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南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 Unit Seven 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 agony n. — extreme pain or suffering Examples The injured soldiers lay screaming in agony. We felt helpless as.

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2 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 Unit Seven

3 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 agony n. — extreme pain or suffering Examples The injured soldiers lay screaming in agony. We felt helpless as we saw him dying in agony. 同义词 pain suffering anguish

4 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 rural a. — in, of or like the countryside Examples Rural life is usually more peaceful than urban life. He paints pictures of rural scenes. Translate annual income of the urban and rural household in China Key 中国城乡居民家庭年收入

5 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 focus on — to direct (one’s attention) to something Examples The book focuses on the way the computer affects the young. I find it easy to focus on textbooks when the exam is approaching.

6 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 come true — to happen just as was wished, expected or dreamt Examples He has always dreamt of owning his own company, but I doubt it will come true. When I finished my first novel, it was a dream made to come true. 常见搭配 come across come forward 偶然遇见 自告奋勇

7 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 expose … to … — to cause to be unprotected from Examples People living near the nuclear power station may have been exposed to radiation. His viewpoints expose him to criticism, but he won’t give them up. Translate the underlined part This program is designed to expose students to good art and music. Key 使学生接触美好的艺术和音乐

8 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 utter a. — complete or extreme Examples The discussion was an utter waste of time. A hot bath after such a long day of hard work was utter bliss. Translate I was at an utter loss what to do. Key 我完全不知道该怎样做才好。 More to learn More to learn

9 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 utterly ad. — completely Example Are you utterly convinced that he is guilty? 同义词 absolutely entirely

10 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 look down on/upon — to regard with scorn; despise Examples When she married a millionaire, she looked down on the office girls she had worked with. The disabled shouldn’t be looked down upon.

11 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 somewhat ad. — to some degree; a little; rather Examples We were somewhat tired after our long walk. The campus has changed somewhat over the last few months. Translate 我喜欢这裙子的款式,可它有点贵。 Key I like the design of the dress, but it’s somewhat expensive.

12 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 illusion n. — an idea or belief which is not true or not what it seems to be Examples College students tend to have illusions about how easy their life will be after graduation. The magician tricked the audience with skilful optical illusions, making things appear and disappear.

13 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 creep v. — to move slowly, quietly and carefully, often with the body close to the ground Examples The naughty child crept up behind his father and suddenly yelled “Boo!” A tiger crept towards the deer from the downwind bush. He downstairs to go to the barn to milk the cows all by himself. A. climbed B. moved C. crawled D. crept D

14 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 on top of — in addition to Examples On top of the discount, the store tried to attract customers with nice gifts. We missed the train, and on top of that we had to wait for two hours for the next one.

15 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 extreme n. either end of anything; highest degree; adj. (to) the great degree Example His moods go from one extreme to the other. Jane fell into extreme pain after her son died in an accident. Fill in the blank The general asked the soldier to _____ ( 在紧急状态下诉 诸非常手段 ). Key resort to extremes in the emergency

16 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 carry out — to perform or complete; to conduct Examples In spite of the ban, some scientists are still carrying out research on cloning humans. It is hoped that the kidnappers will not carry out their threat to kill the hostages.

17 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 sanity n. — the quality of being healthy in mind Examples He’d been behaving so strangely that they began to doubt his sanity. It’s hard to keep your sanity in such a crazy situation. Example In the doctor’s opinion he was sane at the time of the murder. sane adj. 神智正常 insane

18 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 intelligence n. — 1) information gathered esp. about an enemy country, or the group of people who gather it Example It is reported that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had predicted the attack 15 days before it happened. 常见搭配 intelligence quotient (IQ) intelligence test More to learn More to learn

19 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 intelligence n. — 2) ability to learn and understand Example Compared to monkeys, dogs have a fairly low intelligence. Translate 发挥你的聪明才智, 你一定能取得成就。 Key Use your intelligence, and you're sure to achieve something.

20 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 in charge of — responsible for Examples An angry customer is complaining to the man in charge of the store. Who will be in charge of the department when Sophie leaves?

21 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 warrant n. — (in law) a written order permitting legal action, such as an arrest, search, or seizure Examples The judge issued a warrant for the arrest of the drug dealer. Without a warrant, no policeman has the right to arrest a suspect.

22 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 on the edge of — 1) on the outer or furthest point of 2) very close to (a certain state) Example They built the church on the edge of the village. It was reported that the oil company is on the edge of collapse.

23 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 lay out — to arrange (a plan, garden, town, pattern etc.) Examples We must lay out a thorough plan before we launch the campaign. The shopkeeper laid the goods out neatly on the racks. Cf. lay off — discharge; dismiss

24 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 raid n. — a sudden visit by the police, in search of criminals or illegal goods Examples Kilos of drugs were found during a raid by the police. Millions of dollars were stolen in a bank raid. More to learn More to learn

25 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 raid v. — to attack on a raid; to carry out a raid Example The soldiers raided the enemy camp. Translate 据报道,一伙歹徒今早袭击了银行。 Key It is reported that some gangsters raided a bank this morning.

26 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 suspect n. person believed to have committed a crime v. to think of believe (someone) to be guilty of a crime or to have done somethng wrong. Examples Police have issued a photograph of the murder suspect. The suspect who committed the food poisoning is still at large. The police suspect him of killing his multi-millionaire wife. I ________ that he will be able to attend the meeting. He still looked awful this morning when I saw him. doubt

27 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 court n. — a room or building in which law cases can be heard and judged Examples Silence in court! Please describe to the court exactly what you saw. 常用词组 take sb. to court 控告某人 settle out of court 庭外和解

28 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 split up — 1) to divide (into separate groups or parts) 2) to end the relationship with Example The book consists of eight chapters and each chapter is then split up into sections. I hear Nancy has split up with her boyfriend.

29 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 designate v. — to choose or name for a particular job or purpose Examples The king has the right to designate his successor. Thompson has been designated as/to be coach of the team.

30 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 Pull off — to succeed in doing (something difficult or unexpected) Examples It’s an elaborate plan and he may have a chance of pulling it off. Chinese scientists pulled off the expedition to the Antarctic.

31 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 innocent a. — not guilty; knowing nothing of evil or wrong; harmless Examples In the Western legal system, an accused person is innocent till proven guilty. Thousands of innocent civilians were killed in the conflict. guilty innocent

32 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 execute v. — 1) to do or perform (something), esp. in a planned way 2) to kill (someone) as a legal punishment Example The whole play was executed with great precision. The prisoner will be executed tomorrow.

33 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 give oneself up (to) — to surrender (to) Examples The gunman gave himself up to the police after three hours of resistance. The soldiers were wounded, hungry and thirsty, but they had no intension of giving themselves up.

34 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 venture v. — to act with some risk of harm or money Examples Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Our son has never ventured outside alone at night. Translate She ventured her entire fortune in the stock market. Key 她冒着失去所有财产的风险,把它们都投入了股票市场。

35 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 neighborhood n. — a group of people and their homes forming a small area within a larger place such as a town Examples She’s well-known for her charity work in the neighborhood. A decent house in this wealthy neighborhood can cost as much as a million.

36 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部 The End

37 南昌大学 外国语学院大外部


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