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InSPIRE Campaign 2015-16 PRESENTED BY BVK 2/10/15.

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1 InSPIRE Campaign 2015-16 PRESENTED BY BVK 2/10/15

2 Background on InSPIRE The InSPIRE funded schools work in local coalitions to improve coordination of services among schools, public and private social services and health, family planning, child care, higher education, sexual assault and domestic violence, adoption, nutrition, housing, employment and faith-based organizations. Flexible programming that addresses and is responsive to their new role. New and different way to interact with school than they have experienced in the past. Wisconsin is among 17 projects receiving Pregnancy Assistance Funding to improve the lives of expectant and parenting teens, women, fathers and their families.

3 What is it? Challenge: Reach out/communicate with target before they drop out Key Message: Graduating from high school (getting your diploma) is important for your future and the future of your child. If you are pregnant, are already a teen parent in high school or have already dropped out, the InSPIRE program is here to help you. Target: HS Students to Young Adults – ages 14-19 in districts throughout Wisconsin (Adams-Friendship, Bayfield, Beloit, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Janesville, Madison, Menomonie, Milwaukee, Racine, Walworth County, West Allis) and Grant County

4 What is it? (Con’t) Goals: ◦Four-year project outcomes include: o Increased high school graduation rates for school age parents o Increased enrollment in post-secondary schools for school age parents o Decreased repeat pregnancies before age 20 o Increased knowledge of effective parenting practices ◦The project will also measure intermediate outcomes related to: o Expanded educational options for school-age parents o Maintain or increase attendance of school age parents in education programs o Access to services o Family planning o Mental health o Health Care o Child care o Positive parenting skills o Young father involvement in school and parenting o Increased post-secondary enrollment

5 What is it? (Con’t) Core consumer truth: For some teens, there is a sense of “shame” for being pregnant (getting someone pregnant) or that they will be “shamed” by faculty/fellow students. For students in other cultures (primarily in the African American community and somewhat in the Hispanic community) pregnancy is more of a “badge of honor” but teen parents may drop out because they are unable to juggle parenthood with their school work, in addition to working. Motivators: Making a better life for their child than they had. Being a good parent. Connecting with others in their situation. Being treated like adults. Feeling like they have control of decisions. What we want the target to feel: Hopeful. We want them to feel that there is a resource for them to turn to that will help them be able to make the right decision for themselves and their baby – that they have a choice and they can do this. Action we want the target to take: We want them to reach out to the INSPIRE program/contact their district so they know who they are and can give them the right support for the situation.

6 How was it developed? Pulled research on pregnant teens/teen parents - assessing their needs and compared to what InSPIRE offers Determined where we can reach target, bvk had researched in past for United Way thru non-profit arm, Serve Marketing, to reduce pregnant teens/teen parents (these key points were used to develop strategy) Creative for campaign was previously used successfully in a Serve teen parent initiative

7 How will we do it? In order to hit our goals, we recommend utilizing online media in order to effectively reach our target. ◦March 2015 - June 2016 - $73,812 ◦Paid Search - $18,832 ◦Social Media - $18,180 ◦Display - $36,800

8 How will we do it? Why Paid Search? Objective: Drive registration form completions. Generates consistent, qualified traffic to campaign landing pages Highly targeted medium (region, DMA, zip, etc.) High brand impact value, cost effective Ability to customize messaging and optimize real-time Can complement online display placements and offline marketing Analytics team headed up by a PhD in Mathematics Google certified experts Daily Optimization -we don’t set it and forget it

9 9 teen pregnancy

10 How will we do it? Why Facebook? Objective: Drive registration form completions. Only pay when someone clicks on or engages with the post We had great success with the Meet Milwaukee/Graduate School UWM FB campaign Understand who's interacting with our ads through engagements (likes, shares, comments) Build a following through shares and likes

11 Post Engagement Ad Click to Website Ad

12 How will we do it? Why Display through Q1 Media? Ad Network that has partnerships with over 1,500 premium web publishers ◦Small sample of their site list: ◦Ten year history working with advertisers geared towards our target audience ◦Targeting capabilities include: ◦Demo ◦Geo ◦Contextual ◦Behavioral ◦Retargeting

13 13 Standard Display Mobile

14 How will we do it? Creative Executions - WEBSITE

15 How will we do it? Creative Executions – BANNER ADS

16 Questions?

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