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3 Eye of the Tiger A South China tiger is seen caged while in transit at Johannesburg's O.R. Tambo International Airport en route to the Laohu Valley Reserve. The male tiger was airlifted from China to South Africa in an effort to save the world's rarest tiger breed from extinction.

4 'Ugh! You're getting heavy, kid. A red kangaroo named Naddel relaxes in the sun with her still nameless 6-month-old twins at Hanover Zoo in Germany. Kangaroos, endemic to the continent of Australia, rarely give birth to twins.

5 Real-life Pocket Protector A dog is carried in a shoulder bag as its owner visits Pet Expo 2007 in Makuhari, east of Tokyo.

6 Pinocchio didn't have it this bad A humming bird shows off its profile in the Monte Verde forest in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. The conservation of the habitat of the species was one of the priorities in the commemoration of International Earth Day in April.

7 Alpaca Bobblehead Truffle, a recently shorn alpaca, eats her dinner as she sits in her pen during the Mid-Atlantic Alpaca show in Harrisburg, Pa.

8 'Babe' Wannabes Dongba piglets jump through a loop during a training for the piglets sports show at a park in Quanzhou, China.

9 Face of Innocence An orphaned 11-month-old cougar cub plays at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, Calif. Three cougar cubs were given to the park from Idaho Fish & Game in March after they were found motherless in the wild and it was determined that they would not survive on their own.

10 'Wheeeeee!' A wild duck slides down the stream at Brdo Castle near Kranj, Slovenia.

11 Exercising with Mom A playful 1-week-old colt, known for now as Baby, runs around his mother, Mama, at the Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in Union, Mo. Mama was rescued from a horse trailer that crashed when she was about six months pregnant.

12 March Of The Penguins Monarch penguins line up for the ocean at the Volunteer Point beach near Stanley in the Falkland Islands.

13 Entangled in Fun Two Asian elephants at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, frolic in their new water pool. Taronga's five Asian elephants, who arrived in Sydney in November 2006, are part of the first-ever Australian Cooperative Conservation program designed to help stop the rapid decline of wild Asian elephants from India to Vietnam.

14 'Blaaaaaaaaaargh!' Kimani, a 2-year old Western lowland gorilla, presses her face against the glass of the enclosure at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.

15 PowerPoint Slide Shows are the latest Craze on the net.. and we have got more than you could ever need. Sent at least once a week for your viewing pleasure. Please send a blank email to: and be sure to reply to the email sent to you. (Check your spam/junk folder!) Click here to repeat show Show By Cindy: If you wish to alter my show, email me for permission Show some respect PLEASE!

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