning Aim for student’s autonomy Build good atmosphere

8 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 20128 HOW TO TEACH GRAMMAR What is grammar? Imagine an example of language “This is 234567. We are not at home right now. Please leave a message after the beep.” – what is there to teach here?

9 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 20129 Subject for today present perfect v past simple does that make sense?

10 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201210 DISCOVERY deductive vs inductive approach Teaching grammar from rules Teaching grammar from examples – discovery learning

11 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201211 How will you proceed? You want to teach for / since. How will you proceed? He’s lived here since 1977. She’s trained tennis since she was ten. I’ve worked here for 15 years. We’ve known each other for ages. They’ve been married.... a long time.

12 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201212 EXERCISES How am I different Rhymes Human domino Elementary my dear Watson Why did it happen? On one condition Oracle Psychic

13 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201213 HOW TO TEACH VOCABULARY “A word is a microcosm of human consciousness” Lev Vygotsky

14 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201214 Meaning awareness Teach all meanings or one context at a time? Understand meaning intuitively, translate or give a definition? Understanding connotation Teach words in chunks, expressions, collocations Teaching word families and word formation (do it in creative writing, eg. poetry)

15 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201215 Build association network „Learning words is a relational process” (Rinvolucri) Which sense? What association? bell, hay, door, make, sport, clock, flow, lose, wood, cream, pillow, sea, squirrel Drama – show: small, think, resign, soft, relief, around, back-up, dough, resist, thrilling, mirror

16 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201216 How would you present the vocabulary? 1.punch, slap, smack, hit, kick, engineer, lawyer, vet, stuntman 3.woolen, cotton, nylon, leather, plastic 4.witch, heroine, cruel, brave, cast a spell 5.promote, dismiss, retire, lay off, bonus

17 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201217 EXERCISES Did you know... What is... What things... – family game Disgusting Anatomy journey... Random choice Compund adjectives/nouns Make love, not war What’s in a name – drawing personalities

18 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201218 SPEAKING & PRONUNCIATION “When it comes to planning a lesson teachers tend to make grammar their first concern. Lexis follows closely behind, with items of vocabulary and loger phrases being slotted in where appropriate. Yet pronunciation work can, and should, be planned for too.” G.Kelly, How to teach pronunciation

19 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201219 FUNNY? Pronunciation mistakes lead to lack of comprehension: I need to make a plane (plan). (Poland) I had a lot travel (trouble) with that. (Korean) I am so angry (hungry). (Mali) He works for a sipping (shipping) company. (Chinese) Your examples?

20 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201220 chaining, chunking, chanting try the sentences If I’d seen him, I would have told him. Can I have a piece of chocolate cake and a black coffee? Do you know the way to the train station? Did you give me the car keys?

21 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201221 reading aloud dialogues – try some roles, change voice pitch, emotions: dialogue „At the Coffeeshop”

22 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201222 paraphrasing, reflecting coffee shop – mirroring storytelling – one person tells a story, the other repeats some phrases, paraphrases, uses discourse markers to show interest, uses the same intonation

23 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201223 parroting exercise „Look who’s talking”: watch a fragment of a film and repeat lines, then mute and put your own words in the actors’s mouths (close to the original if possible)

24 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201224 EXERCISES Pictures accompanying activities Whisper/shout dictation One million dollar question Surprise, surprise What a story Fill the landscape Superpower In the city – giving directions

25 DOROTA KONDRATWarsaw Summer School 201225 thank you

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