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Horst Backe, Gayleen Dimond Population and Public Health Program Public Health Services to New Immigrants/Refugees in Winnipeg.

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1 Horst Backe, Gayleen Dimond Population and Public Health Program Public Health Services to New Immigrants/Refugees in Winnipeg

2 Purpose of the Presentation Describe how Public Health staff can provide support to new immigrants / refugees Provide contact information Describe background to various public health services

3 What is Population & Public Health? Public Health focuses on: Improving the health of the population Reducing health disparities Anticipating and preparing for new threats and contingencies We are one of many community programs in the WRHA including, home care, primary care (Bridge Care), and mental health.

4 Healthy Parenting and Early Childhood Development Public Health Nurses support families to Have healthy pregnancies Have the best birth outcomes Provide the safest and healthiest environment to raise children

5 Language Access We can use interpreters for delivery of services

6 Prenatal and Postnatal Services Reduce fetal exposure to harmful chemicals (e.g., drugs, alcohol, tobacco) Improve nutrition (promote breastfeeding), basic care and preventive practices Promote secure parent-child bonding Optimize early childhood development potential Improve the health and well being of families

7 Preschool Promote physical, emotional and social readiness for transition to school Increase the numbers of children entering school who are ready to learn Reduce injury-related death and disability

8 Services to Expectant Families & Families With Children Home-based comprehensive assessment, referral and support of: – Prenatal women and families – Postnatal families – Families with children under 5 Public Health Nursing services Family First Home Visiting Services Group Support (Nutritionists, Nurses)

9 Healthy Start for Mom & Me for Newcomers Basement 400 Edmonton, Knox Centre, Wed 1:30-3:30 pm (204) Interpreters available Pregnant women, partners and parents with babies up to 1 year old are welcome Meet new friends and share stories Learn about food, nutrition and cooking Have fun with your baby & take new play ideas home Answers to questions about health & baby care Free milk coupons for pregnant & new moms Staff include Dieticians and Public Health Nurses

10 How can you help? Refer all families who are pregnant or have children under the age of 5 to the Public Health Nurse in Community Area where the family temporarily or permanently resides Refer pregnant women to midwife, obstetrician or medical doctor – Public Health Nurses can help with this

11 Community Area Office Phone Numbers Assiniboine South (204) Downtown ……… (204) Fort Garry (204) Inkster (204) Point Douglas (204) River East (204) River Heights (204) Seven Oaks (204) St. Boniface (204) St. James/Assiniboia (204) St. Vital (204) Transcona (204)

12 Tuberculosis Cough lasting more than 2 to 3 weeks, with or without weight loss or night sweats, within the first 5 years of arrival tell the doctor that you could have tuberculosis Public Health follows all persons with tuberculosis until they have completed treatment

13 Infectious Diseases/Tropical Medicine If you get really sick make sure you tell the doctor what country you came from and how long you have been in Canada. A referral can be made to a specialist: – HSC Infectious Diseases (204) – St. Boniface Hospital Infectious Diseases (204) – WRHA Travel Health and Tropical Medicine Services (204) Any individual from a malaria endemic country who has a fever within 6 to 12 months of arrival should be treated as an emergency! – Access the emergency department at Health Sciences Centre or St. Boniface Hospital.

14 Travel Health Immigrants returning to visit friends and relatives have the highest risk of travel-related illness Should be seen before travelling: – WRHA Travel Health and Tropical Medicine Services, 490 Hargrave Street (204) – fee-for-service

15 Immunization The Manitoba schedule for infants, children and adults can be found at Vaccinations on the schedule are free Immunizations are provided by primary care providers and Public Health Nurses Several vaccines are offered in schools for children in grades 4, 6, and 9

16 Immunization …continued Upon arrival in Canada it is important to follow-up with a doctor or public health nurse Present any immunization records that you may have for each member of your family The doctor or nurse can then discuss what immunizations are recommended to ensure you are properly protected

17 HIV Little advertising about it does not mean it does not exist Persons from HIV endemic countries are more likely to get HIV infections in Canada than in their home country or intermediary countries (e.g., refugee camps)

18 HIV Positive Persons Refer to HIV program: (204) or as soon as possible – Increases length and quality of life – Reduces HIV spread They should inform partner of HIV status before doing anything high risk for transmitting HIV If pregnant or considering it, get prenatal care Breastfeeding is NOT recommended

19 HIV Positive Persons …continued Call (204) in Winnipeg if no contact has been made with a Public Health Nurse since arrival HIV screening is part of the CIC medical examination Persons with HIV are referred to Manitoba Health Manitoba Health sends these referrals to local Regional Health Authorities

20 Illness That May Need Physician Support Pap Smears Ova and Parasites Hepatitis A, B and C Mental Health – referral for post traumatic stress (e.g., Bridge Care, Mount Carmel Clinic, Aurora Counseling Centre, Immigrant Women’s Counseling, Family Centre)

21 Injury Prevention Significant issues for newcomers: Child safety seats/booster seats in Canada Cycling safety Home safety Drowning (recreational swimming/boating) Falls in older adults Contact us for resources, programs and info (204)

22 When there are health concerns about rental properties ask for a health inspection In rental situations, one outcome could be for landlords to remediate concern(s) (e.g., heating, plumbing for fresh water and sewage, electrical or other safety hazards such as broken windows or broken stairs) Ask for help by telephoning 311 Health Inspections

23 If you are not sure who to call: WRHA Switchboard (204)

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