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Bob and Ed Diamond Commercial Investing Introduction System Overview.

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1 Bob and Ed Diamond Commercial Investing Introduction System Overview

2 Background on How Real Estate Works Buy at right price by dealing with motivated owners who want to sell regardless of price Unique Leads Get the property under contract using the right papers Take your profit

3 There are Many Lead Sources Loopnet Real Estate Brokers Pre-Foreclosures / NOD Etc.

4 Bankruptcy is a Unique One Few know about this lead source 1. All the investors tend to do the same things – NOD, Foreclosure lists 2. Get the same lists, market at the same time in the same ways to the same owners or chase the same deals 3. Work hard and don’t reach their dreams so easily Super-motivated sellers

5 Foreclosure Process Owner misses 3+ payments Public Notice and waiting period where owners fight to “save their property” In the “real world” 99% of owners refinance or file bankruptcy 1% sell to investors

6 The Bankruptcy Secret other Investors Don’t Know Most owners file bankruptcy to stop foreclosure and they end up with two monthly payments – 80% use bankruptcy to stall the foreclosure process They can’t afford two payments and 82% of the time they fail out of bankruptcy and their foreclosure continues Once they fail the owners cannot stop the foreclosure Enter you!

7 PACER as a Lead Source Get unique list of “qualified leads” from PACER Approach owners when others are not Be the only investor that knows about the owner back in foreclosure

8 Terminology Trustee Debtor Chapter 7 Chapter 11 Chapter 13 Motion for Relief Motion to Dismiss Recently Dismissed Continued Auction

9 The Process Foreclosure Process Starts Filing of Bankruptcy Understanding the Rules Owner expectations, reality The Players: Judges, Trustees, Debtors Payment Plans Lender Rights – Motion for Relief Trustee Accountability – Motion to Dismiss Recently Dismissed Continued Foreclosure Process

10 Understanding the timing and relationships Buying Out of Bankruptcy – Literal Translation 1. Specialized Marketing, Forms, Scripts 2. Traditional Pre-foreclosure Methodology a. Short Sales b. Equity Deals c. Straight Deals d. Under and Subject To 3. Tracking for Auctions / REO’s Buying In Bankruptcy – Separate process 1. Understanding the Process 2. Forms and Actions Continued Foreclosure Process, Auctions, REO’s

11 What Next? Stay motivated and focused Create a budget Choose your Marketing Piece Get your Leads Market Receive Calls from Distressed owners Work with owners using scripts, workbook Calculate Flip or Hold Potential – USE THE FORMS Get property under contract Use checklists, workbook and forms

12 Common Questions or Concerns? What Disclosures should I use if owner is in bankruptcy? What Disclosures will I use if they are in foreclosure? Can I be a foreclosure consultant? Can I give bankruptcy advice? What should I tell a owner when they call? How do I make my marketing better – more powerful for my local area?

13 What can you expect? More training classes Email support to help you understand the materials Opportunity for Live Q&A through in our training

14 What should you do? Plan business like a business – Full or part time Commit to understanding the materials you’ve invested in Video Seminar Workbook Audio Jump Start Any other Bonus Material Be consistent with plans, actions and marketing Stay Educated ACT!

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