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2 2 1. The Company 2. Principal services provided by DCV a. National Custody b. International Custody c. Forward d. DCV Registros 4. Quality Services 3. On going Projects

3 Depósito Central de Valores S.A., (DCV) is a Stock Corporation established in accordance with the Law 18.876; its regulation and the instructions imparted by the Superintendence of Securities and Insurance (SVS). DCV is authorized to accept publicly offered securities for deposit, thus enabling the transfer operations related to those securities among participants in conformity with the procedures established in the mentioned law. DCV 22 YEARS INNOVATING IN THE CAPITAL MARKET 3

4 INCORPORATION Private entity created in March 1993, commencing operations in September 1995. LEGAL FRAMEWORK Law 18.876 and DL 734 1991 Regulation. SUPERVISION Superintendence of Securities and Insurance 4

5 MISSION To provide infrastructure for custody, settlement and other complementary services for the securities market, both locally and internationally, meeting the highest standards of security, availability, efficiency and quality. 5 VISION Be a highly efficient entity, providing a top quality service, leading the development and innovation of services for the capital market, both locally and internationally.


7 DCV OWNERSHIP 7 Sociedad Interbancaria de Depósito de Valores S.A. (Banks) Inversiones DCV S.A. (PFA) Santiago Stock Exchange DCV Vida S.A. (Insurance Company) Inversiones Bursátiles S.A. (Electronic Stock Market) Valparaiso Stock Exchange and others 30% 1%6%10%23%

8 The Company DCV BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chairman: Sergio Baeza V. Directors: Jorge Claude B. | Arturo del Río L. | Mario Gómez D. | José A. Martinez Z. | Fred Meller S.| Juan C. Reyes M. | Guillermo Tagle Q.| Maximiliano Vial V. 8 Vice chairman: Arturo Concha U. General Manager: Fernando Yáñez G.

9 Corporate Governance DCV HAS 4 COMMITTEES OF THE BOARD Business Committee HR and Compensation Committee Audit and Operational Risk Committee Technology and Processes Committee 9

10 Regulating Entities  External Audit(Ernst&Young)  Surveillance Committee  Superintendence of Securities and Insurances(SVS)  Superintendence of Pensions(SP) Insurance Policy: Amount insured: 0.1% of the amount kept in custody  FIPI (Professional Civil Liability) Employee fidelity  Terrorism D&O (Directors and executives)  Any operational risk Certifications and Qualifications  ITIL  COBIT  CISA Memberships  ACSDA (Americas’ Central Securities Depositories Association)  ANNA (Association of National Numbering Agencies)  ISSA (International Securities Services Association) 10 Other information  Thomas Murray A+  SSAE-16  ISO 22301  Adoption and implementation of the crime prevention model certified by BH Compliance Limitada Registered with the IRS to comply with FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) Registered as Single Financial Institution

11 11 Rating Thomas Murray Bajo riesgo A+ AA Asset Commitment Risk A+ Liquidity Risk A+ Counterparty Risk A+ Asset Safety AA- Asset Servicing AA- Financial Risk AA Operactional Risk A+ Gobernance and transparency Risk

12 Chilean Securities Market Structure 12 Stock Market  Santiago Stock Exchange  Electronic Stock Market  Valparaiso Broker Markets OTC Market Settlement Public Sector Central Bank of Chile General Treasury of the Republic Social Security Institute Private Sector Commercial Banks Stock Corporations Payment Systems Transaction Combanc LBTR (BCCH) Investors’ World Participants Investors’ World Participants Issuing World Transaction CCLV

13 13 Principal Services provided by DCV

14 Principal Services 14 FORWARD INTERNATIONAL CUSTODY National Custody DCV REGISTROS Securities Custody (public and private) Registry and settlement Corporate Actions Desmaterialized Issues Electronic Registry of Pledges Securities Custody MILA B.V.E. Registry and Reports Electronic Signatures Custody POA Adm. Reg. of Shareholders and Contributors Investment Funds Mutual Funds Central Trade Manager (CTM) ALERT Mutual Funds Quotas Custody Statistical Reports Copy for Information (CFI)

15 [ [ DCV carries out the role of custody of securities in position accounts: Own securities account Third party securities account Pooled accounts Nominative or Individual Accounts (principals account) Inventory account ; active affiliates recognition bonds (BRAA) 15 NATIONAL CUSTODY

16 DCV records transactions electronically and enables the transfer of ownership, as a result of the transactions performed by its participants: Stock Markets Over-the-Counter(OTC). DCV enables the settlement of operations, delivering the securities and connecting with the funds payment systems. [ [ 16 NATIONAL CUSTODY

17 [ [ DCV organizes capital events Programed or non-programed. Coupon payment Issue maturity date Partial prepayment Issue prepayment Dividend payment 17 NATIONAL CUSTODY

18 [ [ DCV offers dematerialized issues registration services for publicly offered securities, enabling the primary placement of same. 18 NATIONAL CUSTODY

19 [ [ Through the dispatch of electronic instructions, DCV allows clients to inform the registry and redemption of pledges constituted by or in favor of Principals. 19 NATIONAL CUSTODY

20 20 [ [ The Statistical Reports Service provides information related to financial instruments that participants hold in custody. NATIONAL CUSTODY

21 Statistical Reports 21 Custody Transactions Instruments Catalogue Type of Instruments Issued Pledge Instruments Maturity dates per type

22 Participants Total: 189 participants 22 Stock brokers 41 Life insurance companies 33 General insurance companies 29 General fund administrators 24 Commercial banks 24 Stock corporations 10 Pension fund administrators 6 Security depositories 4 Security agencies 3 Government entities 3 Stock markets 3 Other companies 9 NATIONAL CUSTODY

23 Balance of the total investment portfolio deposited with DCV at March 2015:  UF 6,832 million.  US$ 268.4 billion. The total investment portfolio deposited is broken down as follows:  95.5% by instruments issued in dematerialized form.  4.5%, issued in physical form. 23 Volumes in custody NATIONAL CUSTODY

24 24 INTERNATIONAL CUSTODY The international custody service allows participants who invest in securities abroad to maintain those investments in custody through DCV in a similar way as happens with the national custody of securities. Global Custodians Network [ [

25 25 Omgeo Central Trade Manager (Omgeo CTM) is a service which has as its principal purpose is to make the communication between brokers and investors easier during the "post-trade and pre-settlement matching “ process of transactions [ [ INTERNATIONAL CUSTODY OMGEO


27 27 The Forward service allows for the centralized and electronic registration, signature and custody of forward contracts subscribed by DCV participants. FORWARD [ [

28 28 FORWARD Agreement (1) Representatives’ signature (4) Representatives’ signature (4) Registration (2) Registration (2) Contract comparison (3) Contract comparison(5) General Model Participant

29 Since the year 2000, DCV Registros has provided the market the services of Administration of shareholders and contributors’ registries. [ [ 29 DCV REGISTROS

30 30 Main services DCV REGISTROS DCV Registros administers the shareholders’ and contributors’ registries of more than 272 issuers of various industry sectors Transfer of shares and CFM Issuance and custody of securities Payment of dividends and payments to the fire department Registration of encumbrances and prohibitions Shareholders meetings Study of legal documentation Issuance of legal reports Exchange of shares, right to withdraw, etc.

31 31 Quality Services

32 In general, evaluate the performance of DCV systems in the past 2 weeks using a qualification assessment scale from 1 to 7, where 1 is very unsatisfied and 7 is very satisfied. Quality Services Survey Monthly evolution 32 Net % 79 8679 9077798785 Base11396108107 124 108 111 105 96 % (=) (+)(-) Average 6.2 6.46.2 (=)

33 Depósito Central de Valores S.A. Av. Apoquindo Nº 4001, Piso 12 Las Condes, Santiago. Tel: (56 2) 2393 9000 – Fax (56 2) 2393 9015 DCV Registros S.A. Huérfanos 770, Piso 22 Santiago Centro, Santiago. Tel: (56 2) 2393 9003 – Fax: (56 2) 2393 9119


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