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Irregular “yo”. To fit Caber Yo quepo To fall Caer Yo caigo.

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1 Irregular “yo”

2 To fit Caber Yo quepo

3 To fall Caer Yo caigo

4 To be worth Valer Yo valgo

5 Verbs like “hacer”

6 To undo deshacer

7 To satisfy satisfacer

8 Verbs like “poner”

9 To compose componer

10 To decompose, break descomponer

11 To dispose disponer

12 To expose exponer

13 To impose imponer

14 To propose proponer

15 To suppose suponer

16 Verbs like “traer”

17 To attract atraer

18 To contract contraer

19 To distract distraer

20 Verbs like “tener”

21 To contain contener

22 To stop, detain detener

23 To entertain entretener

24 To maintain mantener

25 To obtain, get obtener

26 To retain retener

27 Verbs like “venir”

28 To agree, be suitable for convenir

29 To intervene intervenir

30 To prevent, warn prevenir

31 Verbs like “e-ie”

32 To commence comenzar

33 To confess confesar

34 To snow nevar

35 To notify, warn advertir

36 To convert convertir

37 To lie mentir

38 To regret sentir

39 To feel sentirse

40 Verbs like “e-i”

41 To fire despedir

42 To say good-bye despedirse

43 To prevent/impede impedir

44 To measure medir

45 Verbs like “o-ue”

46 To show mostrar

47 To demonstrate, show demostrar

48 To remember recordar

49 To dream soñar

50 To rain llover

51 To smell oler

52 To solve resolver

53 Verbs ending in “-uir” i - y In all forms except nosotros

54 To construct construir

55 To attribute atribuir

56 To flee huir

57 To influence influir

58 To substitute sustituir

59 Verbs ending in “-iar” and “-uar” In all forms except nosotros Put accent on “í” or “ú”

60 To send enviar

61 To confide in confiar en

62 To spy espiar

63 To trust fiarse de

64 To guide guiar

65 To catch cold resfriarse

66 To vary variar

67 To continue continuar

68 To act actuar

69 To graduate graduarse

70 Verbs ending in “-gir” and “-ger” Yo : g-j=jo

71 To protect proteger

72 To grab/catch coger

73 To choose escoger

74 To pick up recoger

75 To demand/require exigir

76 To grieve afligir

77 To correct corregir

78 To direct, lead dirigir

79 To choose/elect elegir

80 To pretend fingir

81 Verbs ending in “-guir” gu-g = go

82 To follow seguir

83 To get, acquire conseguir

84 To distinguish distinguir

85 To extinguish extinguir

86 To pursue perseguir

87 To proceed proseguir

88 Verbs ending in vowel + “-cer” c-zco=yo (except hacer)

89 To offer ofrecer

90 To hate/abhor aborrecer

91 To thank agradecer

92 To appear aparecer

93 To grow crecer

94 To know conocer

95 To disappear desaparecer

96 To establish establecer

97 To deserve merecer

98 To be born nacer

99 To obey obedecer

100 To seem parecer

101 To remain permanecer

102 To belong pertenecer

103 To recognize reconocer

104 Verbs ending in vowel + “-cir” c-zco=yo (except decir)

105 To produce producir

106 To drive/conduct conducir

107 To reduce reducir

108 To translate traducir

109 Verbs ending in consonant + “-cer” c-zo=yo

110 to conquer vencer

111 to convince convencer

112 to exert ejercer

113 Verbs that mean “to become”

114 To become through effort Ella se hizo doctora. Hacerse + noun

115 To become through involuntary emotional change Ella se puso triste. ponerse + adjective

116 To become through suddent involuntary change Ella se volvió triste cuando lo supo. volverse + adjective

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