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Have your notebook ready to take NOTES!

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1 Have your notebook ready to take NOTES!
Rule and Procedures Have your notebook ready to take NOTES!

2 Classroom Rules 1)NO Talking. 2) Stay in your seat.
3)Be in your SEAT when the bell rings. 4)Absolutely NO gum, food, drinks, cell phones, electronics. 5)Be prepared: have your notebook, writing utensil, and flashcards every day. 6)Respect! Yourself, your classmates, your teacher, your classroom.

3 Do NOT talk back to Mrs. Espinosa.
The Golden Rule Do NOT talk back to Mrs. Espinosa. Ever.

4 Consequences Warning Seat Change Teleparent Call Personal Call
Consequences will vary depending on offense, frequency of offense, and circumstances. Consequences will include: Warning Seat Change Teleparent Call Personal Call Detention (2 no-shows=referral) Sent to other classroom Parent Conference Sent to office/security Referral

5 The appropriate way to react
When a consequence is administered do NOT TALK BACK. Simply sit quietly and immediately stop whatever you were doing wrong. If you disagree with the teacher, wait until AFTER class to discuss it. NEVER ARGUE WITH THE TEACHER IN CLASS.

6 Procedures

Do NOT enter until teacher opens the door, even if door is unlocked or a student exits. Go DIRECTLY to your assigned seat, without talking. No wandering, no socializing, no getting paper/pencils from a friend, no throwing something in the trash. Take out class materials—pen/pencil, notebook, homework. Close bag/backpack, store on chair or under table. Do not go into bag/backpack until dismissal. Begin Bellwork immediately! NO TALKING!

8 BELLWORK Get started immediately when seated in class. COPY every question, then record the answer. Don’t know the answer? Copy the question and wait for the review. When music plays, finish the question you are on, put pencil down, sit quietly and wait for review. Bellwork will be collected on Fridays. All 5 days of Bellwork should be on the same paper.

9 Flashcards To prepare for the CST and tests we will study flashcards and review Cornell Notes daily. You must review your flashcards during the designated time. No socializing. Use notecards or cut/tear paper. You must have your flashcards with you everyday. Save all flashcards until CST in the Spring. You will need a place to store your cards— envelope, baggie, ring, notecard holder, etc.

10 Science Starters Science Starters are a group activity that we do 2-4 times a week. They will follow flashcards. Work with your table group. All students must participate. This is NOT socializing time. Classes with the most Science Starter points earn a music note.

11 Coming to Attention When you hear the bell ding, teacher say “Quiet in ”, or hear the timer music play: STOP what you are doing immediately Put pencils down Quietly let your neighbors know that they must stop work Wait for me to speak.

12 Materials Come to class prepared! Have your pen/pencil, paper, etc. ready to go BEFORE the bell rings. Have extra pencils in case one breaks! During class you may NOT borrow lead or a pencil or a sharpener from other students—it’s disruptive. If your extra pencils break or you do not have paper you may raise your hand and borrow a crayon and scratch paper from Mrs. Espinosa. I do NOT have a pencil sharpener.

13 Returning Papers When papers are graded and recorded they will be placed in the blue cubbies, in the slot for your class period. I will select a designated student(s) to pass these papers back during classtime. Returned papers do not need to be saved. If you do not wish to keep your paper wait until AFTER class to throw it away.

14 Collecting Papers When classwork or homework is ready to be turned in as a class, stack the papers and place at the edge of the table, next to the center aisle. If you have a paper to turn in separately, place in the basket on back counter.

Stand-up immediately and face the flag. No walking or talking during the flag salute. Unless approved otherwise, you are expected to say the flag salute. This is a serious tradition to honor our country. Absolutely, NO TALKING during announcements, sit and listen.

Never crumple, tear up, or cut up paper-do not create paper objects ex planes Fold in half and leave folded paper on your desk Throw it in the trash can as you leave the class NEVER get out of seat to throw trash away Do not throw, toss, spit or shoot paper or any item in the classroom Anyone caught throwing things in class will be picking up the floor.

17 WHEN YOU ARE ABSENT When you return from an absence check with your table group for all classwork, homework, notes, bellwork, etc that you missed. Check website for missed powerpoints/notes/assignments. YOU are responsible for making up any missed work. NO EXCUSES for not knowing what goes on in class!

18 PASSES Use agenda for all passes
Fill it out BEFORE bringing to Mrs. Espinosa to sign. Choose appropriate time to bring to Mrs. Espinosa to sign (bad times= when Mrs. Espinosa is lecturing,during announcements, etc) No passes in last 15 minutes of class. Students who abuse passes will be spoken to individually.

Leave work/assignment on table. Then choose one of the following (talking with friends is NOT an option): Work on missing work Work on work for another class Silent Read STUDY!!

20 RESPONDERS Do NOT reach for, pick up, play with tub, or use responders until instructed to do so! Responders must be handled with care. When test/quiz is complete, carefully return them to the tub.

I dismiss the class not the bell Pack and clean up when instructed to do so. Stack the textbooks neatly in the center of the table. Remain quietly seated until you are dismissed. Push your seat under the table.

22 Other ISSUES Class Time will NOT be interrupted to have a discussion about whether or not you deserve a detention, want to change your seat, want to check your grade, etc. If you need to talk to Mrs. Espinosa about anything at all, come after class or after school, or write a note/ .

23 Open Note Quiz Take out a separate sheet of paper. Number it 1-10.
All questions will be on the projector, once I move the slide, I will NOT go back. Write the answer only. You do NOT need to write the question. NO TALKING—THIS IS A QUIZ.

24 1) When do you start your Bellwork?
When you feel like it. As soon as you enter the classroom. Bellwork is not required.

25 2) Your pencil breaks, what do you do?
Cry Sharpen it with a scissors. Borrow from a friend. Take out your extra pencil.

26 3) Your second pencil breaks, what do you do now?
Cry harder. Borrow a sharpener from a classmate. Ask the teacher for a crayon.

27 4) What materials do you need to bring to class?
Notebook, pencil/pen, flashcards Paper, flashcards Something to write with Textbook, pen

28 5) When do you turn in your bellwork?
End of class Fridays When you feel like it.

29 6) If you throw paper across the room what will happen?
Teacher will throw paper at you. You will pick up the floor. Detention Referral

30 7) After the 2nd no show on a detention, what happens?
You get one more chance to serve the detention. Referral Extra homework Parent conference

31 8) You didn’t deserve to be told to move seats, you should:
Stomp your feet and pout. Complain and whine because the teacher hates you. Meet with the teacher after class.

32 9) When do you talk to the teacher about grades, seat issues, homework questions?
During bellwork After class During class

33 10) You really need a tissue….what do you do?
Use your sleeve. Quietly, get out your seat and get one. Raise your hand and ask the teacher for permission to get one. Use your neighbor’s sleeve.

34 All Done! Make sure you name, date, period is on your paper.
Stack your paper at the edge of your row.

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