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University of Illinois Visualizing Text Loretta Auvil UIUC February 25, 2011.

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1 University of Illinois Visualizing Text Loretta Auvil UIUC February 25, 2011

2 University of Illinois Overview

3 University of Illinois Architecture Overview

4 University of Illinois Knowledge Discovery Process

5 University of Illinois Knowledge Discovery Infrastructure Benefits Provides access to data management tools Selecting/Loading data from databases, flat files or repositories Integrates data mining algorithms Supports an extensible interface for creating one’s own algorithms Provides means for building and applying models Provides integrated visualizations components Provides capability to build custom applications Provides access for local or distributed computation Provides the ability to share components and applications

6 University of Illinois Meandre Services from Firefox Plugin Tag Cloud Analysis Readability Analysis Automatic Summarization Network Analysis Location Entity to Google Map Date Entity to Simile Timeline Example: Zotero, SEASR, Protovis, Google Maps, Simile

7 University of Illinois Mashups & Dashboards Html driven dashboard 6 services 4 different tag cloud views 2 relationship views Example: SEASR, Protovis

8 University of Illinois Locations & Top Words from Tweets Large Blue circles are Locations extracted from Tweets Orange circles are the Top Words found in these tweets Example: Twitter, SEASR, Protovis

9 University of Illinois Concept Mapping Example: SEASR, Flare

10 University of Illinois From Silos to Mashups Definition: Mashup is a web page or application that uses and combines data, presentation or functionality from two or more sources to create new services Why do we want this? Enable out services in many applications and on a variety of devices (laptop, high-res display wall, ipad, iphone or the others) Share and reuse is a good thing Reach communities with our tools and their data!!! What can we do to change this? We can think and create data driven solutions so that they can be mashed up with other tools. We can build web services that can be deployed or accessed. We can create API’s to be used.

11 University of Illinois Mashup Framework Components Virtualization Infrastructure Meandre Infrastructure Visualization Component Repository Component Discovery Meandre Data-Intensive Flows AppsServicesPlugins Web Apps AnalyticsData Developer Tools Repositories Data Analysis Components Flows User Interfaces Computational Resources Visualizations Meandre Workbench

12 University of Illinois Locations Components Flows Web-based UI Components and flows are retrieved from server Additional locations of components and flows can be added to server Create flow using a graphical drag and drop interface Change property values Execute the flow Meandre Workbench

13 University of Illinois Meandre for Mashups Major Capabilities Dataflow execution Semantic technology (using RDF for storing meta info) Web-Oriented Supports publishing services for data, analytics and visualization Modular components Encapsulation and execution mechanism Promotes reuse, sharing, and collaboration Cloud-friendly infrastructure Implements MapReduce for parallelization Note: Trading off some performance for reuse, flexibility and modular components… with option to parallelize components to improve performance

14 University of Illinois Components Analytics Unsupervised Learning Clustering Frequent Pattern Analysis (Rule Association) Supervised Learning Naïve Bayesian Support Vector Machines (Weka) Decision Trees (c4.5) Optimization Approaches Genetic Algorithm Text Analysis (NLP, Entity Ext) OpenNLP Stanford NER OpenMary (NLP, Text-Speech) Visualization Geographic (Google Maps) Temporal (Simile) Network Graphs – Link Nodes and Arcs (Protovis) Parallel Coordinates (Protovis) Stacked Area Chart (Flare) Tag Cloud Maker Decision Tree (Applet D2K) Naïve Bayes (Applet D2K) Rule Association (Applet) Dendogram (GWT)

15 University of Illinois Links

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