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Introduction, Expectations, Rules, Procedures, and Consequences Angela Ramkhelawan.

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1 Introduction, Expectations, Rules, Procedures, and Consequences Angela Ramkhelawan

2 ***Call to Attention*** When I raise my hand above my head it means the audience is silent with all eyes on me.

3 ***How to ask a question*** Raise your hand (or paw) high.

4 Introduction I teach World Geography Grew up in the Caribbean College: University of The West Indies; University of Texas of the Permian Basin Family: Ram-teaches at Lee High-Physics, 2 sons- Anil ( Petroleum Engineer); Arun-at Texas Tech-Studying Engineering

5 Expectations Success comes from consistently trying to do the right things. Always try to be the best you can be. Attitude is a choice (whether good or bad).

6 Class Rules (Purpose is to ensure an environment where every student has the opportunity to be successful) Be on Time. Must be in proper place when tardy bell rings. Be Prepared to Learn. This means bring your book, pen, paper, etc. Also, no use of electronics will be allowed without permission from teacher and must be put away. Be Honest with Others and Yourself. Obey all school and class rules. Be Efficient. Use your time wisely. Be Respectful. This includes peers, teachers, school property, etc. Consumption of any food or drink is at the Teacher’s Discretion.

7 Pre-Class Procedures 1.Daily Agenda written on board 2.Cue PPT/Video with warm-up 3.Place handouts on front table for students to pick up when they enter class and write reminder on whiteboard by door entrance 4. Seating Chart for each class to check roll, keep track of questions to students, and behavior notes

8 1 st Bell to Tardy Bell Procedures 1.Greet Students as they enter 2.Students will have picked up handouts, be preparing for class, going to their seats, and put away all electronics when the 1 st (warning) bell rings. 3.When Tardy Bell rings students will be sitting quietly as they read Daily Agenda, work on Bell- Ringer assignment, and/or listen to announcements.

9 Class Begins 1.Students will sit quietly as teacher checks roll, prepares materials, etc. 2.Students will sit and listen as teacher goes over the Daily Agenda 3.Questions will be entertained after going over Daily Agenda

10 Type of Activity Guidelines Conversation - None Quietly w/ partner Quietly w/ group Help - Teacher Ask Partner; then me Ask 3; then me Activity - Just you Each turns in work Turn in 1 assignment Movement - Only w/ Permission Only w/ Permission Only w/ Permission Participation - Raise Hand or Teacher Request Partner Only Group Members Only IndependentPartnerGroup

11 3 -5 minutes before Bell 1.Teacher will instruct students to clean up room, put things away, turn in assignments, etc. 2.Students will return to their seats and sit quietly 3.Teacher will give any final instructions and/or reminders 4.The teacher will dismiss class when classroom and students are in order.

12 Procedure for Leaving Classroom Students will sign out when leaving class and take a pass. Students must sign in upon return and put pass back in proper location. Date Name Destination Time OutTime In 9-1-12Dwight Schrute RR 1:20 1:23 9-3-12Michael Scott Library 9:33 10:05 9-4-12Pam Beasley Office 11:15 11:22 *** Permission to leave the classroom for getting a drink, going to the restroom, library, etc., is a privilege and will be at the teacher’s discretion. Do not abuse this privilege!!! ***

13 Turning in Assignments Students will turn in assignments to designated area and with a proper header: Header on top right hand side of paper Name Date Class Period Include following when applicable __Assignment name (with Chapter #, Questions, Page # on top line if notebook paper)_ ___________________________________________________________________________ _1.________________________________________________________________________ _2.________________________________________________________________________ _3.________________________________________________________________________

14 Absences Students that are absent will: A. Check Board at front of room and / or B. Teacher Website

15 Visitors to Classroom Students will sit and/or work quietly when we have a visitor and wait for further instructions

16 Substitutes All students will follow our regular class procedures, however, the subs interpretation of my instructions and their rules and preferences will be the law of the land. A bad report from sub may result in immediate referrals and/or a more strenuous class the next time I am gone. A good report from the sub will allow me the option of a less strenuous class the next time I am gone. Victory!!! Fail…

17 Safety Procedures School Evacuation Procedures - Alarms / Signals - Where to go - What to do - Being accounted for - When to resume normal operations or further instructions Lockdown Procedures - Alarms / Signals - Where to go - What to do - Being accounted for - When to resume normal operations or further instructions Bad Weather Procedures - Alarms / Signals - Where to go - What to do - Being accounted for - When can we resume normal operations or further instructions

18 Consequences ( Teacher reserves the right to bypass levels and issue an immediate referral ) Level 1 Offense – Warning Level 2 Offense - Teacher / Student Meeting Level 3 Offense - Contact Parent/Guardian and/or Office Referral

19 Day 1 - Practice: Rules and Procedures 1.Entering and Exiting classroom – 3x 2.Preparing for class when Tardy Bell rings – 3x 3.Call to attention – When teacher raises hand – 3x (and any time during class) 4.Conversation during during Independent, Partner, Group Activities – 3x each 5.Filling out a proper header on a piece of paper. 6.List the 5 categories that need to be filled out on the Sign-out Sheet on your paper 7.Write down the proper procedure when we have a visitor to the classroom. 8.How to behave when we have a sub. and why in 2-3 sentences. 9.Turn in written assignment for a grade. 10.Last 5 minutes of class and dismissal – 3x 11.Homework - Looking for assignments on teacher’s website: Student must print off the assignment list page and bring to next class for a grade.

20 Questions--- Pre-Ap What campus did you come from? Were you Pre-Ap or Advance? Why did you not do the assignment?

21 Day 2 - Practice – Safety Procedures 1.Evacuation – 2x 2.Lockdown – 2x 3.Bad Weather – 2x

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