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Case Presentation Template

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1 Case Presentation Template
New York University College of Dentistry Ignatius N and Sally Quartararo Department of Endodontics

2 Topics acceptable for presentation
1 Anatomy 2 Apexification/Apexogenesis 3 Avulsion 4 Diagnosis 5 Extra-oral stoma 6 File separation 7 Flare-ups 8 Intra oral Sinus Tract 9 Medically compromised 10 Odontogenic / Non-odontogenic pain Over-filling 11 Perforations 12 Replantation 13 Resorption 14 Re-treatment and post removal 15 Revascularzation 16 Root amputation 17 Root fracture 18 Surgery 19 Trauma 20 Vertical root fractures 21 Implant

3 Resident Name and information
Presentation Title Resident Name and information

4 Case History Medical history Dental History Chief Complaint
Information Dental History information Chief Complaint

5 Radiographs Describe everything on the radiograph
Anatomy Teeth Periodontal status Pathosis Insert Cone Beam if appropriate Add Radiographs

6 Pulpal and Periapical Diagnosis

7 Clinical Evaluation (sample information)
Tooth # Palpation - Percussion + Cold test Mobility Probing Mesial, distal, buccal, lingual In mm, or WNL

8 Differential Diagnosis

9 Possible Treatment Options

10 Level of Evidence (LOE)
Cohort Study Case Control Studies Case Series Case Reports Ideas, Editorials, Opinions Animal Research In Vitro (‘test tube’) Research Systematic Review and Meta Analysis Randomized Controlled Double Blind Studies

11 Key Procedural Points (if applicable)

12 Additional Clinical Images/radiographs
Insert media here

13 Additional Clinical Images/radiographs
Insert media here

14 Potential Complications
Possible complication 1 Possible complication 2 Possible complication 3 etc

15 Radiographs Insert starting film here Insert final film or recall here

16 Outcome and Prognosis

17 References Citation 1 Citation 2 Citation 3 Citation 4 Etc

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