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HC-130 and HH-60 Search and Rescue Operations LTC Bob Raskey.

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2 HC-130 and HH-60 Search and Rescue Operations LTC Bob Raskey

3 The Players 301st Rescue Squadron 39th Rescue Squadron

4 THE PEOPLE We are the men and women of the Air Force Reserve…We are you and you are us! We’re Airline Pilots, Lawyers, Shop keepers, Salesmen, Police & Firemen, even the FAA…a full cross section of America’s society! As well as Military and Commercial aviators almost all of us are General Aviation pilots. Fixed wing, Rotors, Gliders, Gyros, Seaplanes, Balloons…Private thru ATP. Because we’re all Airmen and we all share the same sky and need to do it smart and safely!!!

5 DOD Support Shuttle SupportShuttle Support Range SurveillanceRange Surveillance HC-130/HH-60 Civilian SAR Combat SAR

6 Our World-Wide SAR Mission * Summer ’93 & ’94- Kuwait / Saudi Arabia - Operation Southern Watch Spring ’96, ’98, ’00, ‘01-Turkey - Operation Provide Comfort & Operation Northern Watch Space Shuttle and Missile Range Support Bosnia Support, Airshow’s, and Community support OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM IRAQI FREEDOM

7 What we do…… Combat Rescue Mission: “The Jolly Greens” Day & Night, All Weather, Enemy Territory, Hostile Environment Space Shuttle Astronaut Rescue and Missile range clearance Mission Training Mission: Constantly train for the first two missions !

8 Our Mission Our Mission Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) Rescue Downed Aircrew –Deep Behind Enemy Lines –Long Range Operations via Air Refueling

9 Operation Enduring Freedom

10 Rescue Methods GUNNER Hoist Rappel

11 Rescue Methods PARACHUTE –High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) –High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) ROPE LADDER RAMZ –Rigged Alternate Method Zodiac


13 HH-60G “PAVE HAWK” Basic Sikorsky BLACKHAWK with: 2 x T700-GE-701C Turboshaft Jet Engines (apx 3900 shp) Aerial refueling probe and aux. internal tanks (5.0 hrs / 600nm) FM, VHF, UHF, HF, Sat Comm., Data Burst, plus more radios FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared w/ Laser designators), Integrated NVG’s Weather/Search Radar Radar Warning, Infrared countermeasures, flares/Chaff, light armor M-240 machine guns, 50 cal. & GAU 2B miniguns (Chain Guns) GW 22,000 lbs, Vne 193kts, Service Ceiling 20,000’

14 HH-60G “PAVE HAWK” Crew - 2 Pilots, 1 Flight Engineer, 1 Aerial Gunner, 3 PJs Call Sign - “JOLLY” Wire Cutters WX Radar FLIR Air Refueling Probe Hoist

15 Water Operations

16 Defensive Systems SAM (Surface to Air Missile) Integrated Defensive Systems Automatic/Manual Chaff/Flare –Infrared Threat –Jammer, Flares –Radar Threat –Radar Warning –Chaff

17 Missile Defense

18 Self Protection Mini Gun (GAU 2) –4–4000 rounds/min

19 PJs - Pararescue Specialist Training Includes: –EMT/Paramedic –Parachuting –Scuba –Mountaineering Operations –Survival, Escape & Evasion – Weapons Experts PJ Video

20 Gas Station in the Sky HC-130 “Hercules” Gas Station in the Sky Basic Crew 2 Pilots, 1 Flight Engineer, 1 Navigator, 2 Load Masters, 1 Radio Operator, PJ Team Call Sign - “King” Air refueling pod

21 HC-130 “Hercules” Air Refueling

22 Imagine doing this at night – lights out! Sometimes it’s not as smooth & easy as it looks!!!

23 Low-Level Training Missions Central Florida 500 feet and below (down to 50 feet) –Day and night, marginal weather –Night-Low intensity lights on aircraft –MOAs (Formation flight of 2 or more aircraft) Air Refueling (A/R) –altitude of 1000’ to 2000’ AGL –NVG & FLIR –Only one aircraft carrying strobe light

24 Peacetime Missions Space Shuttle Rescue Missile Launch Range Surveillance

25 Space Shuttle Mission

26 Shuttle Contingency Modes Modes: 1-6 Launch Pad or SLF Contingency situation, able to be handled by NASA emergency crews. HH-60s utilized for MEDIVAC 7 On the land but inaccessible to conventional rescue forces 8 In the water ditching or bailout Within 100 miles of shore – HH-60s pickup 100-500 miles of shore – HC-130s deploy PJ’s and Rafts HH-60s make the pickup 501+ miles of shore - Hercs deploy PJ’s and Rafts Surface vessel’s make the pickup

27 PATRICK AFB KING 1 USCG CUTTER W/HELO SRB RECOVERY SHIPS USN SHIP W/HELO KING 3 KING 2 2 E-2C’S JOLLYS 1-4 HAWKEYE 1 HAWKEYE 2 Launches & Landings “BIG Picture” Who are the Players? CLEARANCE 1 200 nm 100 nm

28 Our Friends Overseas

29 STS Launch Where do the players play?

30 “Worst case scenario” MODE VIII

31 MODE VIII SAR SCENE 3 PJs MA-1/2 HC-130 P-3

32 STS Landing Mission LD-1 hr 4 HH-60s depart PAFB for the SLF to sit alert.

33 Range Support for Missile Launches 2 X HH-60 + 8 crew 2 X HH-60 + 8 crew Maintenance Support Maintenance Support T-2 hrs. 1st HH-60 departs PAFB to commence downrange clearance activities. T-2 hrs. 1st HH-60 departs PAFB to commence downrange clearance activities. T-1 ½ hrs. 2nd HH-60 departs PAFB to commence downrange clearance activities. T-1 ½ hrs. 2nd HH-60 departs PAFB to commence downrange clearance activities.

34 Civil Search & Rescue –Since August 1956 - Mar 2000 -- 674 saves –Feb 99 - Night Rescue at Sea 350 miles –6 hour flight -- 5 Air Refuelings Humanitarian/Disaster Relief –Aug 92 – Hurricane Andrew – Over 200 lives saved –Sept 99 - Hurricane Floyd -- 217 lives saved Counter Drugs –OPBAT (Operation Bahamas Turks & Caicos) Other Peacetime Missions

35 HURRICANE FLOYD DISASTER Made landfall on 16 Sep 00 24 Hours of heavy rain –25 Inches in two days –Extensive Flooding

36 Hurricane Floyd Rescues

37 Combat SAR Operations IRAQ Turkey Iraq Standing Rescue Alert in support of Iraq’s No-Fly Zones Kuwait

38 Mogadishu

39 This is what Rescue is all about: When you save someone’s life, you really save much more: A Son A Daughter A Father, A Mother A Friend


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