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Idaho Public Health Districts FY15 Millennium Fund Proposal December 16, 2013.

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1 Idaho Public Health Districts FY15 Millennium Fund Proposal December 16, 2013

2 Public Health Districts of Idaho D ISTRICT 1D ISTRICT 2D ISTRICT 3D ISTRICT 4D ISTRICT 5D ISTRICT 6D ISTRICT 7 Benewah Bonner Boundary Kootenai Shoshone Clearwater Idaho Latah Lewis Nez Perce Adams Canyon Gem Payette Washington Ada Boise Elmore Valley Blaine Camas Cassia Gooding Jerome Lincoln Minidoka Twin Falls Bannock Bear Lake Bingham Butte Caribou Franklin Oneida Power Bonneville Clark Custer Fremont Jefferson Lemhi Madison Teton

3 Purpose of Millennium Fund (1)Tobacco cessation or prevention; (2) Substance abuse cessation or prevention; or (3) Tobacco or substance abuse related disease treatment. In addition, the committee has determined that funds may not be used for permanent capital improvements or organizational start-up costs.

4 TOBACCO What is it good for?

5 Absolutely Nothing!

6 … Addiction

7 Ranking of nicotine in relation to other drugs in terms of addiction Dependence among users nicotine > heroin > cocaine > alcohol > caffeine Difficulty achieving abstinence (alcohol=cocaine=heroin=nicotine) > caffeine Tolerance (alcohol=heroin=nicotine) > cocaine > caffeine Physical withdrawal severity alcohol > heroin > nicotine > cocaine > caffeine Deaths nicotine > alcohol > (cocaine=heroin) > caffeine Importance in user's daily life ( alcohol=cocaine=heroin=nicotine) > caffeine Prevalence caffeine > nicotine > alcohol > (cocaine=heroin ) Source: Pharmacology of Tobacco Addiction, Tobacco Science, Policy and Public Health, Second Edition 2010

8 Dr. Richard Hurt Director of the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center

9 Nicotine is highly addictive Participant Testimonials

10 Idaho Adult Smoking Rates Idaho National 2000 - 22.3% 23.2% 2012 - 16.4% 19.6%

11 Current Smoking Rates: Youth and Pregnant 14.3% of Idaho youth currently smoke (9 th -12 th graders) (YRBS, 2011) 10.6% of Idaho’s pregnant women smoke (Vital Stats, 2011) 2,352 births to women who smoked during pregnancy

12 FY2013 Overview Funding appropriation: $400,000 Participants reached: 1,381 Counties served: 23 Counties of residence reached: 34

13 FY2013 Overview Total program expenditures: $290 per client Average of $3,390 in annual economic costs saved for each youth or adult who stops smoking

14 FY2013 Participation Numbers

15 FY2013 Results

16 FY2013 Counties Reached

17 FY2013 County of Residence for Participants

18 Cessation Program Criteria Nicotine Addiction and Habit Consequences of Smoking Different Quitting Techniques and Therapies Benefits of Being Smoke-Free Withdrawal Symptoms Coping Strategies Stress Management Tools Nutrition and Exercise Social Support Relapse Prevention

19 FY2015 Request Amount Requested: $750,000 Increase number of classes offered in rural and outlying areas Provide ongoing support/education to post-partum women to encourage them to quit/stay quit Incorporate social media to encourage all class participants to quit/stay quit

20 Pregnant and Post-partum Focus

21 Social Media Tools PricewaterhouseCoopers HRI Consumer Survey, 2010

22 Evaluation Contract with Boise State University’s Center on Health Policy (CHP) to conduct independent program evaluation:  Cessation providers collect participant information  Boise State University receives all collected data and conducts 1- and 7-month follow up calls to assess quit and reduced rates

23 Summary Nicotine is addictive Successful efforts made to reduce smoking rates FY13 outcomes FY15 proposal ventures into new areas of tobacco cessation Continued evaluation of services


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