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MY WORK PORTFOLIO.Excel Spreadsheets, Presentations, Designs, Office & Business Correspondence.

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1 MY WORK PORTFOLIO.Excel Spreadsheets, Presentations, Designs, Office & Business Correspondence

2 EXCEL SPREADSHEET & CORRESPONDING PRESENTATION (sample based on a monthly report done for a previous job) REPORT TO:EXECUTIVE OFFICE BRANCH: FESTIVAL BRANCH MONTH:Aug-11 Previous yearsCurrent year 2010 2011 units:Valuestcunits:Valuestc COMMI@25% PRODUCTS: ID 24147559 16332037 VISA 11628884 11628884 GLAMOUR 3319470 3923010 ENLARGEMENTS 525970 23117240 11724 PORTRAITS 15433880 15033000 FOLIOS 5621000 5721375 HEIRLOOM 5469300 3038150 GRADUATION 33750 11250 FRAMES 8461900 9064800 6034.24 RESTORATIONS 57600 65325 PRO-SHOW DELUXE 5748450 6555250 FANTASY COLL. 11250 GLAMBOOK 1500 12500 SPED 1 148600 1215 STUDIO SOFT COPY 2803 AR PAYMENT OTHERS TOTAL 369263371 475474336128.762968418973.24

3 AUG. 2011 GREAT IMAGE FESTIVAL DAILY SALES REPORT DATE12TCACMTDBudget 100%Budget 115%Budget 125%Ach 100%Ach 115%Ach 125%Daily Ave.TrendingTrending % 1-Aug 18,672.00131,43618,672369,263424,652461,5795.06%4.40%4.05%18,672578,832156.75% 2-Aug 6,475.00792525,147362,788418,177455,1046.81%5.92%5.45%12,574389,779105.56% 3-Aug 7,637.001076432,784362,788410,540447,4678.88%7.72%7.10%10,928338,76891.74% 4-Aug 6,701.001739439,485356,087403,839440,76610.69%9.30%8.55%9,871306,00982.87% 5-Aug 6,149.00968345,634349,938397,690434,61712.36%10.75%9.89%9,127282,93176.62% 6-Aug 13,610.00101,36159,244336,328384,080421,00716.04%13.95%12.84%9,874306,09482.89% 7-Aug 36,062.00152,40495,306300,266348,018384,94525.81%22.44%20.65%13,615422,069114.30% 8-Aug 44,842.00152,989140,148255,424303,176340,10337.95%33.00%30.36%17,519543,074147.07% 9-Aug 27,949.00122,329168,097227,475275,227312,15445.52%39.58%36.42%18,677579,001156.80% 10-Aug 12,875.0014920180,972214,600262,352299,27949.01%42.62%39.21%18,097561,013151.93% 11-Aug 40,065.00152,671221,037174,535222,287259,21459.86%52.05%47.89%20,094622,922168.69% 12-Aug 2,437.003812223,474172,098219,850256,77760.52%52.63%48.42%18,623577,308156.34% 13-Aug 13,939.00131,072237,413158,159205,911242,83864.29%55.91%51.43%18,263566,139153.32% 14-Aug 39,379.0066,563276,792118,780166,532203,45974.96%65.18%59.97%19,771612,897165.98% 15-Aug 9,844.0013757286,636108,936156,688193,61577.62%67.50%62.10%19,109592,381160.42% 16-Aug 24,174.0073,453310,81084,762132,514169,44184.17%73.19%67.34%19,476603,752163.50% 17-Aug 1,569.005314312,37983,193130,945167,87284.60%73.56%67.68%18,375569,632154.26% 18-Aug 3,483.007498315,86279,710127,462164,38985.54%74.38%68.43%17,548543,985147.32% 19-Aug 2,010.007287317,87277,700125,452162,37986.08%74.85%68.87%16,730518,633140.45% 20-Aug 20,365.00141,455338,23757,335105,087142,01491.60%79.65%73.28%16,912524,267141.98% 21-Aug 4,111.0010411.1342,34853,224100,976137,90391.60%79.65%73.28%16,302505,371136.86% 22-Aug 11,029.0012919353,37742,19589,947126,87492.71%80.62%74.17%16,063497,940134.85% 23-Aug 21,237.00131,634374,61420,95868,710105,63795.70%83.22%76.56%16,288504,915136.74% 24-Aug 3,840.008480378,45417,11864,870101,797101.45%88.22%81.16%15,769488,836132.38% 25-Aug 8,088.0018449386,5429,03056,78293,709104.68%91.03%83.74%15,462479,312129.80% 26-Aug 7,296.008912393,8381,73449,48686,413106.66%92.74%85.32%15,148469,576127.17% 27-Aug 10,265.0081,283404,103-8,53139,22176,148109.44%95.16%87.55%14,967463,970125.65% 28-Aug 16,234.0020812420,337-24,76522,98759,914113.83%98.98%91.07%15,012465,373126.03% 29-Aug 17,441.0062,907437,778-42,2065,54642,473118.55%103.09%94.84%15,096467,970126.73% 30-Aug 10,184.0091,132447,962-52,390-4,63832,289121.31%105.49%97.05%14,310443,600120.13% 31-Aug 27,512.00122,293475,474-79,902-32,1504,777123.71%107.57%98.97%15,011465,338126.02% Total475,4743361,363 369,263424,652461,579128.76%111.97%103.01%15,338475,474128.76%

4 Monthly Report for AUGUST 2011 Festival Super Mall Branch EXCEL SPREADSHEET & CORRESPONDING PRESENTATION (sample based on a monthly report done for a previous job)

5 AUGUST 2011 Performance VOLUME% VS TARGET% VS PY Current Month Sales 475474128% Target 461579 2010 Sales 369263 TC 336 SEPTEMBER 532000

6 MTD Performance 502154 201120102009PERCENTAGE GROWTHRANKING 201120102009201120102009 JAN521037502154314567103.7%160%128%1111 FEB34973935569230769998.3%115.6%129.6%4810 MAR35617739714328748389.7%138%130.6%739 APR31591634153425789792.5%132.4%115%6512 MAY33001434146429983596.6%113.9%133%598 JUN382084370254354932103%104.3%145%3104 JUL454583402132313736113%128%152.6%363 AUG475474369263406533128%90.8%187%2121 SEPT425347302337140.7%148.7%23 OCT25804027341494.4%115%115 NOV429014341180125.7%144%76 DEC460408344699133.6%139.5%47

7 2010TC2009TC JAN429JAN473 FEB473FEB439 MAR381MAR459 APR375APR364 MAY357MAY415 JUN435JUN409 JUL347JUL380 AUGUST371AUG417 502154 Total Customer TC 473 362 389 349 366 410 343 336 2011 JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST

8 Product Mix Performance AUGUST 2010 Vs. AUGUST 2011 ENLARGEMENTS5259707.03%2311724024.66% ID2414755912.88%163320376.74% VISA116288847.82%116288846.07% GLAMOUR33194705.27%39230104.84% PORTRAITS154338809.17%150330006.94% FOLIOS56210005.69%57213754.50% HEIRLOOM546930018.8%30381508.02% GRADUATION337501.02%11250.26% FRAMES846190016.76%906480013.63% RESTORATIONS576002.06%653251.12% PRO-SHOW DELUXE 574845013%655525011.62% FANTASY COLL. 11250.26% GLAMBOOK 11500.40%12500.53% SPED 14860010.22% STUDIO SOFT COPY 2803.59% AR PAYMENT TOTAL 369263 475474

9 Presentations *I don’t own the photos at this page Click to play

10 Concepts & Designs Name cards, logos, brochures, product cover

11 Spa Concepts & Designs *Spa photos were donated by friends*. Guangzhou Luhu Golf and Country Club Spa Orchid Valley Spa Macau

12 Correspondence Dear Valued Clients, ORCHID VALLEY SPA offers rejuvenation in a calming environment, created to relieve tiredness and keep you relaxed. Every treatment will leave your body, mind and spirit uplifted and calm. Enjoy our promotion offer to special clients like you. From now until January 30, 2009, book our treatments and enjoy 30% discount privilege. Should you have any inquiries on treatment, reservations and membership, please contact our customer service hotline (853)28833356. See you soon and we are looking forward to welcome you at the Spa. Yours Sincerely, ORCHID VALLEY CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM Nova Taipa Garden Blk. 23 Shop 12 Office & Business correspondence, Article writing.

13 Macau Enchanting Macau, is a city I can say that never sleeps. Casino industry dominates Macau's list of thriving business scene. A diverse cultural society, with almost all races, profession and background are wandering happily on the streets, sightseeing, dining-out and mostly having fun. The city's offering of street foods, quaint cafes and sumptuous buffets are quite overwhelming. It is an enchanting place with its charm hidden beyond the usual traveler’s eye almost needing succeeding visits to know its charm. I had frequented the three Islands comprising the miniature city, figuring the depth of European flare on structuring Macau. Almost devastated by losing photos due to frequent technological mishaps, I posted a friend's photograph of the historical St. Paul Ruins. As seen, what is left of it is the churches' facade. A remnant of the war battles the former Portuguese port had encountered. Just across is a park showing war canyons and a museum on Macau's history and types of Flora and Fauna that can be found in the city. A chic St. Paul Cafe showing scenes below the heights exudes an ambience typical of Macau. What was left was restored to an underground museum, beyond the historical significance a more interesting part of my exploration were the delicatessen on sides of the streets encouraging tourists a free taste of their merchandise (pork jerky, almond cookie, jellies, nougats and sweets). Curio and antique shops were equally enticing though not for those travelling on a budget. Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Indonesian, Indian, Korean, French cafes and American fast foods were the common choices around. On the central are government offices giving out tourist maps, business directories, investor's guide and hotlines open 24/7, lined with vintage and modern boutiques. The Spanish and Germans also have traces of contribution on the dynamic commercial trade. Going further is the gateway to the casinos operating 24 hours. Starting with the Sofitel, Grand Lisboa, Old Lisboa, Mocha Clubs, Land Mark, Emperor, Wynn,Starworld,Grand Lapa, Le Arc, Sands, MGM and Hard Rock.. This is the Macao Island. Various elementary schools, Portuguese Relic Shops, Parks, Chinese Market, Cultural Institutes and the Cultural Center are interesting places to explore as well. Chinese opera, concerts featuring Portuguese artists, Book launches down to revival of the old local Language called Patua, assures the preservation of deep fascination and love for their own despite of the games played by the underworld. The Fisherman's Wharf extends a grand showcase of racing car displays, pricey Chinese designer boutiques, souvenir shops and numerous events. The Grand Prix Museum is an important landmark and a must visit place as well, in fact the brother of former Vice President Doy Laurel “Dodjie Laurel” competed and unfortunately met a fatal crash during the 1967 Grand Prix Race, straight from this main road leads to the permanently housed race track across the first Macau Ferry terminal commonly known as Jetfoil. Another facade of this Island is the Macanese district of Macau, near Rua de Pescadores a mix of Portuguese and Chinese, food shops available, factory buildings and schools. The Guia Tower offering a short cable car ride for amusement and view is located in another old Port strip located above a Nature Park. The busier district on the city's market business houses Chinese shops, Furniture stores, Flower sellers, Jewelry stores, Perfumeries and Textile retailers. Banks like Tai Fung, HSBC, BNU, CTM, Weng Hang, Seng Heng and China Bank are some that can be found around. The second of the three Islands from the Center is Taipa. It can be described as the city's suburb. As you walk through the old village a shocking Japanese mob scene is noticeable. On the other end of the huge crowd is a man selling barbecued pork buns. Around are several Italian, Indian, Japanese, Brazilian, English, Korean Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Portuguese Restaurants, an English Pub and several Filipino stores. Parks, exclusive condos like The Manhattan, Nova's, and Imperial Palace are common residential choices among westerners in the city. Cotai strip houses hotel casinos such as Best Western, Altira formerly Crown Asia, Regency formerly Grand Hyatt, Greek Mythology, Grand Waldo, Galaxy, Venetian, City Of Dreams and Four Seasons. The Venetian, a favorite among tourists is a hotel casino having 2000 plus rooms, numerous high end stores, cafes/restaurants and casino. A replica of Italy's Venetian Canal complete with Gondola, a hand painted ceiling, having Victorian characters around for pictures and featuring shows by Cirque do Soleil completes the visit to this place. Frequent visits from International artists, politicians and royalties were also made famous by The Venetian. Connected to the Venetian is a much more expensive Hotel Casino the Four Seasons. Meanwhile its rival the City of Dreams also a Hotel Casino with shops a little bit toned than the Venetian have interesting restaurants and shows by Dragone Group. Macau nightlife has several marks D2, Cubic, Moon Walker, MGM's Lions Bar, Sand's The View are favorite spots to name a few. Some staple Portuguese restaurants frequented by tourists are Dom Galo, Dumbo, Santos, Miramar and a very popular one called Fernando's. Higher up from Taipa is the last Island of Macau called Coloane Village. An old village marking the residents' early life in Macau is a very interesting part to explore. Old Macanese houses, antique restoration shops, the origin of Lord Stowes Bakery captured the city's transformation from an early fishing village to a world famous convention and Casino stop. Further up is one of the first hotels in Macau, The Westin Resort Hotel, situated near a Buddhist Temple, Lake, Nature Trail and Hacsa Beach is a favorite weekend chill out spot among local residents. The Nam Van district is the city's trading district, having the AIA Tower, Cultural Institute of Macao, Travel Agencies, Recruitment Firms, Architectural Companies, Technology Specialists, Logistics, China Civil Plaza, Book Stores and College Institutes. Well known Colleges were The Institute of Foreign Studies, mostly exchange student enrollees offering skill advancement courses, University of Macau, Canossa, Sta. Rosa De Lima, St. Josephs to name a few. Museums are devoted to preserving the city's culture alongside growing cultural diversity. Private and government owned galleries can be visited given privileges by some local. Society pillars in the field of gaming, architecture, art, events and public service are well respected all throughout the city, just like any other place. Races are regularly held in the Canidrome and Macau Jockey Club, presence of various clubs and its private meeting place were also an observable embellishment. The Military Club, International Ladies Club was two to name a few. Football, Tennis, Racing, Lion dance, Dragon boat paddling, Martial arts are common skills among the youth. Religion, churches and temples were enjoyable to look for, almost found on every corner of the city.

14 Marie Flor Pajutan Skype ID: marierp0511, +639159792242

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