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Room 410 - Mathematics Mrs. Washington & Mr. Pica will be your 6 th Grade Math Teachers.

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3 Room 410 - Mathematics Mrs. Washington & Mr. Pica will be your 6 th Grade Math Teachers.

4 Classroom Procedures

5 Entering the Classroom Enter the room quietly as the teacher greets you at the door. Find your seat and sit down quickly. Take out your homework and put it on the corner of your desk. Put all other subject materials underneath your seat. Look at today’s agenda on the board & listen for instructions to get started. (Sometimes in CENTERS) IF YOU NEED TO SHARPEN YOUR PENCILS, DO SO NOW! If you have a classroom job, please perform it.

6 Where is the agenda? The class agenda is on the far left side of the whiteboard in the front of the class. Our objective for each day is on the front whiteboard.

7 How do I know what we are learning today? We will have a Daily Message on the side whiteboard as you enter the room. Your “Do Now” OR instructions for the warm-up will be on the side board next to the daily message. Sometimes this will require a written or verbal response. Today’s homework will also be listed on the side board.

8 What do I do if I need the teacher? If you need the teacher’s help, please raise your hand and wait quietly. If you need to leave your seat, raise your hand and wait quietly for the teacher’s permission. If you need to sharpen your pencil, hold up the pencil and wait quietly for the teacher’s permission.

9 To sharpen your pencil Use ONLY lead pencils on the electric pencil sharpener. (The best time to sharpen your pencil is when you first enter the room.) You must have permission first! Only one person at the sharpener at a time. (No Lines Please!) Do Not sharpen your pencil if the teacher is speaking to the class.

10 What if I need to leave the classroom? To go to the bathroom: 1.Raise your hand and wait to get permission. 2.Have your Daily Agenda Book initialed by your teacher to go to the bathroom. One person at a time. To go to the locker, office, or elsewhere: 1.Raise your hand and wait to get permission. 2.Sign out in the Red Logbook. 3.Write the date, where you are going, and what time you leave. 4.Take the appropriate hall pass. 5.When you return, write the time you came back. 6.Do not form a line at the Sign out log. Wait until the person has signed back in, before the next person comes up. Act responsibly in the hallways, bathrooms, and all public areas and return quickly.

11 To go to the Nurse There is a special Nurse’s log that needs to be completed and taken with you to the nurse. Ask the teacher for permission to go first.

12 “Our School Motto” Take Care of Yourself Take Care of Each Other Take Care of Wilbur Watts Intermediate School

13 What are the classroom expectations? Have all materials needed for class. Use a calm voice and appropriate body language. Always raise your hand before speaking. Follow teacher directions the FIRST TIME GIVEN. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be Honest. Listen with eyes and ears. (active listening) Give your best effort. Wear School Uniform: BOTTOMS - navy blue, black or khaki colo. TOPS - white, royal blue or navy blue. SOCKS - solid white, black, or navy blue. No hoodies. Be aware of raised hand for silent cue or the teachers’ bell ringing to get your attention. Keep track of your belongings. Value the property of others. Set goals to make better grades. ( D’s are not satisfactory) Maintain personal space. Use materials correctly.

14 What happens if I do not meet the expectations? I will follow the school’s code of conduct. 1.Verbal Warning 2.Take a Break 3.Student Conference 4.Contact Parent 5.After School or Lunch Detention 6.Disciplinary Referral Form Sent to Mr. Haynes, the Behavioral Specialist. 7. Parent-Teacher Conference


16 What is the homework policy? Take out your homework and place it on the corner of your desk to be checked by the teacher at the beginning of class. √++ means 100% √ + means 85% √ means 70% √ - means 60% √-- means 50% No HW means a ZERO. (If you submit it late, it will be 60%. If you forget HW in your locker it is considered late.) The lowest homework grade will be dropped each marking period. (Everyone gets one freebie!)

17 What do I do if I am absent from school? Make sure your parent contacts the school to let them know why you are absent and when you will return. When you return the very next day, check your classroom folder for missed classwork or homework assignments. They will be due the next day. If you are absent for multiple days, make arrangements for your work to be sent home so you don’t get far behind.

18 What color is my Class Folder? Block 1 (Periods 1 & 2) – PURPLE Block 2 (Periods 4 & 5) – GREEN Block 3 (Periods 7 & 8) - RED

19 What do I do if I am finished working? Check over your work thoroughly. Complete any past due homework assignments or projects. Practice your math facts (Fact Triangles or Flashcards). Use the computer to visit one of the approved Math websites. (10 minute limit) Select a book to silently read from the Math Library. Work on a math learning station.

20 What do I do at the end of class? All materials (calculators, communicators, templates, cubes, shapes, etc…) must be collected and put away by the class helpers. Gather all your belongings. Sit Quietly. Have feet on the floor facing front. Wait for the teacher to dismiss you. Walk to get into line order.

21 Who wants a job? There will be lots of opportunities for every student to perform various jobs in the classroom. 1.Workbook Manager 2.Equipment Manager 3.Computer Tech 4.Folder Managers 5.Door Holder 6.Etc… We will select new jobs everyday.

22 What happens during a fire drill? There is no talking during any emergency drills or evacuations. Put all your belongings down on the desk. Get up and WALK to get in a line. Walk briskly in the line through the 6 th grade doors and down the stairwell. Stay with your class and DO NOT TALK!

23 What is an Emergency Drill? ACTIVE SHOOTER– Lock door, get everyone out of sight of the door and windows; no one can leave or come into classroom; no talking. SHELTER IN PLACE– Continue with normal class activities; no one can leave the classroom. STATE OF EMERGENCY WEATHER– Upon the principal’s queue, move to the auditorium. EVACUATION - Upon the principal’s queue, evacuate the building.

24 Olweus Meetings Wednesday mornings, we will conduct a meeting to learn and discuss anti-bullying, and social behavior. Please make this an enjoyable time by participating.

25 What Can You Earn? Reinforcement time – you have an opportunity to earn 5 minutes of flex time each day in math class! What is reinforcement time? – Flex time is like free time but we must be doing something constructive. Math games Extra help Make up work Computer time (math related) Etc..

26 How do you earn Reinforcement Time? As a CLASS you must: – Follow daily procedures Entering class properly Setting up notebooks Complete “Do Now” Each period, the class will receive a rating from 0 to 5, which will be the amount of minutes you earn. (Any interruptions or failure to follow procedures will result in a lower rating.)

27 Remember Always ask the teacher if you are not sure about something!

28 Let’s Have a Great School Year!

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